Pune, Maharashtra, India

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About Places to Visit in Pune

Things to know about Pune:

The Oxford of the East, the city of Pune is one among the largest city of the country in terms of its vast empire and also the people it houses. One can’t resist getting a youthful vibe here. 


This metropolitan city has its roots sprouted from the old Poona. Poona had witnessed the glory of the Maratha Empire, which helped India being an independent country. The city shows the perfect amalgamation of modernity with tradition, which adds to the adoration of this beautiful city.


In the due course of time, the city of Pune witnessed many cultures and civilizations. But still it hasn’t gone far from its typical Maharashtrian conduct.


Places to visit in Pune:


Apart from the culture and history, the city of Pune is also blessed with a rich heritage sites, pilgrimage sites and natural sightseeing places. The climate of Pune is so pleasant that it keeps calling visitors from all over the country, all year round. Now let’s explore the places to visit in Pune.


You must include following places in your Itinerary to Pune -





These are only few to mentions of Pune. But, there is lot more to explore in Pune and the city is truly a piece of heaven for the travel enthusiasts.


Things to do in Pune

Once you are at Pune, apart from visiting tourists places of the city, there are many more activities and fun awaiting for you. One can get chance to choose among the many options like -




Not your choice?? Wait…. Pune is having much more options. You can go for-




But the fun is still not over!! The city of pune is party lover. It parties a lot. You can experience the nightlife here in its exotic resorts and Pubs spread all over the city.


Best time to visit Pune

I would suggest you to Plan your trip in the months between October and March, as the city sees most pleasant and predictable weather this time. Other months can be looking to scorching Sun or the rainfall. If you wanted to get the experience of romantic part of Pune, you should visit here in the month of May to June at this time there is little rain over here and you can the best monsoon experience in the Maharashtrian cities like Lavasa, Mahabaleshwar and Matheran.


Food to eat

The city never sleeps, nor does it’s eat streets. The streets of Pune are laden with delicious spicy tangy foods. One cannot resist themselves from tasting the mouth watering delicacies of the city. Not just the typical Maharashtrian dish, but you can find dishes travelling from across the country making their place in the vivid stalls. 

You will regret later if you don’t taste the servings of -




I am sure you are going to thank me after tasting these.