13 Best Places to Visit in South India in 2024 to Beat the Summer Heat

Published By: Kamalika De on March 21, 2024

For a vacation filled with rich culture, unparalleled natural beauty, and lots of fun opportunities, South India is one of the best places to visit. There are many different places across this region that offer something for everyone – from historical monuments to picturesque beaches. With its temperate climate in summer months, South India can be explored comfortably without the fear of oppressive heat. So if you are wondering where to spend your next holiday break, read on as I will reveal my top picks for some exotic places in South India to visit, perfect for an unforgettable summer getaway.

South India Tourist Places

Best Tourist Places to Visit in South India

So without further delay, here’s our comprehensive guide to the best places to visit in South India for you and your family/friends to beat the summer heat.

1. Ooty – Queen of the Hills:

Ooty - Queen of the Hills

Ooty is deservedly known as the majestic queen of the Hills. It boasts an ethereal view of towering mountains, lush green cover, plentiful tea estates, and vegetable fields. Those who visit Ooty can experience something that is unforgettable – a ride on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway. As you travel up the mountain in the train, you are treated to a captivating view of nature, with winding tunnels snaking their way through forests of eucalyptus trees, providing a vista that will stay with you for years to come.

Top Attraction at Ooty:

  • Ooty Lake
  • Government Botanical Garden
  • Pine Forest
  • Avalanche Lake
  • Upper Bhavani Lake
  • Deer Park
  • Emerald Lake

Things to Do in Ooty:

  • Take a ride in the Toy Train
  • Boating at TTDC Boat House
  • Camping
  • Trekking
  • Taste Local Cusine and do not forget to taste ooty famous homemade chocolates
  • Go for a nature walk in the Botanical Garden

Best Time to Visit Ooty: From March to June, the weather is pleasant with an average temperature range of 15-20 degrees Celsius.

2. Kodaikanal – Famous Hill Station in Tamil Nadu:

Kodaikanal - Famous Hill Station in Tamil Nadu

With its lush green forests, mist-covered cliffs, and fascinating waterfalls, Kodaikanal is one of the best tourist destinations in South India for couples looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Meaning ‘the gift of the forests’, Kodaikanal stretches to an altitude of 7200 feet above sea level. Get your adventure on by exploring the region’s winding biking trails or embark on a romantic trekking jaunt through its vast well-kept forests. Once you head up north, you’ll be amazed by all that this paradise has to offer.

Top Attraction at Kodaikanal:

  • Kodaikanal Lake
  • Scenic stroll on Coaker Walk
  • Bryant Park
  • Bear Shola Falls
  • Explore Guna Caves
  • Dolphine Nose
  • Seek blessings at Kurinji Andavar Temple
  • Shembaganur Museum of Natural History
  • Go bird watching at Berjiam Lake

Things to Do in Kodaikanal:

  • Trekking
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Kurinji Trail
  • Shop for souvenirs at the Tibetan Market

Best Time to Visit Kodaikanal: March to May is a great time to visit.

3. Coonoor – Most Popular Hill Station in Nilgiris:

Coonoor - Most Popular Hill Station in Nilgiris

Coonoor is a secluded retreat renowned for its lush green landscape, tea gardens, and tea factories. Those who visit Coonoor are rewarded with some striking vistas of ravines, valleys, and waterfalls spread across the rolling hills. The area also hosts an array of bird species such as cormorants, pipits, thrushes, parakeets, skylarks, and Nilgiri verditer – making it an ideal place for bird-watching enthusiasts. 

Top Tourist Spots in Coonoor:

  • Sim’s Park
  • Nilgiri Mounatain Train
  • Lamb’s Roak 360-degree views
  • Hiking at Law’s Falls
  • Highfield Tea Factory
  • Droog Fort
  • Shopping at Coonoor Bazar
  • Catherine Waterfalls
  • Doddabetta Peak

Things to Do in Coonoor:

  • Take a stroll through the tea garden and learn about tea production
  • Hiking
  • Trekking
  • Explore Coonoor breathtaking mountain views
  • Birdwatching

Best Time to Visit Coonoor: October to March is the best time to visit Coonoor. Summer starts from March and lasts till June. During summer also Coonoor offers a wonderful escape from the scorching heat.

