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11 Best Places to Visit in Gujarat During Monsoon Season 2023 [July to October]

Published By: Jignesh Gohel on June 20, 2022

In case you’re planning a Monsoon vacation, Gujarat is the perfect location. It feels about 25 degrees Celsius in Gujarat during the monsoon season.

The season is all about visiting the hills and getting closer to Mother Nature. If you are seeking monsoon destinations in Gujarat, then let’s get deeper into the write-up to have more about it. Since from ages; Gujarat has been known for its colorful culture, delicious food and above all the loving Gujju Bhai(s) and Ben(s); traveling to Gujarat in the monsoon would not disappoint you.

The state has many hill stations and tourist spots to enjoy the rains and get drenched.

Best Monsoon Places to Visit in Gujarat

Below you can find brief information on monsoon places to visit. Explore the places and enjoy your day with the nearest one.

#1 Saputara

Nestled in the Western Ghats, Saputara is a picturesque hill station in the Dang district of Gujarat. Well-known for lavish green forests, heavingpeaks, amazingcascades, vaguezigzagging roads, fumingsceneries and generouslybeautiful place to re-energize yourself with family and friends.

It is 875 mts above sea level and is animpeccablehideaway for eco-lovers, wildlife fanatics and adventure lovers.Saputara is 157 kms from Surat. You must visit Sunset Point, Step Garden, and Lake Garden here for mesmerising natural beauty at its best.

Note: No direct conveyance available from Surat. Planning a road trip or taking a bus of Gujarat State Transport is preferred.

#2 GiraWaterfalls

Gira Waterfalls in Monsoon

Being 50 km from Saputara; this is a stunning seasonal waterfall. The Gira waterfall is formed by the waterway of the Gira River after it falls from 75 feet high cliff. The water tumbles above the cliff rapidly, which makes surroundings like an impenetrable fog. When the sun is bright you can witness a rainbow above the waterfall. In the rainy season, these falls have heavily flowing water which is seen in its complete splendor.

Taking a long drive of 51 km from Waghai is recommended, however, you can opt for Train as well. You can also plan to take State Transport buses and private luxury coaches from Waghai and Ahmedabad.

#3 Polo Forest

Polo forest Gujarat in Monsoon

160 km from Ahmedabad; Polo Forest offers sumptuous green attractive beauty for its visitors in Monsoon. It expands over 400 sq. km. The rich ecology attracts every holidaymaker to be a part of the wonderful experience. Visit the Sadevant Shivlings Deras, Surya Mandir, Jain Derasar, Polo Jain Nagri, and Lakhena here as well. To enjoy the trip at its best takes a drive. Although; reaching Polo Forest from Idar is also a good idea.

There are frequent jeeps that run to and fro. They fall on the way to Vijaynagar. A night’s stay here in tents and resorts and guesthouses will give you a chance to see the sunrise here.

#4 Don Hill Station

Don Hill Station in Monsoon

The second hill station in Gujarat after Saputara. The major distance from Surat is 150 km. However, the nearest village to the Don Hill Station is village Gadad. Ahwa Dang is 30 km from here. The Hill is famously known as Maharashtra’s and Gujarat’s border. Visiting here in Monsoon makes you realize the heaven on earth feeling.

A road trip would be the best way to reach here. Yes, you can also opt for State Transport Buses. But then, you will have to make arrangements for reaching the Don Hill as the buses will drop you at the Ahwa village.

#5 Wilson Hills

Wilson Hills in Monsoon

2500 ft. above sea level stands the Wilson Hills. It is a place which is equally enjoyable in rains and summers. The hill holds its head high in the compactly forested area near enough to the Pangarbari Wildlife Sanctuary. Take a glimpse of the huge sea from Wilson Hill. Yes, it is among the few hills in the world from where the sea is visible. Visiting in the summers can also give you a chance to taste the local popular mangoes in the cool weather.

