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16 Famous Tourist Places to Visit in Chhattisgarh for Weekend Getaways

Published By: TheIndia on February 21, 2024

Chhattisgarh aka “Rice Bowl of India” is one of the most popular states known for its diverse cultural heritage and deeply-rooted traditions. Chhattisgarh receives a large number of tourists around the year as they come here to experience the rich culture which consists of traditional art, crafts, folk music, tribal dances, fairs, and festivals. Chhattisgarh has many interesting and innate customs that are highlighted by the considerable tribal base that resides in the interiors.

It is the tribal population in Chhattisgarh that has also added to the culture in this region. The cuisines, carnivals, costumes, folk dance, ornaments, and music of Chhattisgarh are a major reason for its popularity among tourists. The state also hosts many fests like Sirpur Mahotsav, Chakradhar Samaroh, Bastar Lokotsav, and Rajim Kumbh. These vivid and interesting events also attract many tourists into the state. Overall, to enjoy all things you must know some well-known Chhattisgarh tourist places.

List of Famous Places to visit in Chhattisgarh:

Chhattisgarh State has been the epicenter of cultural buzz for ages. The state has also recognized and documented the strong traditions of local communities. Over the years, many archaeologically significant sites have also been unearthed in this region. The state has an enriching collection of archaeological objects that have helped in revitalizing its cultural and historical landscapes. The tribal population has also promoted sustainability and continuity in traditional methods here. All this has impacted the level of exchanges between people and natural resources. Below are some places to visit in Chhattisgarh which show the beauty of the state.

1. Raipur

The capital city of Chhattisgarh, Raipur is one of the most commercial cities in the country. It is home to many steel plants and mills. The city has many natural attractions, wildlife fascinations, lakes, temples, and educational centers too. Raipur city is multicultural and hosts many festivals. The surrounding attractions include the Dandak Caves, Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary, Chitrakoot Falls, and Kanha National Park. It is worth a visit during annual festivals like the Champaran Mela, Teeja, and Pola. The city is also popular for many of its fascinating cuisines namely Farra, Chilla, Muthia, etc.

2. Mainpat


A charming hill station near Raipur, Mainpat is home to deep valleys, green pastures, waterfalls, rivulets, and dense forests. This hill station does not witness a lot of tourist activity which makes it more appealing. It is a great place to unwind and spend some quiet time in the natural surroundings. Mainpat is home to many Tibetan refugees which makes it a cultural hotspot. The Dhakpo Shedupling Monastery, Fish Point, Tiger Point, and Daroga Jharna are some of the popular places to visit here. 

3. Charre Marre Waterfall

The waterfalls provide a refreshing outing near Raipur. It is an offbeat location but is a great place to unwind and relax. The waterfalls are 16 meters high and tumultuous with many tributaries. It is a great place to witness the clear waters that navigate from the nearby Jogidhara River and creates the spectacular falls. These falls move through hills and create a picturesque view. A peaceful time alongside the quaint and breathtaking sceneries is guaranteed. 

4. Sirpur

Sirpur ancient village in Chhattisgarh
Image Source: wikimedia

This village on the river Mahanadi is 78 km away from Raipur. Sirpur has a lot of archaeological importance as many hidden artifacts and archaeological gems were found here. The temple culture and the deep connection to the religion of Buddhism also attract many spiritual tourists here. The numerous temples and many Buddhist monasteries with immense historical importance are the reason why many history buffs like to spend time here. The Lakshman Temple, Baleshwar Temple, Teevardev, and Buddha Vihara are some of the popular places to visit here. An annual dance and music festival is held here annually by the State Tourism Board to promote the Buddhist sites here.

5. Jagdalpur

Kanger Valley Jagdalpur

This Chhatisgarh tourist place is very popular as it is home to many palaces, monuments, forests, lakes, and waterfalls. The Dalpat Sagar, Tirathgarh Falls, and Kanger Valley National Park are some popular spots here. All these spots are well preserved by the local authorities. Another good thing about the town is that it is never too crowded despite being a popular spot. The city is an emerging tourist destination. It is being developed by the state tourism department as an upcoming tourist hub in Chhattisgarh.

6. Bhilai

Located about 25 km from Raipur, Bhilai city is famous for one of the largest steel plants in India, the Bhilai Steel Plant. This steel plant is managed by the Steel Authority of India Ltd and is an important commercial establishment in the country. The city has not just been a significant industrial hub but also a cultural hub as many religions and languages are practiced here. The town has been an important center for academics and houses many educational institutes. The city has pleasant weather with many natural spots and a lush green environment. Visit the Maitri Bagh Zoo, Deobalod, Narpura, and the famous Jain Temples when in Bhilai

7. Dhamtari

Image Source: wikimedia

This town has been historically popular as in the 14th century it was home to the Chalukya Empire. Dhamtari is also popular for its many big and small temples like Sihava and Bilai Mata Mandir. During the monsoon season, the Ravi Shankar Water Dam becomes a natural vista and is a popular attraction here. The picturesque spot is visited by nature lovers from around the country. Dhamtari has a scenic beauty due to the river Mahanadi and its tributaries. The town also has a unique folk culture and is home to a sizeable tribal population.

