Nilkanth Dham Swaminarayan Temple, Gujarat, India

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About Nilkanth Dham Swaminarayan Temple

Nilkanth Dham Swaminarayan Temple is located at Poicha village on the bank of river Narmada which is about 80 kms from Bharuch and 65KM from Vadodara. It is beautiful swaminarayan temple constructed in large area and one of the most amazing pilgrimage attracts people around Gujarat. You can have divine experience by visiting Sahajanand universe, Nilkanth dham and surrounding places. The place is very well connected from Vadodara (Baroda) or Bharuch and can be reached from any of the below routes:

How to reach Poicha Swaminarayan temple from Vadodara?

If you are travelling from Vadodara, you can reach Nilkanth Dham Poicha through Dabhoi. Checkout below Google map depict complete route from Vadodara. It is around 66KM from Vadodara and will take around 1 and half hour. The roads are very well maintained here.

If you are traveling from Bharuch, you can reach Nilkanth Dham Poicha temple through below route:

Checkout below Google map route to reach Poicha temple from Bharuch that will take almost 2 hours as the temple is located at around 77KM from Bharuch. Here the route will take you through Karjan and then you need to take a right turn. Here, there are different routes to reach Poicha from Bharuch, one is via Karjan and the other is via Rajpipla.

Where to stay in Poicha?

You can stay at Poicha Swaminarayan temple and to book your stay, kindly visit official website and follow below steps:

What is the contact number of Poicha temple?

As per official website, the contact number of Poicha Swaminarayan temple is 9099621000

If you are on a tour to statue of unity, you can combine the trip with Poicha swaminarayan temple and can also plan to stay overnight there. The place is really amazing and will give you unique experience staying with nature surrounded with divine energy of Nilkanth dham temple.

FAQ's Related to Nilkanth Dham Swaminarayan Temple

To stay at Poicha Swaminarayan temple, you need to visit their official website and from where you can book online.

No, there is no entry fees to Poicha Swaminarayan temple. You can visit temple and other part at Free of cost.

They recently started providing online booking from official website of Nilkanthdham but the price is not visibile on website.

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Dhiraj Wala ( October 22, 2017 )
Mobile no.: 8000000218 & 8000000396 ARE WRONG NUMBERS

Jignesh Gohel ( December 01, 2022 )

Thank you for your reply, we published the number by referring website at that time. The number of Nilkanthdham swaminarayan temple might have changed. We have updated information with latest details.

Bharat Sohagiya ( October 10, 2017 )
Nilkanth Dham Swaminarayan Temple - Poicha Village - Bank Of Narmada River - Rajpipla - Bharuch - Gujarat
Jignesh Gohel ( October 05, 2015 )
Thank you Dhaval for sharing your view about this Swaminarayan temple in Poicha. I never visited this place but will definitely plan soon. Is there any places to stay around?
Dhaval Bhatt ( September 10, 2015 )
Great Place .Opposite to Karnali Village . Dis. Rajpipla on the riverbank of Narmda Mata. Its shows the harmony of Hindu Lords . Place have facility for food at food corner with affordable price. Playground for kids . You also go by car or by boat .

Jignesh Gohel ( December 01, 2022 )

Yes, the place is really amazing.