Best Places to visit and Things to do in North Goa & South Goa

Published By: TheIndia on September 14, 2021

Beaches are the lifeblood of Goa. The long coastline of Goa encompasses a variety of beaches, and every one of them has their own charm and specialties. Goa is additionally, Called a celebration capital wherever travellers from all corners of the planet come together. There are around 50 beaches in Goa, however, all don’t seem to be so famous.

This tiny state is split into 2 parts – North Goa and South Goa. North Goa is a famous destination for the lively and crowded beaches comparable to Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, Candolim, and Vagator among others.

South Goa is known for its homes and a few of the cleanest beaches of Goa like Palolem, Betalbatim, and true pepper Beach among others.  Goa is a famous and best honeymoon destination too.


The state offers a superb mix of cultures involving the Portuguese influence on this Indian state.

North Goa

North Goa is adorned with all the partying and enjoying destinations which one can think about. With the exotic beaches, pubs, and cafes, eateries, shopping streets and stalls, forts, and castles, North Goa has it all.

Places to visit in North Goa

The fascinating journey to North Goa remains incomplete if you don’t visit these wonderful places.

1. Baga Beach – Famous beach of Goa

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Among all the best beaches in Goa, the most talked about and the revered beach is the Baga Beach. There must be no traveller who remains untouched by the beauty and the magic of this place. This beach is tucked at the tail of the famed Calangute Beach.

Baga beach never sleeps. It seems that there are completely contrasting groups of visitors during the day and the night. The days are filled with the leisure-lovers occupying the beds and tanning their body while the nights are filled with the party freaks. The days witness people getting attached to the numerous water activities while the nights see people rolling over alcohol.

Apart from the numerous water sports, leisure walks, fun activities, and rocking parties, the beach has something great for aquatic life lovers too. One can enjoy the blissful sight of the beautiful dolphins somersaulting in the emerald blue water. There are numerous tour operators who take the tourists to these famed spots.

Not to forget is to take a bumpy banana ride and lift up high on the parachute here with your beloved.

Baga beach is truly worth visiting day and night as well.

The beach always welcomes its visitors, but it is better to avoid visiting during the rainy days. So November to March makes the best months to be visited here.

2. Calangute Beach – Queen of Beaches


I would say that the most addictive and intoxicated beach in Goa is the Calangute beach. The beach might really have some magnet that keeps attracting the tourists to itself. Seeing its continuation with Baga Beach, the Calangute beach portrays a completely different picture than Baga. The peace-loving and nature admirers must head to Baga while the adrenaline junkies should not miss Calangute.

Calangute Beach has so much to be explored and enjoyed. The mouth-water cuisine, the alcohol-draining pubs, the skin-crafting tattoo parlors, the beauty enhancing jewelry shops all ornament the stunning beach of Calangute.

Skim the water of the mighty ocean via Jet-skiing, have a glimpse of the rich underwater kingdom by scuba diving, explore the plethora of underwater creatures and flora by walking underwater, go spotting the playful dolphins, get a mind-boggling banana ride with your partner, and what not.

Calangute Beach has the potential to keep you occupied till your energy lasts. And of course, there is always a provision to get recharged in its power-packed restaurants and pubs and get ready for the new adventures again.

Calangute also offers a ferry ride to explore the untamed part of Goa. The wild or the rural Goa which has remained untouched with the modernization can be peeped into via a ferry tour.

The best time to visit here is during the months of November to March.

3. Anjuna Beach – prettiest beach of Goa 

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Anjuna Beach makes yet another most visited and loved beach in North Goa. The Beach is a hub for water activities, cafes, coffee shops, family-runguesthouses, beach bars, ayurveda massage centers, and some considerably cheap resorts compared to other best resorts in India.

Like the Baga and Calangute, one can go running out of time soaked in jet skiing, banana riding, and paragliding. The beach also has a perk for the photographers by offering some of the picturesque locations for photography. The rocky cliffs bordering the beach, the soothing waves and the glittering sand dotted with tanned people cannot spare anyone from its charm. October to March is the most recommended months of the year to be visited here.