8. Chitrakote Falls

Chitrakote Falls

These are the broadest waterfalls of the country and located in the Bastar District of Chhattisgarh. At a height of 30 meters and a width of 300 meters, these falls are a sight to behold during monsoons. The falls are a huge attraction for religious tourists as there are many small Shivlingas placed below it. This waterfall is one of the famous tourist places to visit in Chhattisgarh.

9. Chirmiri

A hill station in Koriya district in Chhattisgarh, Chirmiri has been dubbed as ‘Heaven of Chhattisgarh’. The region has lush greenery with many mountains and rivers which make it a perfect weekend getaway. Chirmiri is also popular for its coal mines and the Kalibari and Baigapara temple. Chirmiri has pleasant weather round the year owing to the dense forests in the region.

10. Indravati National Park

Indravati National Park

This is the only tiger reserve in Chhattisgarh State. The Indravati National Park has a wildlife population that is bigger than most places in the country. It hosts the Royal Tigers along with many other animal species. The park was named after the Indravati River. The national park is also home to the Wild Asian Buffalo, Nilgai, Leopard, Black Buck, Sambar, Tiger, Chital, and Sloth bears. Many adventure lovers and wildlife lovers visit here annually and get memorable sporting of their favorite animal species.

11. Ghatarani Waterfall

Ghatarani Waterfall

The Ghatrani Waterfall also known as Jatmai Ghata Rani is located in the lush green forests of Gariaband district in Chhattisgarh, 75 km away from Raipur City. It is a popular picnic spot for both locals and tourists. The waterfall is a beautiful and peaceful place to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Visitors can walk through the forest and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Additionally, near the temple, visitors can explore Maa Ghatarani’s historical temple dedicated to Goddess Durga. Based on local reviews the best time to plan a visit to this place is November to February weather is pleasant.

12. Tirathgarh Falls

Tirathgarh Falls

Tirathgarh falls is different from other Chhattisgarh tourist places. These falls have been a picnic spot and entertainment spot for the longest time. They are popular as the waterfalls split into many falls and create a spectacle. A unique feature of this fall the block type pattern that drops about 300 feet below. The falls are located in the Kanger National Park and thus are a major ecotourism spot. A small temple is also located near the falls.

13. Dantewada

Image Source: wikimedia

This town in the Bastar district of Chhattisgarh has stunning views of beautiful rivers, waterfalls, hill peaks, and meadows. This attracts many tourists round the year. Dantewada is named after Goddess Danteshwari; the popular Danteshwar temple is also located here. This temple is visited by many pilgrims from all around the country. Dantewada also houses a stretch of Rowghat mines. Many beautiful types of scenery adorn this town and it is a popular getaway due to its many natural vistas.

14. Rajim


This is not just an important pilgrimage site in Chhattisgarh but countrywide too. The city is popular due to the merging of the three holy rivers – Mahanadi, Pairi, and Sondurmeet in the region. This spot where the rivers meet has been called the “Triveni Sangam”. This is the reason why this city has also been dubbed as ‘Prayag’ by the locals. Rajim also hosts the annual Chhattisgarh Kumbh Mela which brings many pilgrims here from different parts of the country.

15. Madku Dweep

Madku Dweep
Image Source: wikimedia

A beautiful island situated in the midst of River Shivnath, Madku Island gets its name as its shape resembles a frog. This spot has spellbinding beauty and many picturesque locations. Spread in an area of 24 hectares, the island also houses many ancient temples, historical places, and archaeologically important sites. Archaeologists have also discovered many prehistoric tools, coins, epigraphs, and inscriptions in this region. This spot is home to many unique idols of Gods and Goddesses. The many old and new temples of the region are visited by tourists from across the world.

16. Durg

Maitri Baag Zoo Chhattisgarh

A major city of Chhattisgarh and a part of the Durg – Bhilai urban agglomeration, Durg is located in the upper part of the Sheonath and Mahanadi valley. It has many surrounding hills and numerous interesting places. The famous places to visit in this region are Maitri Bagh, Tandula dam, Pasharwanath Tirth, Chandi Mandir, Shiv Mandir, Ganga Maiya Temple, Sita Maiya Temple, and Siyadevi Temple.

Time To Explore The Unexplored:

If you have never been to Chhattisgarh; you should pay a visit to Chhattisgarh tourist places. There are non-stop flights to Raipur from Mumbai, Delhi, Surat, Indore, and many other prime cities of India. Though the state remains a bit hotter when compared to the climate of Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, and neighboring cities of Maharashtra; but you will surely enjoy the stay and holiday here.


1. What is Chhattisgarh is famous for?

Chhattisgarh is known for its lush forests, waterfalls like Chitrakot, rich tribal culture, ancient temples, and wildlife reserves protecting tigers and more. It’s a hidden gem offering nature, adventure, and history!

2. What is Chhattisgarh famous food?

Chhattisgarh is known for its spicy and flavorful rice dishes like Dubki Kadhi and Baasi, along with street eats like Bhajia and delicious desserts like Tilgur. Discover a unique food adventure!

3. What are some major festivals and events in Chhattisgarh?

Some of the famous festivals celebrated in Chhattisgarh are Bastar Dussehra, Hareli, Pola, Raipur International Film Festival, and Sirpur Dance Festival.

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