Polo Forest, Gujarat, India

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About Polo Forest

How to Reach:

The easiest way to reach the Polo forest is by road. Ahmedabad and Udaipur are the nearest towns which are 160 km and 120 km away from the Polo forest respectively. You can also reach Idar by bus and do private autos & jeeps from Idar.

Polo Forest – Green Lush Forest Area Near Ahmedabad:

Polo forest is a beautiful forest area spread across 400 square KM located near Abhapur village in Vijay Nagar taluka of Gujarat. This place is a famous weekend destination near Ahmedabad located at just 150KM from this megacity. You can also plan one day picnic from Ahmedabad and can explore the green lush of Polo forest.

We are receiving many emails asking about polo forest entry fees and entry permission. You don't really need any permission or need to pay any fees; you can directly go to this place via Idar and can enjoy it with your family, friends or even with your child. The villagers in Abhapur are very humble and supportive and fluent in Gujarati and Hindi languages.

Places to Visit in Polo Forest:

Polo forest is surrounded by beautiful hills from where the Harnav River is crossing and spread across the forest. You can also visit Harnav Dam, ancient Shiv temple, Jain temple and other heritage site located in nearby areas. If you can spend one day, you can also get a guide and do trekking in the polo forest mountains. There are many trekking routes which are being explored by the tourist. Here we recommend hiring guide before you plan trek in polo forest mountain. It takes only 4 to 5 hours.

1. Shiv Shakti Temple:

The Shiv Shakti Temple is also known as the Sun Temple. It is one of the famous piece of architecture located in the polo forest. This temple is built around the 15th century. Though the temple is in ruins, but its three-dimensional figurines are rarely seen in other temples built in this period. Nandi is seated on a pillar higher than Lord Shiva which is another interesting aspect of this temple.

2. Vanaj Dam:

Vanaj Dam is one of the central Tourist Attractions in Sabarkantha. The Villages close to Vanaj Dam, Polo forest are untouched from the modern-day amenities and lifestyles. So you could definitely experience the raw lifestyles in a natural environment which you can’t experience in the city or town nowadays.

Things To Do at Polo Forest

1. Rappelling at Polo Forest

Rappelling and Rock Climbing are some of the famous Adventure Activities which you can enjoy near Polo Forest. Rock climbing also helps you in testing you physical and mental ability as you climb up, down and across rocks. Here you can discover the joy of climbing as you travel to incredible natural rock formations in Gujarat. 

2. Chimney Climbing /Caving at Polo Forest

Chimney Climbing is another famous sports and adventurous activity that you can do while being in the polo forest. The forest is known for its beautiful eco-tourist place situated near Ahmedabad. The place is blessed with abundance of natural resources, historical places, dam, and river surrounded by mountain ranges.

3. Forest Trekking at Polo Forest

Polo Forest is one of the impeccable place where as a tourist you can enjoy Hiking & Trekking Camp, living in the lap of Nature. Jungle trek is all times favorite adventure. If you love to walk through nature then this Polo Forest is a good place to visit. The perfect place for one day trekking and picnic!

4. Site Seeing at Polo Forest

Polo forest is an amazing pure natural and scenic tourist place situated in Gujarat. The forest has many thing to explore in and around it. While driving or trekking in Polo forest you can get a chance to see the beauty of the remains of Jain and Hindu temples constructed during the 16thCentury. The temples are really attractive during the monsoon months.

5. Campfire at Polo Forest

Polo Forest is known for its own beauty and charm. This lush green stretch of the hilly forest has the ability to attract anybody. An area is a fantastic place for Camping & Adventure Activities like Bouldering & Rappelling. It’s one of the tops and the best places for Hiking & Trekking Camp.

Places to Stay:

There are limited options available for a night's stay in Polo forest. One of the best and most economical options is to stay at Polo campsite which is operated by the Gujarat state forest department. To stay at Polo Campsite, you will have to book your accommodation through the Himmatnagar forest department in advance. You need to send them emails with dates, number of people, and types of rooms (AC or Non AC). Based on the availability of the rooms, they will confirm your booking at the Polo campsite.

Apart from this, there are 2-3 private hotel offers accommodation at very higher rate ranging from 2500/- to 4000/- per night depending upon the season you are traveling.


There is limited option available for food and you will have to rely on Dhabas only. Polo campsite has its own kitchen but it is limited to their guest and serve basic food. If you are planning single day picnic, we recommend carry food from your home with plenty of water too.

Polo Festival:

Every year, the Gujarat government celebrates the Polo festival by organizing well-planned travel events which include adventure activities, cycling, camping, and many more things. There is a polo camp city is set up at the polo forest where you can stay and enjoy the Polo Utsav

FAQ's Related to Polo Forest

No, there is no ticket price to enter into Polo forest. You can enter at free of cost but recently the local authority has imposed some restriction to drive petrol / diesel vehicle in forest area. You can hire EV auto to explore the area.

There is no such official website for Polo forest but you can visit forest department website here https://forests.gujarat.gov.in/polo-forest-site.htm

Polo forest is located at just 150KM from Ahmedabad and can be reached via Himmat nagar – Idar.

Polo forest is surrounded by beautiful hills from where the Harnav River is crossing and spread across the forest. You can visit Vanaj Dam, Shiv Shakti temple ruin, jain temple ruin and few trekking trails are there.

The first and cheapest option is to stay at Polo Forest camp site operated by forest department. You can only stay there by doing prior booking with district forest office. There are other private properties available to stay but they are located outside of the forest area.

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