4. Mapusa – Capital of Bardez Taluka

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Mapusa is the famed town of North Goa. The town holds some of the exclusive markets, monuments and sacred religious places to be visited.  Shree Dev Bodgeshwar Sansthan, Church of Our Lady of Miracles, Maruti Temple, and Colonial-era Municipal Building are the most important tourist places to be visited here.

Apart from its ever-lasting attractions, there is something more that attracts a lot of tourists here. The Mapusa Market of the town is a paradise for shopaholics. For the people loving handicrafts, preservatives, clothing, and local artworks, this place is divine. The place sells things at so many reasonable prices that one goes like a shop till you drop.

This local market, apart from handicrafts and textiles also sells items of daily utility and vegetables and fruits. One can fill their bags with goodies in this market at steal-away prices. Do not forget to practice your bargaining skills here.

It is recommended to plan your trip between the months of October to February to enjoy it to the max.

5. Panaji – Capital of Goa

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Panaji looks like the administrative, cultural and traditional capital of Goa. The city is adorned with the Mandovi River waterfront and Portuguese architecture.

The city is quiet and serene with beautifully designed houses that add to the glory. The city holds many religious places to seek blessings from, beaches to be enjoyed, casinos to gamble at, gardens to adore, museums to learn and explore, restaurants to gobble into, hotels to relax, and much more.

One cannot get bored in the plethora of activities and the places this town flaunts. Also, don’t forget to take a ferry ride here in Panaji to explore the unseen side of the lively Goa. Panaji is in the best of its form during the months of October to March.

Things to do in North Goa

North Goa as described has lots of places to be explored and thus offers a plethora of activities to be performed. The sea offers the opportunity of diving deep into the sea to witness the rich marine kingdom besides snorkeling, kayaking, water sporting, and dolphin sighting here. Don’t forget to have a blissful cruise ride on the river Mandovi here. Apart, make a visit at The Naval Aviation Museum, have some wildlife interaction at the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, praise the architecture of the Chapora Fort and Aguada Fort, a bargain at Mapusa market, enjoy the scenes at the Arvalem Waterfall and capture the beauty of the Dudsagar falls trek. The list of activities at North Goa is still not over. Visit here and explore more enthusiastic activities and places yourself.

Sunburn Music Festival:

Sunburn is an incredible electronic dance music festival held in the Northern part of Goa. It is also considered one of Asia’s biggest music festivals which attracts more than millions of people. It is held every year.


Because of the sea sour, the place is considered a heaven for the water sports lover. Here you can find and do lots of adventurous underwater and above-water sports such as scuba diving, water-skiing, canyoning, and windsurfing.


Doing shopping in North Goa is a fun activity. Here you will get an ample opportunity to buy a wide-variety of decorative items along with the product of your daily use. Its an awesome place for shoppers.


In North Goa, you will get a variety of sightseeing options, which you won’t get at any place. Here you get a chance to see lots of religious: the ancient Church of Mae De Deus styled with austere Gothic architecture. The beauty of this place is really great and forces you to come here again and again.

South Goa

South Goa is another yet very densely packed and lively district of the State. This boisterous place is ornamented with serene beaches, rowdy pubs, hypnogogic villages, boozed air, and archival marvels. South Goa does not only make a place to be visited but also a feeling to be perceived.

Places to visit in South Goa

Visiting only North Goa in a Goa trip would be unfair if you don’t visit the southern part of it. South Goa too holds numerous places and adventures to be enjoyed. Here are few best Places to visit in South Goa.

1. Colva Beach – popular tourist destination of South Goa


Colva is a well-known place among the party freaks. The beach of Colva is famed for organizing a much famed and revered Full Moon night party.

The soft white sandy beach with the coconut fringed edges and the sand kissing waves makes it a party-perfect place. The beach is flooded with visitors even during the day due to its serenity and delicate beauty. One of the popular activities to be performed here is dolphin sighting, while other ones are snorkeling, speed boat riding, parasailing, jet skiing, banana ride, motorboat rides and paragliding. There are lots of pubs, eateries and shopping stalls along the beach.

