Splash into Saputara Monsoon Festival [Aug – Sept]

Saputara monsoon festival is going to start from 11th August to 10th September.

Monsoon season of this year has already started and most of the part of India experience the heavy rain fall. This is the best time to plan a trip to the hill station where you can enjoy the greenery, waterfall and rainfall. If you are also planning for monsoon trip, Saputara monsoon festival is the best option for you! In this article, I will take you through the Saputara and will show you why you should visit Saputara in monsoon during the festival.

Introduction to Saputara:

gira waterfalls saputara
Image by Yogesh Gupta – http://www.theindia.co.in/user/yogesh-gupta-380

Saputara is one among the prominent hill stations of Gujarat situated on the elevation of around 3000fts above sea level; it is visited joyously by people in and around Gujarat. It is on a flat terrain in the Dang forest zone of Western Ghats i.e. Sahyadri range. It stands for the ‘Abode of Serpents’. The local communities here worship a snake’s image on the banks of the river Sarpaganga on the day of Holi. Saputara was developed as a planned hill station offering facilities like guesthouses, gardens, swimming pools, boat club, auditorium, rope ways and a museum by Gujarat Tourism. The temperature in summers reaches upto 32°C and goes down to 27°C. In winters, conversely, the temperature stays between 16°C to 10°C. Though, monsoons here receive an average rainfall (from July to September) of 255 cm every year. Hence, it is the reason behind organizing Saputara Monsoon Festival annually.

Saputara Monsoon Festival:

Gujarat tourism organize Saputara monsoon festival every year and the schedule for Saputara Monsoon Festival is recently announced. Generally, it is organized by Gujarat Tourism with a view the aim of endorsing Saputara as a hill station and catching people’s attention towards its numerous natural and traditional lures. This festival features a large number of activities and attractions for those visiting Saputara in this period. Various cultural events and boat races are the prime charms here.

Schedule of Saputara Monsoon Festival Event

Gujarat tourism official website has already announced the event dates on their event calendar and the information is mentioned below.


Important dates and information from Saputara Monsoon Festival:

  • Event Name: Saputara Monsoon Festival
  • Venue: Near Lake Area, Saputara

Gujarat Tourism offers exceptional package trips to Saputara from Surat throughout the festival month. We will provide more information about different packages and trips offered by Gujarat Tourism during Saputara monsoon festival.

Recent updates from Saputara monsoon festival organizers

Recently we received the below feedback from the authority about the schedule of the Saputara Monsoon Festival:

The fixed schedule is yet to be published however during festivals the programs are as follows:

  • Voluntary trekking in the forest on trekking route developed by forest department with trained guide organised by a notified area authority for which registration is done during cultural program every night.
  • Tribal dance shows, street magic shows, fun characters, and selfies with children comic heroes during the day at various locations.
  • Cultural program in the evening that includes daangi tribal dance, musical orchestra party, comedy artist program, daayro and such other entertaining events in evening after 7 pm
  • Other usual attractions are paragliding, boating, water zorbing, segueway rides, zipline, etc are also available

What to do in the Saputara Monsoon Festival:

There are numerous activities planned for tourists of all age groups. Paragliding, Horse Riding, Camel Riding, Rock Climbing, Boating, Rope-way, and few more adventurous activities like Zip line and Ariel are charged nominal and carried out under the guidance of experts.

You can also join Paper Craft Workshops and Archery Practice sessions to learn with fun. A visit to Varli Arts, Handicrafts and Photography exhibitions would also mesmerize you. Photography is one additional and the mandatory thing you can do if you are a nature lover and enjoy capturing a variety of plants, birds, and greenery at its best.

There are cultural events taking place in the evening to make the visitors enjoy the heritage of the state.

Best Places to Visit in Saputara during Monsoon Festival:

There is list of more than 15 places of interest where you can visit in Saputara.

  1. Aquarium
  2. Echo Point
  3. Gandharvpur Artist Village
  4. Gira Falls
  5. Governor’s Hill
  6. Hatgad Fort
  7. Honeybees Center
  8. Museums
  9. Nageshwar Mahadev Temple
  10. Purna Sanctuary
  11. Rose Garden
  12. Saputara Lake
  13. Saputara Tribal Museum
  14. Step Garden
  15. Sunrise Point
  16. Sunset Point
  17. Vansada National Park and few more…

For the period of the monsoon festival, Saputara Lake and Governor’s Hill aka Table Top Point are mostly crowded. You can plan your itinerary depending upon your interest.

