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TheIndia is India's first of its kind tourism community portal helps tourist to find best places to visit in India. You can explore places & travelogues about Indian tourist destination and can share your own stories with fellow travelers.

Sprawling across the entire stretch from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and across the breath from Kutch to Nagaland, TheIndia helps you see this beautiful country as a zesty blend of traditions, cuisines and importantly, adventurous spots that happen to unfold some of the world’s best vacation, adventure and natural tourist destinations! Whether you want to feel the fluffy clouds misting your face in Munnar or, you want to enjoy the adventurous jungle Safari in Sasan Gir; whether you want to hitchhike alongside the mountainous terrains of Leh & Ladakh or, taste the incredibly popular and mouth watering cuisines offered by the Seven Sisters of India, TheIndia is your one stop solution for all your travel queries!

TheIndia offers you a very unique way to make your memories by exploring your adventurous side and capturing the precious moments in your memories and camera. So, if this is your first time in deciding your vacation spots in India, you might want to know more about the places you plan to visit. So, why not acquaint yourself with the place, before you plan your vacations?

If you have already visited the sought after vacation destinations, we request you to share with us your interesting travelogues that can guide the others and help them enjoy in the incredible travel destinations of our Incredible India. Share your Indian travel stories, snaps and a lot of reviews on food and resorts with us. After all, a travel experience is in itself, a self-educating sojourn. Also, for people who are interested in scouting for lesser known scenic locations surrounding the vacation spots, The India helps you discover them with an impeccable mapping system.

TheIndia focuses on the three E’s - Explore, Endeavor and Enlighten! So, begin your delightful journey with TheIndia and, we promise you, we will get you where you want to go!