4. Munnar – Best Hill Station in South India:

Munnar - Best Hill Station in South India

Nestled among the majestic Western Ghats of Kerala lies one of its most stunning hill stations – Munnar. This must-visit place in South India is located 1,600 meters above sea level and is surrounded by three mountain streams – Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala. Highly popular as a honeymoon destination, Munnar offers a charming escapade amidst nature’s many wonders. The town is strewn with sprawling tea plantations, picturesque towns, winding lanes and holiday facilities that cater to different budgets making it an ideal place for both long stays and quick getaways.

Must-visit Places in Munnar:

  • Echo Point
  • Attukal Waterfall
  • Chinnakanal Waterfalls
  • Valara Waterfalls
  • Kundale Lake
  • Eravikulam National Park

Things to Do in Munnar:

  • Explore Tea Fields
  • Trekking and Hiking
  • Enjoy the scenic beauty of Waterfalls
  • Boating at Kundala Lake
  • Mountain Biking
  • Treehouse stay
  • Explore Kerala Flora and Fauna through national parks
  • Shopping at Munnar Market – spice, tea, essential oils
  • Traditional Ayurvedic Treatment – Munnar is famous for its Ayurvedic treatment

Best Time to Visit Munnar: December to February is the best time to visit Munnar. However, you can also enjoy pleasant weather in Munnar during the summer season that starts from March and lasts till May.

5. Periyar – Popular Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala:

Periyar - Popular Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala

South India’s Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary offers an incredible landscape for experiencing nature at its finest. Located within the hills of the Western Ghats mountain range, the reserve boasts vast woodlands, craggy mountains, and a lake encircling it all. Visitors can expect sightings of wild Indian elephants, bison, sambar, wild boar, barking deer, Indian wild dogs, and langur. Those who are luckiest may even get to spot a tiger – although this is extremely rare. Furthermore, birdwatchers will be delighted by the array of birds inhabiting the park – from Indian darter to black-necked stork to great Indian hornbill and many more. Another highlight of the sanctuary is its critically endangered Nilgiri Tahr which sadly continues to diminish in numbers – making every sighting an invaluable one.

Best Activities to Do in Periyar:

  • Enjoy bamboo rafting
  • Trekking and Camping with family and friends
  • Elephant ride
  • Stroll near Periyar Lake and Explore the wildlife.
  • Boating
  • Safari

Best Time to Visit Periyar: April to July

6. Alleppey – Must-See Tourist Attraction in Kerala:

Alleppey - Must-See Tourist Attraction in Kerala

Alleppey or Alappuzha is one of the most stunning cities in Kerala and rightly nicknamed as the ‘Venice of the East’. It is strewn with an astonishingly serene network of backwaters, dotted with thousands of houseboats spread abundantly throughout the length and breadth of this gorgeous city. Travelers from near and far come to explore the grandiose beauty of Alleppey’s natural environment, combined with its picturesque backwater. The exquisite view of nature here has ensured that Alleppey holds the position of being one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in South India.

Things to Do in Alleppey:

  • Explore the Backwater on a Houseboat
  • Sightseeing and enjoy the sunset at Alleppey Beach
  • Explore Kerala Culture
  • Kayaking in the Backwaters

Best Time to Visit Alleppey: November to February. During summer, you can enjoy the afternoon and evening around beaches and backwaters.

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7. Wayanad – Most Refreshing Mountain Destination in Kerala:

Wayanad - Most Refreshing Mountain Destination in Kerala

Wayanad is the green paradise nestled among the mountains of the Western Ghats forming the border between Kerala and Karnataka. Here, clean and pristine landscapes will enchant and hypnotize you with their beauty. It promises an unforgettable experience with its many plantations, forests, and wildlife. Wayanad is also rich in history and culture, having been inhabited since prehistoric times. With 76 kilometers separating this verdant hill station from the beautiful sea shores of Kozhikode, it is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in South India for those longing to immerse in nature’s grandeur.

