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The Exciting Paragliding Season in Kamshet Starts in October to Discover Adventure

Published By: Kamalika De on October 9, 2023

Kamshet, nestled in the Western Ghats, is a renowned adventure hotspot. Tourists flock here, drawn by its scenic beauty and thrilling activities. The town buzzes with excitement, especially as October approaches. October marks the start of the paragliding season in Kamshet. Enthusiasts from all over come to soar over the picturesque landscapes. Therefore, the place has become a must-visit during this time.

Let’s talk in detail about paragliding in Kamshet.

Why Should You Choose Kamshet for Paragliding?

Paragliding in Kamshet

Kamshet stands out as a paragliding paradise for several reasons.

First, its breathtaking scenic beauty offers a visual treat from the sky. The vast expanse of greenery and serene landscapes make every flight memorable.

Secondly, Kamshet boasts favorable weather conditions. These make it ideal for paragliding, ensuring safer and more enjoyable flights.

Lastly, imagine soaring amidst the majestic Western Ghats. The experience of flying through these ancient mountains, feeling their grandeur beneath, is unparalleled.

Therefore, choose the paragliding adventure in Kamshet. This one of the best paragliding spots in India offers a thrill and an unforgettable communion with nature.

What Are the Common Types of Paragliding Adventure?

From novice-friendly tandem flights to adrenaline-packed acro-paragliding, discover the diverse paragliding experiences awaiting you.

1. Tandem Paragliding for Beginners:

Tandem Paragliding

Tandem paragliding serves as a gateway for those dipping their toes into the world of flying. Under this experience, beginners pair up with certified pilots. This ensures a hassle-free and safe flight. As the expert manages the controls, novices can soak in the panoramic views and revel in the sensation of soaring like a bird. They experience all these without the burden of maneuvering the glider themselves.

2. Solo Paragliding for Experienced Flyers:

Solo Paragliding

For those who have tasted the skies and yearn for more autonomy, solo paragliding is the next step. This paragliding adventure is armed with training and experience. The flyers have the privilege of navigating the skies on their own terms. The flight’s thrill amplifies, as they command their own glider. They can chart their own course and embrace the pure essence of free flight.

3. Acro-Paragliding for Thrill-Seekers:


Acro-paragliding is the ultimate adrenaline rush for the adventurous souls out there. This isn’t just about gliding; it’s about performing heart-stopping aerobatic stunts mid-air. Flips, spins, and swift dives make acro-paragliding a spectacle. However, it demands extensive training, skill, and courage. For those who master it, the thrill is unparalleled.

You can take part in these paragliding courses in Kamshet and have memorable experiences for life.

What’s The Best Time for Paragliding in Kamshet?

The best time to embrace the skies in Kamshet is in October. As monsoons recede, October heralds clear skies and stable wind conditions. Thus, this is the prime time for paragliding. Seasonal considerations play a pivotal role. Post-monsoon, the lush landscapes of the Western Ghats come alive. During this time, you can have breathtaking aerial views. Moreover, the climate in October strikes a balance – not too hot, not too cold. This mild weather ensures a comfortable flight experience. In essence, visiting Kamshet in October means optimal paragliding conditions paired with nature’s vibrant canvas.

An Overview of Kamshet Camping & Paragliding:

Kamshet is certainly the best place for paragliding enthusiasts. It is also a place for having outdoor offbeat experiences. This place beckons campers seeking a blend of serenity and adventure. Numerous campsites dot the region, ranging from lakeside retreats to those nestled amidst the verdant hills. These sites cater to diverse preferences, whether you’re seeking seclusion or a communal camping experience.

The evening at these campsites unfolds a world of its own. As the sun sets, campfires become the heart of the camp. They fend off the night’s chill. Additionally, they set the stage for bonding over stories and songs. As darkness envelops the landscape, stargazing becomes a favorite activity. The clear sky of Kamshet offers a celestial treat with constellations shining brilliantly.

Campers can indulge in treks, birdwatching, and even lakeside activities. This way, you can enjoy a memorable stay in Kamshet’s embrace.

The bottom line,

As October approaches, Kamshet pulsates with an unmatched vibrancy, ushering in the much-anticipated paragliding season. The skies come alive with colorful gliders, each dancing to the tune of the gentle winds against the backdrop of the mesmerizing Western Ghats. For those seeking adventure, now is the moment to act. Dive into the heart of this thrill, feel the adrenaline rush, and let the vast expanse of Kamshet’s beauty unfold beneath you.

What are you waiting for? Plan your adventure, embrace the sky, and etch an unforgettable memory on the canvas of your life.


What is the best time for paragliding in Kamshet?

The best time for paragliding in Kamshet is typically during the months of October to May when the weather is most favorable.

How much does paragliding in Kamshet cost?

The cost of paragliding in Kamshet can vary depending on the duration of the flight and the operator but it generally ranges from 2,500 to 4,000 Indian Rupees.

Is paragliding safe in Kamshet?

Paragliding in Kamshet is considered safe and secure when done with certified instructors and reputable operators who prioritize safety measures and equipment checks.

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