Popular Tourist Places in India

Here we have found top destinations for you

Popular Tourist Places in India

Popular Places to Visit in India

Our thorough guide guarantees that every traveler finds their ideal Indian vacation, whether they are looking for the bustle of the city or the peace and quiet of the outdoors. Start your virtual journey through these fascinating descriptions, and allow the amazing experiences that await in every corner of this unique and magical country to spark your desire to travel.

About places to visit in India

Planning for your next vacation to most popular places in India? not sure where to go? Don't worry. 

Here at TheIndia, we have curated over 1000s plus popular places to explore in India and that to from our users! Yes, TheIndia is an unique travel portal where anyone can add their favorite places to visit in India with actual photographs and brief about the place.

Did you know that the Bharatpur Beach of Neil Island offered spectacular glass bottom boat rides? There are chances that you were unaware of it until we told you so.

There are many such beautiful places to visit in India like Kurnool, Ziro, Khajjiar and more that are not known but offers a great destination vacation. The reason is just that such places are either due to its accessibility or not popular amongst tourist. There is a lack of knowledge about these places amongst travelers or tourists. Tourists when browsing through the search engines, they find places that often get the limelight. Several such exquisite tourist destinations in India are yet to be explored.

This is why TheIndia has brought the unique concept of allowing tourists (users) to add photographs and description of the places they have been to. It is an exclusive platform offering all the vacationers a happy time to enjoy the true essence of the beautiful places set amidst the nation.

The Mission

TheIndia thrives on three E's- Explore, Endeavor and Enlighten

It gives complete freedom to explore and discover places that you may come across while travelling. Even if it is the remotest part of your city, but you think sums up to a beautiful holiday destination, TheIndia supports that too.

Tourists can help each other in exploring unique places of India by utilizing our platform. You just follow below steps to add your favorite place of India -

  • Just click on the thumbnail of that place
  • It directs you to the complete detailed page of the site. You will find information right from its location to the languages, tour packages, cuisines, transportation, things to do, places to visit, attractions of the site, shopping experience, what must be tried etc. in merely one click.

The best part is all the images about those places are clicked by the users itself, and hence there are no filters that are added.

The community members of TheIndia portal shared over 1000+ places along with images, location details, cuisines, things to do and other important details which helps other members to explore those places. And we add appropriate tour packages which cover those places!

We have updated places with over 5000+ images which are owned by respective community member. There are more than 500+ cities that stand covered on TheIndia platform. So be it Manali or Udaipur, you can find everything you need to plan your next tour.

Brief about TheIndia travel community portal

TheIndia is one its kind travel community portal which helps tourist to explore best places to visit in India. The unique features can help every traveller to have a look before he is set to visit those places.

  • It is run by the travel and road trip enthusiasts, so the photographs, travelogues etc. are firsthand knowledge, real and are genuine.
  • TheIndia provides accurate and personalized information to make the travel experience in India a pleasurable one.
  • It gives you an overview of the place, on what to expect, how to go about it, things that should be kept in mind, popular tour packages offered by our featured tour operators etc.
  • This portal also helps with the impeccable mapping system that eases out to discover the lesser known places effortlessly.
  • TheIndia users are given the liberty to add any new place even if they are not listed on the ‘places’ page.
  • The portal allows its users to add as many photographs as one desires to give a brief idea of the place. In fact, more the merrier, even if it is already listed on the place page. A user will add new images to the previously recorded place.

India has the best mountainous terrains that do not limit to Leh and Ladakh but has several other destinations like Spiti and Hemis that tourists have not heard about much. Similarly, many travellers who browse to go to hill stations, all they can think of are Shimla or Ooty, but India has endless to it. We have Pachmarhi Hill station located in Madhya Pradesh, Munnar in Kerala and so on.

We at TheIndia wants to bring forth a one-stop solution towards all the travel queries and expeditions. Visit India’s iconic places, explore the unexpected places, and bring India closer to TheIndia.