Best Places to Explore near Wayanad:

  • Kuruva Island
  • Edakkal Caves
  • Banasura Sagar Dam
  • Chembra Peak
  • Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Edakkal Caves
  • Poolode Lake
  • Wayanad Acient Jain Temple

Things to Do in Wayanad:

  • Trekking and Hiking – Chembra Peak the highest peak in Wayanad, and Meenmutty Falls a multi-tier waterfall
  • Experience the beauty of waterfalls like Sentinel Rock Waterfall, Kanthanpara Waterfall, and Valara Falls
  • Explore Coffee, Tea, Rubber Plantation
  • Bamboo Rafting in Kuruva Island

Best Time to Visit Wayanad: March to May

8. Yelagiri – Peaceful Hill Station in Tamil Nadu:

Yelagiri - Peaceful Hill Station in Tamil Nadu

Yelagiri, a well-known hill station in the Tamil Nadu region of India, is an ideal destination for anyone looking for a peaceful getaway. Nestled between Vaniyambadi and Jolarpettai, Yelagiri dates back to the British colonial era and stands at 1410.6 meters above sea level. The lush greenery and serenity of the area draw in not only travelers looking for solace but also avid trekkers, with Swamimalai Hill being their most popular spot.

Places to Explore near Yelagiri:

  • Yelagiri Nature Park
  • Jalagamparai Falls
  • Visit Vainu Bappu Observatory
  • Velavan Temple
  • Yelagiri Herbal Garden

Things to Do in Yelagiri:

  • Enjoy boating at Punganoor Lake
  • Go Trekking on Swamimalai Hills
  • Paragliding
  • Trekking and enjoying the beautiful views of nature

Best Time to Visit Yelagiri: Any time of the year is good for visiting Yelagiri.

9. Gokarna – Best Beach Town In Karnataka:


Gokarna is a true hidden gem in the south of India, with its picturesque beaches and stunning landscapes. It has been long recognized as a Hindu pilgrimage spot, but in recent years it has become an increasingly popular destination for those who love beaches and seclusion. Located on the coast of the Karwar district, Gokarna offers something for every kind of traveler – from those seeking spiritual connection to those looking to simply relax and unwind. There’s nothing quite like soaking up the sun on one of Gokarna’s pristine beaches lined with coconut and palm trees and boasting clean sands.

Best Places to Visit in Gokarna:

  • Mahabaleshwar Temple
  • Gokarna Main Beach
  • Om Beach
  • Kudle Beach
  • Half Moon Beach
  • Maha Ganapati Temple
  • Mirjan Fort

Things to Do in Gokarna:

  • Relaxing and sightseeing on the beach
  • Water sports activities like banana boat rides and parasailing
  • Visit nearby temples
  • Enjoy nightlife

Best Time to Visit Gokarna: February to June

10. Andaman & Nicobar Islands – Top Beaches and Islands:

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

The weather in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands during summer may be hot and humid but that doesn’t stop the destination from being a premier paradise destination. After all, these far-flung spots offer turquoise waters, jungle scenery, some of the world’s best diving, white beaches, and unforgettable sunsets. Comfortable accommodation options round out the perfect escape, allowing travelers to rest their heads in resorts that embody beauty with striking views over the archipelago.

Things to Do in Andaman & Nicobar Islands:

  • Explore historical island sites
  • Learn about Island Culture
  • Scuba diving – explore the underwater world
  • Experience thrilling Water sports activities
  • Encounter the Jarawa tribe
  • Trek through lush rainforests
  • Experience the stunning beauty of the bioluminescent light at night

Best Time to Visit Andaman & Nicobar Islands: October to May

11. Araku Valley – Popular Tourist Destination in Visakhapatnam:

Araku Valley, nestled in the Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh and showcasing the beauty of the majestic Eastern Ghats, is a paradise for nature lovers looking for a refreshing break. With all its plantations of tea and coffee, the biodiversity of this place is noteworthy. If you’re looking for accommodation near Araku Valley, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from both traditionally furnished cottages to luxurious resorts.

