Nainital, Uttarakhand, India

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About Nainital

What’s the first place striking to your mind when someone asks you about Heaven on Earth in India? Yes! You got it right; it’s Nainital, the place of flowers and serene beauty. Named after the Lake Naini, it itself brings the coolness and freshness when you think about it. This beautiful land situated at an altitude of 2,084 meters. This Rapunzel’s land with its mesmerizing beauty attracts many travellers every year. It is a tinsel town but a joy for eyes, body and soul and a glittering jewel of the Himalayan Region. Nainital is bestowed with scenic natural resources and has many water resources that is why it is also called “Lake District” of India.

The climate of Nainital is of a subtropical highland.The summer’s temperature goes only as high as 27 degree Celsius and stays above 7 degrees Celsius. The winter season which stays for 3 months between December to February and It can goes down as low as -3 deg. Celsius. Visit the bigger lakes like Bhimtal, Naukuchia Tal Harishtal and Lokhamtal. These rivers and lakes add up to its beauty and in night it looks like glittering wonder land in the high mountains.

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suman singh vats ( November 06, 2019 )
such a some one asks you mind about heaven on earth in india nainital. is a most beautiful places. so your blog very nice.