18 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Coorg with Family

Published By: Mahima Sharma on December 27, 2023

Are you planning a trip to Coorg? You’re in luck! Known as the “Scotland of India,” Coorg offers a unique blend of natural beauty and rich culture. From misty hills to vibrant wildlife, there’s something for everyone. This article will guide you through the top places to visit in Coorg. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a nature lover, or someone looking to unwind, Coorg has got you covered. Get ready to explore breathtaking waterfalls, sip on local coffee, and lose yourself in the aroma of spice plantations. Your Coorg adventure starts now!

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Top Tourist Spots to Visit in Coorg

Here are some of the best sightseeing places in Coorg that you should not miss.

1. Harangi Dam:

Harangi Dam in Coorg

Harangi Dam is located near Kushalnagar. The place stands out for its mesmerizing beauty. Tourists flock here, particularly during the monsoon, from August to October. Aside from the dam itself, the lush greenery and tranquil setting attract visitors. It’s a haven for photography, picnics, and nature walks. If you’re in Coorg, this reservoir should be on your must-visit list.

2. Honnamana Kere Lake:

Honnamana Kere Lake Coorg

This sacred lake is one of the best tourist attractions in Coorg, Karnataka. The place is notable for its natural beauty and spiritual importance. It’s best visited during the annual Honnamana Kere festival. Named after Goddess Honnamana, it draws religious travelers and nature lovers alike. The lake is nestled amidst hills and coffee plantations. Therefore, here you can enjoy an amazing view of scenery, tranquility, and a unique cultural experience.

3.  Kotebetta Trek/Peak:

Kotebetta Peak Coorg

Kotebetta Peak is the third-highest peak in Coorg. This place is known for its breathtaking vistas and trekking trails. If you are a hiking enthusiast, this is the best place to visit in and around Coorg. The trek route traverses through dense forests and coffee plantations. The best time to take on this adventure is from October to March. Here you can enjoy a mixture of thrill and natural beauty.

4. Chiklihole Reservoir:

Chiklihole Reservoir Coorg

Are you looking for places to visit near Coorg within 100 km? Chiklihole Reservoir is the best option. The place is tucked away near Kushalnagar in Coorg. The place can mesmerize you with its serene ambiance. The most stunning feature is the sun setting over the water. The ideal time to visit is during the post-monsoon months when the water levels are high, and the surroundings are lush green.

5. Mallalli Falls:

Mallalli Falls Coorg

This cascade in the foothills of the Pushpagiri Mountains is a must-see. The best time to visit Mallalli Falls is during the monsoon, between June and September. The waterfall is at its most powerful and the surrounding scenery is lush and vibrant. The place is ideal for nature lovers and photographers. It’s an inspiring experience that represents the best of Coorg’s natural beauty.

6. Nalknad Aramane Palace:

Nalknad Aramane Palace in Coorg

Nalknad Aramane Palace was built in 1792. It’s a historical gem. The best time to visit the palace is between October and March. The palace boasts intricate carvings and murals, serving as a testament to the craftsmanship of the era. This palace provides an enriching experience for those who love history and architecture.

7. Nehru Mantap:

Nehru Mantap

This viewpoint offers an unobstructed view of the surrounding hills and valleys. Best visited during the evening to catch the sunset, the area is ideal for a quiet, reflective moment. Located near Raja’s Seat, another famous viewpoint in Coorg, it provides an escape from the usual tourist crowds. It’s a hidden gem for photographers and nature enthusiasts.

8. Somwarpet:

Somwarpet in Coorg

This is a lesser-known area in Coorg. Here you can have breathtaking views of plantations and waterfalls, and enjoy adventure sports. The best time to visit Somwarpet is between October and April. It’s a perfect blend of nature and thrill, with opportunities for trekking and rafting. If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path experience, Somwarpet delivers

9. Suntikoppa:

Suntikoppa in Coorg

Known for its lush coffee plantations, Suntikoppa is a haven for coffee lovers. The best time to visit is from November to March. It offers a glimpse into the local way of life. Here you can have plenty of opportunities for plantation tours and local cuisine sampling. The place provides a peaceful alternative to the more tourist-heavy spots in Coorg.

10. Gaddige or Raja’s Tomb:

Gaddige or Raja's Tomb Coorg
Image Source:

Check out this hilltop spot dating back to the 1800s. It boasts three majestic tombs with fancy entryways, surrounded by gardens and panoramic city views. These tombs are a historical landmark in Coorg. They represent Indo-Saracenic style architecture. Best visited from October to March, the site offers insight into Coorg’s rich history. It’s a serene location. It’s perfect for those interested in history without the crowds.

11. Namdroling Monastery:

Namdroling Monastery Coorg
Image Source:

This is one of the largest teaching centers of Tibetan Buddhism in the world. The best time to visit is during the Tibetan New Year for the annual prayers and festivities. The monastery showcases intricate art and architecture. It provides a spiritual and educational experience.