Things to Do in Araku Valley:

  • Explore Borra Caves
  • Trek through the scenic beauty
  • Ride the toy train through the valley
  • Learn about tribal culture at the Tribal Museum
  • Enjoy the serenity of Padmapuram Botanical Garden
  • Enjoy the scenic beauty of Katiki Waterfalls
  • Explore the natural at Araku Anantagiri Coffee Plantations

Best Time to Visit Araku Valley: March to May

12. Kudremukh – Best Trekking Destination in Karnataka:

Kudremukh - Best Trekking Destination

Kudremukh is a sublime paradise tucked away in the western ghats of Chikkamagaluru district. It is protected under the Kudremukh National Park, the second-largest wildlife-protected area in the western ghats and stands tall at 6,207 ft above sea level, making it Karnataka’s third-highest peak after Mullayyangiri and Baba Budangiri. Home to many mystic plants, animals, birds and other wildlife species, it promises to be an incredible journey of exploration while trekking. You will find yourself mesmerized by its rolling green hills, lush forests and many trickling streams cutting through the paths. 

Things to Do in Kudremukh:

  • Wildlife spotting at the Kudremukh National Park
  • Trekking
  • Kudremukh Trek
  • Hanumana Gundi (Soothanabbi) FallsKalasa
  • Gangamoola
  • Bird Watching
  • Photography
  • Camping

Best Time to Visit Kudremukh: March to May

13. Coorg – Famous Hill Station in Karnataka:


Surrounded by hilly terrains and cool climates, Coorg, also known as Kodagu, is the perfect place to experience rejuvenating peace. Thick forests cover the undulating hills, coffee and tea plantations add to its special charm – something that can be experienced only when one sets foot in Coorg’s warm embrace. Rejuvenation comes naturally as one expands their lungs with fresh air under orange groves and strives to capture mere glimpses of rolling clouds and distant mountain ranges through misty valleys.

Top Tourist Attractions near Coorg:

  • Coorg Coffee Plantations
  • Abbey Falls
  • Nagarhole National Park
  • Iruppu Falls
  • Raja’s Seat
  • Omkareshwara Temple
  • Dubare Elephant Camp
  • Tibetan Golden Temple
  • Tadiandamol Peak
  • Cauvery Nisargadhama

Things to Do in Coorg:

  • Enjoy trekking
  • Coffee plantation tour
  • Camping
  • Bird-watching and rappelling

Best Time to Visit Coorg: March to June

The bottom line,

South India is a beautiful place to visit during the summer for its lush jungles, misty valleys, lofty hills, and serene beaches. This unrivaled experience provides visitors with a great opportunity to explore and enjoy the diversity of nature present in the region. From activities such as water sports, hiking, wildlife safaris, and cultural exploration to gastronomy delights available throughout these destinations, South India offers many fascinating ways to spend your summer holiday wonderfully. So, pack your bags and plan a trip to South India this summer to make memories that you can cherish your whole life.


Are there any beach destinations in South India that are suitable for visiting in summer?

Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Gokarna are some of the beach destinations in South India that can be enjoyed During summer as well as winter.

Which wildlife sanctuaries in South India are open during summer and worth visiting?

Periyar National Park, Mudumalai National Park, Bandipur National Park, Anamudi Shola National Park, Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, etc. are some of the best wildlife sanctuaries in South India that are worth visiting during Summer.

Are there any waterfalls in South India that are best to visit during summer?

Athirapally Waterfalls, Shivanasamundram Falls, Bear Shola Falls, etc. are some of the most famous waterfalls that can be visited during Summer.

What are the best backwater destinations to visit in South India during summer?

Alleppey is one of the best backwater destinations that you can visit in south India.

What are some cultural festivals in South India that take place during summer?

Ooty summer festival, Thrissur Pooram, Kadammanitta Patayani, Ram Navami, etc. are some noteworthy festivals celebrated in South India during Summer. Also, you can read Lesser Known Festivals in India.

What are some family-friendly destinations in South India to visit during summer?

Ooty, Coorg, Coonoor, Alleppey, Periyar, etc. are some must-visit destinations in South India that you can enjoy with your family during Summer.

What are the best places to go for a romantic getaway in South India during summer?

Munnar is one of the best places in South India where you can enjoy a romantic getaway with your loved one during Summer.

What are the best modes of transportation for traveling to different places in South India during summer?

Local buses can be availed. Also, you can rent a bike to travel to different places in a city.

What are some must-try foods and drinks in South India during summer?

During summer, you can try some amazing South India special coolers that can hydrate you all day long. The most popular drinks in South India are Kulluki Sherbet, Neer Mor, Panakam, Jigarthanda, and Ragi Malt. You can also try curd rice, Chicken Chettinad, Special Prawn curry, and Fish Molee.

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