Harnav Dam

The Harnav, or Vanaj Dam, is built on the Harnav River. It is a beautiful place for trekkers and bird watchers and offers breathtaking views of the pristine Polo Forests.

Harnav Dam

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Harnav Dam Abhapur
Suhotra Roychoudhury

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Where Harnav Dam located

How To Reach Harnav Dam

By Air

The nearest airport is Ahmedabad Airport, which is approximately 145 km away.

By Train

The nearest Railway Station is Himmatnagar Junction Railway Station, which is approximately 71 km away.

By Bus

Harnav Dam is well connected with major cities like Himatnagar, Ambaji and Udaipur.

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Harnav Dam, Abhapur, Gujarat

Harnav Dam is a beautiful dam site in Vanaj at Polo forest in Gujarat. Checkout Harnav dam photographs and information to plan your next visit in Polo Forest.

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