Colva is also known for its divine Our Lady of Mercy Church. Plan your trip between the months of November to March to enjoy here to the fullest.

2. Benaulim Beach

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Another serene and peaceful beach town in the state of Goa is Benaulim. The city is famed for its pristine beaches, mouth-watering sea food, churches, temples, and exotic resorts. The Benaulim Beach here is famed for fishing, and thus one can find the eateries serving delicious and fresh seafood along the beach. The town of Benaulim is often flooded with tourists also because of its crazy nightlife and the high-end parties. Benaulim should be a must-visit place in an itinerary to South Goa. The city looks best in the months from October to April as the weather is pleasant at that time.

3. Vasco Da Gama – largest city of Goa

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The tropical vacation to Goa is incomplete without visiting the old town of Vasco Da Gama. The town is tucked in the Mormugao peninsula and is named after the famed Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama. As for the name, the city too has the Portuguese touch. One can admire the glorious Portugal architecture in the numerous buildings of the town.

The town holds lovely beaches like Cansualim Beach, Baina Beach, Hollant Beach and Velsao Beach. Other attractions of the city include the Kesarval Waterfalls, Sahakari Spice Farm, Naval Aviation Museum, Three Kings Church, St. Andrew’s Church and Shree Ramnath Temple. The beaches here also hold numerous fun and adventurous activities to keep its visitors occupied and amused.

Apart from its beauty, the place has got a bad name too. It is often known for its disgraced red-light area.

It is recommended to make a visit here during the months of November to March to enjoy the best of the Climates here.

4. Majorda beach – luxury beach of South Goa


Majorda holds one of the most loved and beautiful beaches of South Goa. The beach is known for its charm, its eateries, clubs and pubs, and an ancient, famed Church. One can gobble the mouth-watering Konkani, Russian, continental, and Indian foods served here.

The beach offers a plethora of water activities and viewpoints to be enjoyed. One can spend time walking along the coastal line, building sandcastles, tanning their skin under the sun, or swimming amidst the rising waves. Mae De Deus Church is a special mention of this place that is worth spending some time on.

Also, don’t forget to feast on some exclusive baked delicacies here. The best months to visit here are from October to March.

5. Agonda beach – picturesque beach in South Goa

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Agonda beach presents itself as a quiet, calm, and serene beach, contrasting the other rocking and bustling beaches of Goa. It’s a perfect place for the ones looking to spend some peaceful time. The setting sun, the glowing church, and the rising waves make a trio rare to forget.

As part of having a leisure walk along the beach and tanning the skin under the sun, one can go for a dolphin sighting, hill hiking, and pray in the church here. The place is in the best of its moods from October to March.

Things to do in South Goa

South Goa is a complete fun package in itself. One can savor the numerous water sports, go camping and trekking, seek blessings in the sacred ancient temples, scrutinize the spices plantation, backpack for rock climbing, get a cruise tour, and much more. South Goa never goes to send you unhappy or dreams unfulfilled.


In Goa, you can enjoy a variety of exciting and adventurous sports like skiing, kayaking, canoeing, water trampoline, and banana riding. These sports will really fill you with excitement and lots of wonderful memories.

Underwater Sports:

Scuba diving, Deep Diving is an incredible recreational water sport that is enjoyed by everyone, young or old, male or female. It’s a great underwater sport that helps with relaxing the body and also gives you an opportunity to know the hidden truth about the sea.

Bird Watching:

Bird viewing is another most exciting activity that you can enjoy while living in Goa. You can see numerous unseen and migratory birds on the sea beach. So if you are a nature lover, then this place is ready to uplift your experience and excitement of bird watching in their free and natural environment.

Adventure of Flying above the sea:

Flying as a bird in a hot air balloon is an amazing and exciting experience of life. This is one of the most popular spots among people and visitors who want to see the natural beauty of the coastal line from a height. There are many points in south Goa where you can avail of this facility. Parasailing is another option of flying above the sea.

A trip to Goa is surely going to be a rejuvenating and relishing vacation. Get your bags packed for Goa as your next holiday destination. Also, Don’t forget to share your valuable experience with us!!

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