Recollecting Memories of My Somnath Temple Trip with Friends from Ahmedabad

My recent journey to the divine: Somnath Temple with Friends

Recollecting Memories of My Somnath Temple Trip with Friends from Ahmedabad

From Laughter to Prayers: My Somnath Temple Experience with Friends

Published: bySaurav Darji,23 May, 2024

Places I explored :

Somnath Jyotirlinga Temple

The summer had just begun in April, and after lunch one day, my friends and I gathered at our IT office, eager to plan something exciting. We had been discussing various ideas for a while, looking for a break from our routine. Finally, we all agreed on a trip! Our destination? One of the famous temples of Saurashtra in Gujarat, a place we had always been fascinated by.

Without wasting any time, we made our reservations under the Tatkal quota for the evening of April 4th. Though many more friends would have loved to join us, the spontaneity of our plan left little time to spread the word. And so, it was just the five of us - Samir, Kuldeep, Vivek, Siddharth, and me (Saurav) - setting off on an adventure to Somnath Mandir, ready to create memories that would last a lifetime. With train tickets in our hands, we started our journey from Gandhinagar to Somnath in no time.

April 5th - Reaching Somnath

We arrived in Somnath early, around  6:00 AM, and took an auto-rickshaw to the nearby guesthouse. The auto-rickshaw charge for Somnath Darshan was ₹900, which included the entire day's fare and the guesthouse cost of around ₹600 for refreshing.

After freshening up, we treated ourselves to a classic Gujarati breakfast from a nearby stall: jalebi-fafda, khaman, and aloo paratha for their comforting and satisfying taste and coffee to energize the day.

Somnath Temple: A Journey through History

Our first stop was the old Somnath temple, a significant landmark that echoes stories of strength and endurance. Next, we proceeded to the main Somnath Jyotirlinga. The experience of spending two introspective hours within its sacred walls was enlightening. As cameras are not allowed inside, we asked a photographer to click our pictures (₹200 for three hard copies).

Religious Richness of Somnath

We continued our exploration by taking a pre-booked auto-rickshaw tour of the prominent religious sites in Somnath. Our first destination was the sacred Ban Ganga, a peaceful location where the Kapila River merges with the Arabian Sea.

Next, we explored the Pandav/Hinglaj Mataji Gufa, a cave temple devoted to the Pandavas and Hinglaj Mata. We then proceeded to the Triveni Sangam, where three sacred rivers, Hiran, Kapila, and Saraswati, meet.

We then paid our respects at Shri Ram Mandir and visited the Surya Mandir. By 3:00 PM, we had completed our Somnath darshan with hearts filled with inner peace and calm.

Delicious lunch and Somnath Beach

Hungry after our enlightening adventure, we went to Sukh Sagar Restaurant for a satisfying Punjabi lunch. An enjoyable lunch invites a peaceful sleep, so we decided to rest at a nearby Dharamshala (₹500 for a few hours).

Feeling recharged, we set off for Somnath Beach for a coastal adventure. We were greeted by an endless expanse of golden sand, with the roar of the waves creating a soothing melody.

We spent a relaxing time here, chasing waves and soaking in the peacefulness of the coastline. 

Evening Aarti and the Light & Sound show

We returned to the Somnath temple at dusk to witness the mesmerizing evening aarti. The lightning diyas cast a spiritual glow, the priests' rhythmic chanting resonated through the air, and the collective energy of devotees created a truly magical experience. 

Then, there was a light and sound show to present the treasured history of the Somnath Temple. We were amazed by Somnath's wealthy background; the engaging narration brought the stories to life.

Setting off with happy memories

With hearts full of memories and bags full of sweets (thanks to some delicious prasad – ₹100 for a box of melt-in-your-mouth Mohanthal and Laddoo for our peers back home), we took the train back to Gandhinagar. The ideal combination of historical research, beach leisure, and spiritual enlightenment was achieved on our trip to Somnath. Overall, this was the perfect and much-needed break from our busy lives.

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