Take a long drive of 130 km from Surat to arrive here. If you are choosing to travel by train; Valsad is 60 km from Wilson Hills.

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#6 Taranga Jain Temple

Taranga Jain Temple in Monsoon

Taranga Jain temple is situated on the hills in the Mehsana district; this place offers you an exciting trekking experience. The hill has a Jain Temple that is a famous Jain pilgrimage center among Jains. You can experience the blowing cool air and pleasant atmostphere at the northeast of the main gate of the fort in a cave. The cave is known as Jogidani Gufa where it is said that Buddhist monks meditated for years.

A drive of around 130 km from Ahmedabad will take you to the Taranga Hills. However, the place is close to Mehsana at a distance of 56 km only. The nearest dropping point for state transport buses is Timba nearby Danta.

#7 Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary

Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary in Monsoon

Rains are magical in India. Though most travelers do not want to travel during this monsoon season, this season has its own charm and beauty during a downpour. If you are a nature lover, then Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary is a great place to visit during the monsoon.

The Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary takes you to an amazing world during the rain where you can enjoy vacations for relaxing, sightseeing, and adventure. During the moon season, the place is filled with lots of mesmerizing beauty and relief with the pleasant smell of Earth.

#8 Amabaji

Ambaji Temple, Gujarat

The monsoon time is one of the best times to visit Gujarat and when it comes to tourist spots, Ambaji Temple is known among the tourist destinations where you can visit during the monsoon. The scenic beauty of the place and the mountains will fill you with lots of unforgettable memories.

Recently the government has done one constructive work in trisulia ghat and developed a park and picnic spots. Where you can enjoy quality time with your family and friends. The beautifully constructed four-lane highway viewpoint fills one with wonderful memories. From here you can take amazing pictures which make your life beautiful

#9 Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity in Monsoon

There are very few places in India where you can visit during the monsoon and the Statue of Unity is one of the favorite tourist spots. This is a brand new spot for travelers exploring Gujarat. The scenic beauty of the surrounding is a dream. And believe me, if you have not visited this place during the rain then you have missed something really amazing.

The place and its surrounding parks are the centers of attraction which are constructed keeping all the ultra-modern facilities. The world’s tallest statue, the Statue of Unity, has been made to tribute to the ‘Iron Man of India’, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. The Statue of Unity is an iconic idol that is 182 meters tall.

#10 Mount Girnar – Junagadh

Girnar, Junagadh in Monsoon

Mount Girnar is older than the Himalayas. It is the sacred mountain of Gujarat. This hill is one of the most astounding visiting places during the time of the monsoon. The beauty of the place improves more than 100 times.

It is also very safe and secure. The site is surrounded by lots of modern-day to day amenities. The roads and the park raise the beauty of this place to a great extent. However, it is packed with visitors all the time, but the best time to visit Girnar is the monsoon.

#11. Kileshwar at Bardo Hill (Near Bhanvad)

Kileshwar at Bardo Hill in Monsoon

If you are travelling to the Saurashtra region of Gujarat during Janmashtami, this place is a must-visit. One of the most scenic and hidden place which located at Bardo hill in Gujarat. As per the information we have, the place is mostly visited during Janmashtami.

What are you waiting for? Start planning a weekend in July and pack your bags now. Since there are lots of places which are near Ahmedabad and Surat; it is recommended to take a road drive to enjoy the scenic beauty beside the road.

Help us to improve this article. Your suggestions are welcome in comments.

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  1. Aruna Reddy

    July 7, 2022 at 1:51 pm

    Want to visit statue of unity .. is it wort during monsson

    1. TheIndia

      August 13, 2022 at 11:55 am

      Ofcourse yes, you can definitely plan your trip to Statue of Unity during monsoon.

  2. raghav sharma

    July 18, 2018 at 11:38 pm

    Nice article, come to know about new destinations in Gujarat, thanks for providing useful information Good Job!!!


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