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The feeling of visiting a new site or place is magnificent especially when it’s India. A traveller remains in complete awe when they explore the hidden places or lesser known places in India. Tourists or travelers don’t likes to explore similar place again and again so, they often looking to explore new unknown places which helps them to enjoy the best travel experience of their life. Visiting new places, exploring more about it, the complete adrenaline rush is different for anyone who loves to travel.


There are so many unexplored places in India. Not many people know that India is blessed with world's most significant freshwater island; it is the Majuli in Assam that makes it worth a visit. It is the cultural hub too, and there are several unique places to travel near Majuli as well.


TheIndia is one of the finest online travel community which invites other travel enthusiast to share their newly explored places of India on this wonderful platform.


The Mission


TheIndia believes that different social customs and values are yet to be known and learnt about. This page will see the regions that have been added to India as the mark on Google maps. It helps a traveller to get into this new place quickly. Being sensitive to other cultures, tasting local delicacies, listening to a whole new language, bridges the community difference within. The idea of bringing in the page on ‘Discover’ is that travellers must be aware of the place and know a little about it, discovering more about it brings in the fun.


How Does the Page On 'Discover' Help the Travellers?


Did you know we have a Mini Switzerland in India? Yes, we do, and it is none other than Khajjar in Himachal Pradesh. This place is also known as "Patron Ki Mallika". It is bequeathed with underrated hills and makes this town famous for its paragliding, horse riding and trekking. On this page one can discover 350+ places along with location, weather, photos and travelogue details.


All That a User Has To Do Is


Click on the tag that is mentioned on the map of TheIndia and all the details regarding the place will come along. It will show information about the site (the nearest airport, railway station, bus station, location, things to see around, things to do, best, what to expect, the best time to visit, etc.) all these and more with photographs that are true. A traveller will gain the idea of the place and rest decides to find it himself.


Therefore, if a traveller wishes to make plans on travelling to Gujarat, all that he is expected to do is, go to the map and select the state. TheIndia will show 80+ unexplored or popular places to visit in Gujarat.


On this page, there is no scope for private property places and their charges or rates. The details are given about costs that may require entering a park or a garden. TheIndia closely monitors newly added places and removes those places which are private property like hotels or resorts.


If you are sick and tired of visiting the same old places and looking in for change, than here you can get your dose of exploration. India is bestowed with many cultures, languages, cuisines, traditions, that even if we decide to travel every day, we will still require a leap year to finish one-fourth part of the nation. Discovering a new place was never so easy, was it?