How to reach Saputara?

Saputara is very well connected from major cities of India but the route is a bit hilly and if you are driving your own car, I only recommend if you are very good at driving in the hilly region. Here is the brief about the distance of Saputara from various cities of Gujarat:

  • Ahmedabad to Saputara – 400 km
  • Rajkot to Saputara – 582 km (Via Vadodara)
  • Vadodara to Saputara – 287 km
  • Surat to Saputara – 160 km

The nearest popular city is Surat from where either you can go via private transport or can also use public transport to reach Saputara.

Where to stay in Saputara:

There are many lodges, hotels and resorts available in Saputara. Though they would be charged high during the festival therefore it is advised to make advance bookings before you reach there. We recommend checking the Gujarat Tourism hotel in advance. You will definitely enjoy your stay in Saputara.

Final Words:

One must absolutely ensure to visit Saputara in coming monsoon and gather some of the most unforgettable memories of the vacations.

Outings from Saputara can be made to the wildlife sanctuary in the Mahal Bardipara forest, 60 km. and to Gira Waterfalls 52 km away. Saputara is 172 kms from Surat and 250 kms from Mumbai. The Maharashtra state border is 4 km from Saputara.

Hence, plan your visit now.

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  1. This blog has an amazing information about the destination. The posts and blogs are very unique. Thank you so much for sharing the details.

    1. Thank you for your comment Netra ji,
      We appreciate your suggestion in extending Saputara monsoon festival dates but as we are not the organizers. We will convey this suggestion to respective authority and we are sure they will do the needful.

      1. If I perform as musical event my own group ..how it’s proceed ..tell me..
        M live bilimora dist- Navsari
        My contact number:- 9662020385..

  2. Can u please send me all details , Contacts No. That can help me and Please send me the location of festival on Google​ maps.

    1. Currently we are not having contact details of the authority but you can plan visiting Saputara directly. We are working on updating blog post with map containing how to reach from Ahmedabad to Saputara.

      Stay tuned

    1. The schedule is already there in the blog post. We will keep updating this article with more information available to us. Thank you

    2. The fixed schedule is yet to be published however during festivals the programs are as follows-
      – voluntary trekking in forest on trekking route developed by forest department with trained guide organised by Notified area authority for which registration is done during cultural program every night
      -Tribal dance shows, street magic show, fun characters, and selfie with children comic heroes during the day at various location
      -cultural program in evening that includes daangi tribal dance, musical orchestra party, comedy artist program, daayro and such other entertaining events in evening after 7pm
      -other usual attractions are paragliding, boating, water zorbing, segueway rides, zipline etc are also available

      1. Thank you very much for this information. Kindly share detailed schedule as soon as it is available. We will accordingly make it public with our readers.

    3. dates have been declared detailed time table will be posted when published

    4. While Moonsoon festival you needs 10-12 set of clothes. Cotton Half Paint & jerrecy will be okay.
      mahendra bhedda

      1. Thank you Mahendrabhai for your valuable feedback. As you are having very good experience in planning trip, your valuable insight about Saputara monsoon festival will be really helpful.

  3. i want to know that in saputara (near lake) which date doing planing for D.J and GARBA for tourist. please sir give me final date…because previous years we doing lot of fun in DJ….so

    1. Thank you Pragneshbhai for your below query about Saputara monsoon festival.
      We have updated the article with latest information we have and we will keep sharing more information about this festival 2017.

      Stay tuned!

    2. in saputara we organise karaoke program to sing out your feelings of romance, dj and gharba may be followed by cultural program at the said venue at the en on request of tourist.

    1. Thank you for inquiring about Saputara Monsoon festival. Recently we learned about the dates of the festival this year 2017 which is going to happen during 10th August to 12th September 2017.

      Regarding to Accommodation, kindly check for Toran guest house operated by Gujarat Tourism. Apart from this, you can also find plenty of options to stay in Saputara during monsoon festival.

    2. for accomodation most hotels offer online booking including gujarat tourism facilities

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