Ghatarani Waterfall, Chhattisgarh, India

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About Ghatarani Waterfall

We visited this spot in Oct 2015 forgot to post the experience so sharing it now. It is a nice spot for nature lovers & bikers like us who needs the divine serenity of nature & calmness of the villages and wants to breathe in the fresh air. Our bike trip from Bhilai, C.G. was almost 280km to & fro. The GPS location of the place is (20.828051, 82.059585) Prefer going on a weekday post-monsoon so that you can enjoy the beauty of the falls and bath in the normal shower flow. Also, you can go during the monsoon but it's at your risk.

We climbed up the temple to reach the tip of the falls is accessible but slippery so be careful. While returning we came by the Ranjim Khumb region the view of the "Sangam" over the river was amazing. Jatmai Ghatarani waterfalls signboards are placed on the roads maintained by the CG tourism board. At the location, you can get some eatables & cold drinks.


How to reach Ghatarani waterfall

By Air

The nearest airport is Mana Airport (Raipur), which is 130 kilometres distant. You can hire a variety of vehicles at the airport.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Raipur Railway Station, which is 36 kilometres from Ghatarani Waterfalls.

By Road

Ghatarani Waterfalls is easily accessible by road from Raipur (116 km), Rajnandgaon (133 km), and Jabalpur (220 km). These are the nearest bus stations; moreover, Chhattisgarh is well connected with other important cities.


Things to do in Ghatarani waterfall

1. Sightseeing 

Sightseeing is widely regarded as the most enjoyable activity. This site is surrounded by several fascinating locations that you will never discover anywhere else.

2. Photography

It's a beautiful spot to visit. There are various wonderful spots near the waterfall where you may do photography and fill your photo album with life-long memories.

3. Picnic

It is a family picnic spot, and it also contains a Jatmai ghatarani mandir which is also a really good Temple that I enjoy the design of.

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