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Don Hill Station is one of the best hill stations of Gujarat state.

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Where Don Hill Station located

How To Reach Don Hill Station

By Air

The nearest Airport is Gandhinagar Airport, which is approximately 108 km away.

By Train

The nearest Railway Station is Surat, which is approximately 165 km away.

By Bus

Don Hill Station is well-connected with cities like Saputara, Satana and Ahwa.

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Situated in the scenic landscape of Saputara located in the state of Gujarat is Don Hill Station.  It is nestled at the Gadad district of Ahwa Dangs, Gujarat and attracts thousands of visitors to witness the beauty every year.

Things to do at Don Hill Station

Tourists visiting Don Hill Station must visit Saler Fort, Barda waterfalls, the Mahal eco-tourism campsite, Kilad eco-tourism campsite, Gira waterfalls and so on.  The place offers activities like trekking, hiking, camping etc.

How to reach Don Hill Station?

The best way to reach Don Hill Station is by reaching Saputara. The nearest airport is Surat. There are several state buses, private buses, and cars that run on the routes of Don Hill Station making the journey a memorable one.

Those traveling by railways can opt for Waghai or Kasbe Sukene or Khervadi station to reach their tourist destination.

Best time to visit Don Hill Station

June end to September end is the best time to visit Don Hill Station.

Nearby places 

Saler Fort, Barda waterfalls, and Gira waterfalls are nearby tourist places from Don Hill station. You will also find hotels & resorts to stay at this place. 

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