An Amazing Trek of Kheerganga

An Amazing Trek of Kheerganga

Published: byPratik Gautam,17 Feb, 2020

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It was November and me and my friends were sitting in our hostel room trying to decide the place for a short trek which can be done over a weekend. We searched a lot and shortlisted a few places and finally decided to go on Kheerganga trek. Most of the people in our group have never been to trekking before so we selected an easy to moderate trek which can be completed easily and without any complications for anybody. The plan was made and now the only thing remaining was to execute it (which is the most difficult part). We booked a cab for Friday which will take us to Kheerganga trek and will drop us back to our hostel. As it was only a two-day trek we decided not to take too many clothes or any unnecessary things which can act as a burden while trekking. We took a warm jacket, a pair of clothes and some energy bars which proved to be very handy while trekking.

It took us almost an hour to reach Barshaini village from Manikaran. We began the mesmerizing journey of Kheerganga trek at 11 ™o ™clock in the morning. The total Kheerganga trek distance is around 14 to 17 km and we have to finish it before it starts getting dark anyhow because as the sun starts to set it will eventually make it very hard for us to move. We decided to move at a steady pace till the end and also take minimum stops because we have to finish 14 km long Kheerganga trek in less than 7 hours and most of the people in our group had zero experience of trekking. It was a bit difficult in starting as it was quite steep in the beginning. We took that phase slowly and steadily. Later, our bodies got adjusted to the surroundings and our pace increased, the trek was becoming easy gradually. After almost an hour we took our first break and had some tea and Maggi which was totally worth it alongside the serene views of mountains and lush greenery and also a bit of tiredness.

We then continued our journey towards the top of Kheerganga trek. Whenever we started feeling a bit tired, we ate our energy bars. They were quite helpful. The trek passed through the dense forest and it made the journey quite thrilling and exhilarating. As trek progressed, the path got split into two. One is known as ˜Kalga ™ and the other is termed as ˜Rudranag ™. Both of them consist of beautiful and enchanting views. We took the Kalga path to reach the top because Rudranag is steeper while going up. So, we decided that at the time of trekking back we will go for Rudranag. This way we will enjoy views and journey of both paths and also it will be easy to descend through the Rudranag path. We were covered with mountains from all sides and it felt like they were watching over us. We took break at regular intervals and at around 5 ™o ™clock we reached the campsite of Kheerganga trek. We booked a tent and a room and kept all our bags there. As soon as we came out of the room it started snowing. It snowed for nearly 20 to 25 minutes and everything was almost covered in snow. That was a sight to behold and it looked so beautiful that it is very difficult to put that together in words. We visited the Lord Shiva temple at the top and had some fun times while playing in the snow. Later when it got dark, we enjoyed the campfire which was quite a memorable experience. We had our dinner and after that, we again sat around the campfire and spent some amazing time with each other. As it was getting colder outside, we decided to go to our room and tents to sleep.

The next morning we woke up early to enjoy the magnificent view of the sunrise. Sunlight slowly started to fall on the mountains and within no time it covered the whole mountain. Snow on the mountains was shining beautifully as the sunlight fell on it. After that, we decided to take a dip in the hot water spring which is at the top of Kheerganga trek. The views from the hot water spring are indescribable. You can see mountains covered in snow around you while lying in a hot water spring. Our all tiredness was just washed away in the hot water spring. After having a relaxing bath we came back to our room, got changed and had breakfast.

It was around 10 ™o ™clock in the morning when we started to move back towards the starting point of Kheerganga trek but this time through Rudranag path. Rudranag had some great views with an amazing waterfall. There was a cold breeze around the waterfall which was very refreshing. It took us around 6 hours to trek back towards the starting point of the Kheerganga trek. We reached down at around 4 ™o ™clock in the evening and from there we went back to our hostel.

We came back with not just the experience of a trek but also with the beautiful memories to cherish for a lifetime. Kheerganga trek is such an amazing trek with serene views that you will never forget.

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