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The India Is a unique concept of social travel community owned and operated by OLBUZ, an Ahmedabad based Online Business Consulting agency.

India is blessed with breathtaking tourist destinations and world famous wonders like the Taj Mahal. With so many rich & vibrant locations to visit and not enough time to enjoy them all, the travelers’ biggest problems are:

  • Which destinations should they visit?
  • When is the best time to explore these places?
  • How do they plan their travel itinerary?
  • How to connect with other tourists who have already explored those places?
  • How do they share their travel experiences online?
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Our Specialization

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We have come across such queries and thought to provide a platform which helps travelers to effectively plan their trip without worrying about all these queries.

This is how we started planning the flow and features of TheIndia.co.in and decided to provide 3 main pillar of the website, which are:

Client Feedback & Experiences

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TheIndia is the most fascinating halt for someone who loves travelling. It is a unique and exclusive online travel community that provides a platform to the travelers in and around India to share the experiences of their journey with others.

This one of its kind Indian travel community gives the travel enthusiasts a chance to explore India, endeavor a journey and to enlighten others who wish to explore these destinations throughout India.

The travelogues created by the travelers help them relive and recollect all the great memories of their trips and to share these memories with others. TheIndia also provides a platform for the likeminded avid explorers to savor the travel related stories through journals, photos and real experiences.

Here our motive is to promote the best tourist destinations of India by providing platform unique platform to all travelers who can help the community by sharing their experience through TheIndia.co.in.

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