Best 10 Trekking Places near Mumbai and Pune

Needless to state, how the greenery of hills near Mumbai and Pune keep its admirers in complete awe. These cities are blessed with Mother Nature’s bountiful forests, waterfalls, green pastures, freshness and a lot of scope for holidaying. One of the favorite activities to venture oneself is trekking. The best season for trekking is the monsoon. Enthusiasts who binge on trekking will agree that one of the best trekking experience is the Rajmachi Fort situated at the height of 2700ft. Maharashtra has been known to be good hosts for its tourists. There are many trekking places in Maharashtra. It offers the best scenes and varied adventure activities. The Maharashtra is sanctified with all types of trekking expeditions from amateur trekkers to the pro ones.

Lohagad Fort

Top Trekking Destination near Mumbai and Pune

The following are the ten trekking places near Mumbai and Pune that a trekking zealot mustn’t miss.

#1. Lohagad Fort

Lohagad Fort

Lohagad Fort is situated approx. 96 km from Mumbai and 64 km from Pune, this ‘Iron Fort’ as the meaning of the name suggests, sits covered with clouds in the Lonavala region. The fort has a great historical importance as this fort was used by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. One can drive to the base village and do the trekking, which is easy, till the Lohagad. During the rains, the plateau of the place becomes misty and cold, thus calling all the trekking sprees to enjoy the lush green carpet.

#2. Ratangad Fort

Ratangad Fort

Take a four-hour drive to one of the best trekking and adventurous place near Mumbai, the Ratangad Fort situated at the Ratanwadi village. A drive of 185 km from Mumbai and 205 km from Pune, trekking freaks can enjoy the tranquility of the 400 years old fort. The fort was captured by Shivaji Maharaja and trekkers with minimum experience can venture this out as the trekking difficulty is medium.

#3. Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi Fort

One of the exquisite and breath-taking experiences is the Rajmachi Fort that is situated at height of 2700 ft. The fort is amidst the Sahyadri and remains a popular trekking destinations it is located in the mid of Mumbai-Pune route. It is 95 km from Mumbai and 80 km from Pune. Even an amateur trekker can take the plunge of hiking as trekking at Rajmachi fort is easy.

#4. Tikona Fort

Tikona Fort

Tikona fort essentially means Triangle Fort that is situated near Kamshet village and Pawna Dam. It takes approximately 2 hours to reach the fort from its base. The fort is 125 km from Mumbai and 60 km from Pune and is best enjoyed during monsoon season. The trekking difficulty is easy and this is the reason families too come for trekking expedition.

#5. Pratapgad Fort

Pratapgad Fort

Call it Pratapgad or Pratapgarh; the 16th century Pratapgad fort built by Shivaji Maharaja on the Pratapgad hills gains much historic importance. It is said that all the main strategies and planning were done on this fort by Shivaji Maharaja. The fort is located in the Satara district and is 20km from Mahabaleshwar, 221 km from Mumbai and 140 km from Pune. People come to visit the dynasty of Shivaji and have become a popular tourist destination as the trekking part is easy to perform.

#6. Garbett Point

Garbett Point

If you wish to get mesmerized by the view of waterfalls and mountains, Garbett Point near Matheran is perfect for hiking. The region is untouched and has ample opportunities to explore as it is less crowded. The distance from Mumbai is 80km and from Pune is 118km. The trekking difficulty level is medium. One has to trek 2625 ft. above sea level to reach the Garbett Point and enjoy its beautiful scenic view around.

#7. Vasota Fort

Vasota Fort

Vasota fort trekking is the perfect trekking destination for those who wish to experience the jungle trek in Maharashtra. The trekking level is extremely difficult and demands pros at trekking to be a part of this spree. It is about 280km from Mumbai and 265km from Pune. The fort situated on the Vasota hills on the banks of Shivsagar Lake remains the favorite of many as there is Konya Wild Life Sanctuary to witness.

#8. Rajgad Fort

Rajgad fort

Rajgad Fort is said to be one of the grand forts of the Sahyadri. It is situated at a height of 4600 ft. but the trekking difficulty level remains moderate. It is easy to reach from Pune as it is 65 km but from Mumbai, it is 208 km. However, trekkers from Mumbai come to experience the serenity of the place.

#9. Harishchandragad Fort

Harishchandragad Fort

Harishchandragad trekking destination offers not only hiking excursion but also a range of activities like rock climbing, valley crossing, and tourists come for camping too. There are total 9 caves to explore and this can be done easily as the trekking difficulty level is moderate. Situated Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra is 225km from Mumbai and 165km from Pune, this quaint sleepy region attracts its admirers for scenic beauty and appreciates the medieval period of architecture.

#10. Kalsubai Peak Trek

Kalsubai peak

If you are a trekking zealot, your trekking album isn’t complete if you haven’t hiked on the highest peak of Sahyadri, the Kalsubai Peak in the Nagar district. It is best to trek during the monsoon as one can enjoy the beautiful view of the Harihargad, Harishchandragad, Ratangad, and Alang-Madan-Kulang forts. Trekking on Kalsubai Peak isn’t taxing. The trekking difficulty level is moderate. It is 155 km from Mumbai and 175 km from Pune, the drive is beautiful.

Pack your backpacks and plan a weekend for trekking near Mumbai and Pune now. The best season for trekking is monsoon as it brings greenery and lowers the surrounding temperature. Have a happy weekend on treks.

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  1. Hello Jignesh
    Thanks for this informative blog about Mumbai and Pune. The forts and lakes you described above are really amazing. I am now planning to travel for one month in Mumbai and Pune and visit these all destination. Your blog inspire me a lot and keep moving further to see this beautiful planet,

    1. Thank you Prasan for your feedback about this blog post.

      Do share your experience once you complete your one month trip to Mumbai, Pune and nearby places. We would love to feature your post here at TheIndia.

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