Top 12 Places for Paragliding Activities in India to Witness Breathtaking Views from the Sky

After conquering the land, humans always had the desire to touch the blanket of clouds above their heads. Paragliding will fulfill all your desires of gliding in the blue sky and fly like a bird. Paragliding is an aero sport that is guided by expert paragliders and safety measures are taken before taking the flight down the height.

This sport was not much popular in India, but with the span of time adventure lovers are spending bucks to experience a thrilling time in the sky. There are different paragliding places in India that are satisfying the adventure-craving of the risk-takers. People are looking forward in conquering the sky to glide down freely. It is as thrilling as it seems to be.

12 Places for Paragliding Activities in India

We are here with a list of 12 such places in India to experience the thrill of gliding down the height. Choose the best places for Paragliding activities in India and conquer the sky in the coming vacations.

#1 Bir-Billing


In the embrace of the big mountains, Bir-Billing is a small village in Himachal Pradesh known as the landing ground for the adventurous paragliders. Sitting on the lap of Dhauladhar mountain, this place is the best for aero sports in the world. Nature has beautifully constructed the launching pads to fly in the sky. To visit this adventurous place you should plan a trip in the month of September to November, but you can also have the privilege to enjoy the flying experience at any time of the year depending on the weather.

Cost for Paragliding at Bir Billing – 2500/-

Flight Time – 15 to 30 Minutes

#2 Manali

paragliding manali solang valley

The mesmerizing beauty of the Manali is grasping the attention of tourists since many decades. A beautiful tourist spot in the slopes of Himachal Pradesh, this place has also emerged as the home for the adventurous paragliders. The Solang Valley in Manali has two jump stations for the enthusiastic paragliders. There is 2 stations to enjoy the paragliding activity. One is located at lower and other one is higher. To take off from higher you need to go top station using Gondola. The best time to visit the valley is during winter and summer seasons.

Cost for Paragliding at Manali – Short Flights 600/-, Long Flights 1200/-

#3 Mussoorie


The queen of the hills will let you soar in the sky like a free bird. Mussoorie is another tourist spot in the list which gives the adventure lovers a chance to experience paragliding beside the Mussoorie lake which is the takeoff point for the paragliders. You cannot miss the chance to visit Mussoorie in Uttrakhand from March to June or in the mid-September to October for an adventurous flight to touch the sky.

Cost for Paragliding at Mussoorie- Starts from 2000/- (Long Flights)

#4 Kamshet

kamshet paragliding

A 110km distance from Mumbai and a 45 km drive from Pune, Kamshet is a beautiful nature’s paradise decked up on the Sahyadri ranges and valleys. The paragliding will take you from the tower hill which is the launch arena for the Paragliders to give you an exclusive view of the tiny villages of Kamshet.

Cost for Paragliding at Kamshet – 5000/- Onwards

#5 Nainital

nainital paragliding

The city of lakes, Nainital will give a thrilling experience of paragliding and soar in the sky. Bhimtal and Naukuchiatal will take you to fly high in the sky at 2000 meters. An exotic view of the lakes from the heights will make you visit this place again in the next season. You cannot miss the adventurous season of this place which starts from the month of March to June and another season where you can enjoy the winter mist is from October to December.

Cost for Paragliding at Nainital – From 1600/-

#6 Yelagiri

yelagiri paragliding

The high mountains and the enchanting beauty of nature are the treasures of Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu. This place will also give you a memorable experience of Paragliding. The beginners and professionals can satisfy their adventure cravings by flying down the heights of Yelagiri hills. January to February and October to December is the best time to visit this place to witness the thrilling flight.

Cost for Paragliding at Yelagiri– 1200/- Onwards

#7 Ranikhet

ranikhet paragliding

River rafting has been quite popular in the holy river bed of Rishikesh in Uttarakhand.  But the adventures are just not bound to the grounds of the city.  If you want to fly like a bird in the sky, drive 120kms to Ranikhet which will give you a memorable Paragliding experience. The best time to visit this beautiful tourist spot to see the snow-covered mountains is from September to March.

Cost for Paragliding at Ranikhet – 3200/- Onwards

#8 Panchgani

In the month of November to February take a look at the famous pilgrimage in Mahabaleshwar from the sky. Panchgani is situated in the lap of the Sahyadri ranges which is a paradise for the enthusiastic Paragliders. Bhilar, Khingher and Tapola are the Paragliding treasurers of Panchgani.

Cost for Paragliding at Panchgani – 2000/- Onwards

#9 Satpura

If you have that spark of exploring the adventurous trails of the world, then you cannot miss the 26-day paragliding festival organized annually at the Satpura ranges by Gujarat Tourism. Gujarat has emerged as the role model state of India and it is also the most commonly known state famous for paragliding. Get a picturesque view of the enormous Aravalli hills from the sky height. The best time to visit this place is from September to November.

#10 Sikkim

sikkim paragliding

A beautiful state in the northeastern part of the country will give you some thrilling adventure goals.  It is the best place for tandem paragliding over the marvelous view of the Himalayas and the little shelters beneath the sky. You cannot miss the picturesque view of the place and the real fun in the sky here in September to June which is the best time to visit.

Cost for Paragliding at Sikkim – 2500/- Onwards

#11 Pavana

pavna paragliding

Pavana is another paragliding destination in Maharashtra which is the only place in Western India for paragliders. Giving an easy and big take-off platform for the paragliders, this place is the most affordable place for adventure lovers in India. The October to March season is the best time to visit this mesmerizing place and enjoy the beauty of nature from the top.

Cost for Paragliding at Pavna – 3000/- Onwords

#12 Nandi Hills

A 68 km drive from Bangalore in Chikkabaglor, Nandi Hills is a beautiful place for paragliders to glide in the sky. Jumping from the height of 4581 feet is as amazing as it sounds. Nandi Hills is the most recommended paragliding site for its ideal terrain and the trained and professional paragliders prefer this place for gliding down. The best part of this place is you can do paragliding for the whole season.

Cost for Paragliding at Nandi Hills – 1500/- Onwards

If you are still waiting for the right time to fulfill your wanderlust, don’t wait and grab your bags to visit any of these fascinating paragliding places in India to make your vacations worth spending. See the list and pick out the best time to visit these adventurous junctures and enjoy the fascinating trip with your loved ones.

Note: All information provided in this article is based on resources and updates we received from the respective paragliding institute. We strongly recommend checking safety measures before you plan any adventure activities. The motive behind sharing this information is to make you aware of these activities. We are in no event be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from any use of this material, which is provided “as is”, and without warranties.

Image credit: All images are owned by the respective paragliding agencies.

FAQs about Paragliding Activities in India

Where can I go for paragliding in India?

• Bir Billing.
• Manali
• Mussoorie
• Kamshet
• Nainital
• Yelagiri
• Ranikhet

Can I paraglide alone?

Yes, you can. Do paragliding alone if you have enough training and practice.

How much does it cost in India for paragliding?

Paragliding in India may cost between Rs. 1,800/- to 3,000/- for 30 minutes. However, the cost may differ from place to place.

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