Parvati Hills, Maharashtra, India

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About Parvati Hills

Parvati hills is located at the height of about 2100 feet from the sea level and is the second-highest point in Pune city. The main attraction of this hill is the Goddess Parvati temple.


How to reach Parvati Hills Pune

By Air

The closest airport to Parvati Hill is Pune International Airport. The Parvati hills pune is approximately 16.8 kilometres away. To reach to Parvati Hill from the airport, you have to take your own vehicle or take a regular bus or taxi service from the airport to the Swargate Bus Station. Generally, public transportation will drop you off at the Bus station, from which you can take auto rickshaws to the hill.

By Train 

Pune Junction to Parvati Hill is only 6 km, after reaching to pune you can get various local cabs or taxies to reach to Parvati hills.

By Road

Parvati Hill is well connected by road and in regard to reach here you can hire numerous taxies and cabs.


Things to do at Parvati Hill

1. Pay respect to the temples 

Parvati hill is surrounded by five beautiful and well-maintained temples. Many people visit this temple complex to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Vishnu, and other deities. Parvati Hill is thought to have been the Peshwa rulers' sole place of worship.

2. Visit the Museum 

The Parvati Hill Museum is located near the main temple. It displays several items once owned by Peshwa rulers. Swords, guns, and coins are among the items. There are also wooden artefacts, ancient manuscripts, and paintings from that time period kept here.

3. Trek to the Top 

Parvati hills Pune is well-known for its early morning jogs and treks. From the top, you can take in a breathtaking view of Pune and take some spectacular photographs. When there is less of a crowd, you can freely explore other spots on the hill, such as Sati Monument and Vetal Chabutra.


Places to Visit Near Parvati Hill

1. Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum is located about 4 kilometres from Parvati Hill. This museum exhibits vast and magnificent collection of Dr Dinkar G. Kelkar's. This three-story museum is dedicated to his son Raja's memory and houses many beautiful artefacts and sculptures, some dating back to the 14th century.

2. Sarasbaug

Sarasbaug, a major landmark in Pune, is about situated at a distance of 2.8 kilometres from Parvati Hill. This 25-acre complex is beautiful, which was formerly a small lake, has a lovely park.

3. Sarasbaug Ganapathi Temple

The Sarasbaug Temple Complex houses a Ganpati Temple with a beautiful idol of Shri Siddhivinayak. Millions of devotees in Pune and around the world come here every year.

4. Pataleshwar Cave Temple

The ancient Pataleshwar Cave Temples are located nearly 5.7 kilometres from Parvati Hill. This is a rock-cut cave temple dedicated to the God of the Underworld, Lord Pataleshwar, and was built in the 8th century.

5. Vishram Bagh Wada

It is a massive mansion located in the heart of Pune on Thorale Bajirao Road, It is approximately 4.3 kilometres from Parvati Hill. This palace was known as the luxurious residence of the Maratha confederacy's last Peshwa, Peshwa Bajirao II.

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