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About travelogues

About Travelogue:

Travelogue is a very unique concept. This section mainly focuses on travelers who have lived the whole journey and explored any beautiful place. This page provides a platform for travelers to put their experience of any journey in their own words. It doesn’t need to be formal, it just has to be original because we believe it is your journey and experience and there cannot be any other person who can describe it in a more beautiful manner and make it sound livelier than you can. It also allows the users to share their pictures along with the story of the journey.    

This section is not just for the people with travel experience to share but also for the people who are planning to visit any place. They can see the place and the amazing photos clicked by the traveler. The best thing about this is that anyone can explore the place and thoroughly live the whole journey by just sitting at home.

Our Mission:

Our main aim behind the Travelogue page is that people can get detailed information about any place and hence that will make it easier for anyone to plan their journey anywhere. For example, if you are planning a trip to ‘Ladakh’ then you can simply check the Travelogue section and search for Ladakh. There you can find the whole journey starting from the first day to the last day along with the entire itinerary and the photographs. This will make it easy and simple for anyone planning a trip to somewhere.

All that a user has to do:

The travelogue page is very user-friendly and you can access it very easily without any problem. You just have to simply click on the travelogue page, and there you will find a complete list of all the places along with its images. Look for the place that you would like to visit, for example, you would like to do ‘Kedarnath trek’ then all you have to do is just click on the travelogue of that trek, and you will have all the required information and the complete experience of the user that has experienced it. So, when you visit it you will have all the things which are required for that trek and will also have proper details of the whole journey.

If you wish to add a travelogue then it is a simple process. You have to sign in to your account and you will see the option of ‘Add Travelogue’. You can write all the content there along with its exceptional and creative title. Images can also be added easily in that section. There is also an option for adding some other places which you explored while doing any specific journey. It can be any commonplace or an offbeat place. Before publishing your journey, you can save and preview it, which will help you to see how it will look after you publish it.