10 Best Places to Visit in Kerala During Monsoon in 2023

No doubt Kerala is naturally beautiful. That’s the reason why many travelers across the world every year plan holidays in Kerala. Although you can visit Kerala any time of the year; and you will have a memorable trip. But visiting Kerala in Monsoon is recommended for those who wish to dive into the plush greenery and play with the clouds. Surprisingly Kerala has a monsoon in two parts. The first part marks the month of June and the second marks mid-October to end somewhere around mid-November for monsoon travel in Kerala. Worry not! Kerala doesn’t see non-stop rains over days and weeks. So, a trip to Kerala could be comfortably planned in Monsoon as well.

10 Best Places to Visit in Rainy Season in Kerala

Kerala is one of the best cultural and traditional places. We have listed places in Kerala during the monsoon that is the best season to visit in Kerala to enjoy nature.

1. Alleppey:

Alleppey: House Boat

Plan a visit to Alleppey anytime between June to September; the monsoon is at its best this time. Have fun while watching the world-famous Snake Boat Races. Feel natural heaven on earth while cruising in the houseboat through Alappuzha Backwaters; one of the best places to visit in the monsoon.

Best Time to Visit Alleppey: June to September

2. Ashtamudi:

Ashtamudi Lake Kollam

76 km from Trivandrum, this lake is the 2nd largest lake in Kerala. You can watch the fishermen setting up the Chinese Fishing Nets and shout out to each other here. Discovering the small rural communities around Ashtamudi Lake or treating yourself to Ayurvedic therapies at spa centers is recommended.

3. Athirapally Falls:

Athirapally falls
Athirapally Falls

Situated 1000 ft. above sea level at the Chalakudy River in the Thrissur district, the Athirapally Falls resembles Niagara Falls. Put your cameras ready as the rainbow is a common sight here. The nearby vicinity of the waterfalls is a biodiversity hotspot. The best time to visit Athirapally Falls is between June to September.

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4. Wayanad:


Wayanad is another destination to visit during the monsoon time in Kerala and enjoy the greenery of the beautiful nearby places. Most couples usually visit the place and spend their valuable time. There are lots of places and activities to do like visiting a wildlife sanctuary, lake, river, hills, waterfalls, jungle trek, etc., to experience the magic of monsoon tourism in Kerala.

5. Bekal:


This small town on the Eastern coastline of Kerala is worth visiting for the momentous Bekal Fort. The Hanuman Temple and the olden Muslim Mosque reveal the long-standing religious coherence that succeeded in the region. The wild and blissful exquisiteness of the sunset is a wonderful sight around the fort.

6. Mararikulam:

Marari beach

Being a beach village this place has adequate weather throughout the year. It is a paradise for nature lovers as you can discover approx. 97 species of butterflies, over 350 species of rampant plants, 3 varieties of turtles, and 10 classes of frogs. The beach is calm, clean, and composed.

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7. Munnar Hill Station:

Munnar Hill Station
Munnar Hill Station

Widely known as the land of tea plantations; Munnar hill station will leave you speechless with the lush greenery in the monsoon. Walking across the tea gardens you can romance with your life partner or teach your kids about the plantation process. If you love trekking, then Munnar will not disappoint you.

8. Nelliyampathy Hills:

 Nelliyampathy Hills
Nelliyampathy Hills

This tiny hill station has ample of coffee, tea, and orange plantations. The Nelliyampathy range is a well-known home of the Malabar hornbill, the Indian Woodpecker, red jungle fowls, and many other species. Trekking down the Nelliyampathy is vertical, with 23 wobbling hairpin-like turns. Reaching here is easy with bus from the Palakkad KSRTC Bus Stand.

9. Thekkady:


Surrender yourself to the beautiful tea, cardamom, pepper, and coffee plantations near Thekkady. Spending a day with family in Periyar National Park would give you a chance to see a wide range of flora and fauna. Cruising the Periyar Lake will be a chance to witness Asian elephants, Bengal Tiger, Indian Bison, and a lot more.

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10. Varkala:


The water of Papanasam Beach is believed to be holy as it can cleanse the soul of sins and impurities. Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is 57 km from the city, about three kilometers from Varkala Railway Station. An old temple stands on the cliff below the beach, called the Janardhanaswamy Temple, which is nearly two thousand years old.

Tips for Traveling During Monsoon Season in Kerala:

  • Pack essentials: Carry waterproof clothing, umbrellas, and sturdy footwear to tackle the rain-soaked terrain.
  • Plan for indoor activities: Explore museums and art galleries during heavy downpours.
  • Enjoy the lush greenery: Witness Kerala’s beauty at its peak by visiting waterfalls, tea plantations, and national parks.
  • Eat healthily: Savor local delicacies like hot tea, steaming appam, and spicy seafood.
  • Be cautious on the roads: Drive carefully and stay updated on weather conditions as roads can be slippery.
  • Stay informed: Check for any travel advisories, road closures, or disruptions due to the monsoon.
  • Capture memories: Don’t forget your camera to capture the stunning landscapes and rain-washed beauty of Kerala.

Wrapping up:

Experience the magnetism of Kerala during the monsoon season in 2023. From the relaxing backwaters of Alleppey to the mist-covered hills of Munnar, this article has highlighted the top 10 must-visit destinations. Immerse yourself in the lush greenery and vibrant festivals. Kerala awaits, offering a captivating monsoon adventure like no other.


Is it safe to visit Kerala during the monsoon season?

Yes, Kerala is generally safe to visit during the monsoon season, but it’s advisable to check weather updates & plan accordingly.

Which are the must-visit places in Kerala during the monsoon season?

Some of the must-visit places in Kerala during the monsoon season are Munnar, Alleppey, Wayanad, Thekkady & Athirapally Falls.

What makes Kerala a great destination during the monsoon season?

Kerala’s monsoon season offers lush green landscapes, rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments, discounted rates & a chance to witness spectacular waterfalls.

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