Vashishta Gufa - Least Known Place to Explore Near Rishikesh

Vashishta Gufa - Least Known Place to Explore Near Rishikesh

Vashishta Gufa: Destination Every Peace Loving People Should Travel To

Published: bySadhak Yogi,07 Dec, 2015

Places I explored :

Vashishta Gufa

On the banks of holy river Ganga, away from the crowd of Rishikesh town, there is a very peaceful place known as Vashishta Gufa. This Sunday, I decided to visit this place, which is quite famous among tourists and spiritual seekers as a perfect place for meditation. On the way, I stopped for some time in Shivpuri area and then continued towards Vashishta Gufa.


Vashishta Gufa is located about 17 KM from Tapovan(Rishikesh) and 6 KM from Shivpuri on Rishikesh-Badrinath Highway. This ashram is located among the trees of Gular. There is a small village near the ashram known as ‘Gular village’. The ashram is located in a pristine and peaceful location surrounded by mountains.


According to Hindu mythology, Sage Vashishta was one of the seven great sages (i.e. Saptarishi). He was the son of Lord Brahma and is also known as the teacher of Lord Rama. After the death of his children, Vashishta was very upset and he decided to commit suicide in river Ganga. But the Goddess Ganga didn’t accept his plea of suicide. Then Sage Vashishta and his wife Arundhati meditated at this place for hundreds of years to overcome their sorrow. Over the years a small ashram was built near the cave. This ashram is known as Swami Purushottamanand ashram. There are some rooms built outside the cave area, where many sadhus have been living permanently.

The entrance of the cave has some light. But as you go deeper, it is pitch dark. The cave is properly maintained. It is very clean and the floor is strewn with white mats for about 12 people, which I was not expecting after looking at the outer area. At the end of the cave, there is a Shiv Linga and a flickering oil lamp. There is no external noise and the air inside the cave is very cool. The interior of the cave is filled with some aroma of burning oil and sticks. It is definitely a very nice place to meditate deeply.

You may find a priest worshipping the Shiv Linga and some other tourists during daytime. You are supposed to sit quietly inside the cave.
Outside the ashram premises, you may relax on the beach near the river. There is also a small cave outside the ashram called “Arundhati Cave”. On the other side, you will see an iron bridge near the Gular village to cross the river.


About 2000 feet above sea level

Season for travelling:

Vashishta Gufa can be visited throughout the year. The visiting timings are (9am-12pm) and (3pm-6pm) as it remains closed for the visitors from 12pm-3pm

How to reach there:

Bus/jeep/taxis are available to reach Vashishta Gufa from Rishikesh. As this is located on the Rishikesh-Badrinath road, all the buses going towards Dev Prayag pass through this place. So transportation is not an issue.

Preferred Vehicles:

  • Motor bikes/Private cars, if you just want to spend some peaceful time there. You can park the vehicles on the road-side near the tea-shop. From there, you have to go down some stairs to enter the ashram premises.
  • Shared jeeps or buses, if you want to spend some hours there for meditation and want to relax on the beach nearby.

Suggested Itinerary for Vashishta Gufa

One can easily travel the ashram during daytime from Rishikesh and come back in the evening. It takes about 45 minutes drive from Tapovan (Rishikesh)

Accommodation Options at Vashishta Gufa

There are some hotels and cottages near Vashishta Gufa ashram.On the other side of the river, there is a very beautiful hotel run by a foreigner (as told by a local tea-vendor near the parking place)

Medical Facilities near Vashishta Gufa

There are no medical stores near the Vashishta Gufa ashram, so you are advised to bring your medicines with you.

Food Joints near Vashishta Gufa

There are a few small tea-shops near the ashram and Gular village, where you can buy oily-cooked food items, biscuits, tea etc.

Phone Signals at Vashishta Gufa

There are phone towers built near the ashram, so you can expect some signals in the ashram premises. But inside the cave, there will be no signals in your mobile phone.

Petrol Pumps near Vashishta Gufa

There is no petrol pump near the ashram, but you can get the fuel in the Shivpuri. It is advised to get the fuel before you start the journey.

ATMs near Vashishta Gufa

There is no ATM facility at the ashram. You can find ATMs in Rishikesh town & Tapovan area easily.

Other attractions on the route to Vashishta Gufa

  • Neer Ghattu water-fall: About 2.5 KM from Tapovan (Rishikesh), there is a big waterfall. You have to walk 1 KM up the hill to reach this place.
  • Shivpuri: A famous destination for river-rafting and camping, about 11 KM from Tapovan (Rishikesh)

Who should visit this place?

If you are a peace-loving person, then this place is for you. Inside the cave, you can sit quietly doing meditation for some hours. You can also relax on the banks of river Ganga.


Vashishta Gufa ashram is a must visit place near Rishikesh. The peaceful atmosphere and positive vibrations of this place give you an experience, you will remember for long. So whether you are a religious or peace-loving person, you will definitely love this place.


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