12. Bhagamandala:

Bhagamandala in Coorg

Known as the Triveni Sangam of Coorg, it’s where three rivers named Cauvery, Kannike, and Sujyoti meet. The place is best visited from October to March. It holds religious and cultural importance. The Bhagandeshwara temple nearby adds to its spiritual significance. It’s a must-visit for those interested in the local culture.

13. Iruppu Falls:

Iruppu Falls Coorg

This natural marvel has both visual and mythological appeal. During monsoon, from June to September, the waterfall cascades with vigor. Locally, people believe that a dip here can cleanse one’s sins. It is surrounded by lush forests. It’s an ideal spot for both spiritual seekers and nature lovers. Don’t miss the nearby Rameshwara Temple, adding to the site’s sanctity.

14. Nisargadhama:

Nisargadhama in Coorg

This river island in the Kaveri provides a mix of natural beauty and fun activities. The best time to go is from October to May. Here you can enjoy elephant rides, boating, etc., and relax around peaceful bamboo groves. It’s a perfect spot for a family day out. A deer park and orchidarium add to its attractions. In short, at Nisargadhama, nature and adventure blend perfectly.

15. Abbey Falls Madikeri Coorg:

Abbey Waterfall Coorg
Image Source:

Falling from a height of 70 feet and above; these falls are located amid the opulent greenery. An over-bridge hung opposite Abbey Falls (often misspelled as ‘Abbi Falls’) offers the utmost scenic sight of snowy froths pouring down the edge can be perceived, seized, and reminisced. The drizzling water from the abbey waterfalls leaves visitors drenched if they stand on the bridge for some time. Approximately 200 steps downhill will take you to the waterfall via outlandish coffee, cardamom, pepper, and other spice estates. You are recommended to take a camera with a standby battery. Abby Waterfalls in Coorg is also one of the most reviewed places on Google Maps.

16. Nagarhole National Park:

Nagarhole National Park Coorg, Karnataka
Image Source: Zoomed In

This park is a portion of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and is currently under the concern for acknowledgment as a heritage site. Occupied with cascades, peaks, gorges, watercourses and woodlands, Nagarhole national park is renowned for its opulent populace of animals and birdies. The park is divided into four zones namely; North, South East, Center and West. The best time to visit Nagarhole National Park is from October to May. The park remains closed during monsoons.

17. Raja’s Seat:

Raja’s Seat - Romantic place in Coorg
Image Source: Avinash Bhat

Visit this place if flowers and fountains are appealing to you. The literal meaning of this place is “Seat of King”. An amusing sight of stimulating layers of greenery and a series of high and low-rise-foothills capped with fog make this place a must-visit if you admire the natural beauty and sunset together. It was used by the kings of Kodagu to watch the sunset and devote quality time to their queens. Shaped similar to a small square in brick and cement, with four columns linked by arcs, boosted by beautiful environs; this place is all set to recreate the magic in your pictures. For kids, there is a small toy train to ride on.

18. Tadiandamol Peak:

Tadiandamol Peak Coorg
Image Source:

5735 ft. above sea level, this is the highest peak in Coorg. Being one of the best places for trekking in Bangalore, most visitors engrossed in hiking are strained to this place as the trip is tough, but the sight from the top of the Tadiandamol trek is incomparable. No matter; whether you are a beginner or a professional trekker; this peak will leave you with the most energetic trekking experience ever. Monsoon is the best time to trek here although you are suggested to carry the trekking essentials with you. There are two finest campsites, the campground near the immense rock and the peak itself in the Tadiandamol trekking. The Big Rock is the first milestone that you will stumble across. Surely this is the best place for trekking near Bangalore.

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Final Thoughts,

Coorg is a great place to visit. It’s not just hills and greenery. You can learn history here. You can find peace in spiritual spots. Adventure lovers will find thrills too. Each spot offers a unique experience. The best thing to do in Coorg is to get close to nature’s serenity while enjoying adventurous sports to the fullest. So, pack your bags now. Get ready for an unforgettable trip. You won’t regret exploring all that Coorg offers.

FAQ’s about Coorg:

Which month is best to visit Coorg?

October to March offers the best weather to visit Coorg, with pleasant temperatures and lush greenery. Avoid the monsoon season (June to September) for a more enjoyable experience.

Why is Coorg famous for tourism?

Coorg is famed for its lush coffee plantations, mist-covered hills, vibrant culture, and tranquil landscapes. Its rich biodiversity and hospitality make it a popular tourist destination in India.

Why Coorg is called Scotland of India?

Coorg is nicknamed the “Scotland of India” for its breathtaking landscapes, mist-covered hills, lush greenery, and cool climate, reminiscent of Scotland’s picturesque beauty.

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