Statue of Unity Monsoon Megh Malhar Parv 2023 – Dates, Location, Attractions

Gujarat’s iconic Statue of Unity, standing tall and proud as a symbol of national unity, is gearing up to host a spectacular event this September. The “Statue of Unity Monsoon Megh Malhar Parv 2023″ promises to be a grand celebration of culture, nature, and togetherness. From September 2nd to September 10th, 2023, visitors will be engaged in an original mixture of celebrations and the incredible beauty of the monsoon season during this event.

Statue Of Unity Monsoon Megh Malhar Parv
Statue Of Unity Monsoon Megh Malhar Parv

The festival begins with an amazing opening parade. This parade will be an outstanding display of athleticism and creativity. Visitors may walk around the Statue of Unity site at their own pace, taking in the sights and sounds of nature’s rebirth. People from all corners of India and all around the world gather to celebrate the true meaning of unity.

Attractions at the Meghmalhar Parva Monsoon Festival:

Event Attractions
  • Inauguration Parade
  • Inaugural Cultural Program
  • Decoration on Monsoon Theme
  • Food and craft stall
  • Various competitions, seminars, and activities
  • Cultural Performances by local artists

Statue of Unity Monsoon Festival Important Details:

Dates: September 2, 2023, (Saturday) to September 10, 2023 (Sunday)

Location: Statue of Unity, Ekta Nagar

Tourist Attractions Near Meghmalhar Parva:

Statue of Unity Monsoon Megh Malhar Parv at a Glance:

Closing Words:

In conclusion, this tourism festival event promises to be an unforgettable experience. It’s an opportunity to witness the beauty of nature during the monsoon season, immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of Gujarat, and celebrate the unity that binds us all. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply seeking a unique travel experience, this festival has something to offer everyone. Make plans to attend this amazing festival of India’s rich cultural diversity and the spirit of harmony.

Image Credit: Gujarat Tourism


When is the Statue of Unity Monsoon Megh Malhar Parv 2023 celebrated?

This festival is celebrated from September 2nd to September 10, 2023, at the Statue of Unity in Gujarat.

Can I visit the Statue of Unity during this event?

Yes, you can visit the Statue of Unity and enjoy the events of the festival during the event dates.

How do I get to the Statue of Unity?

The Statue of Unity is located in the Kevadia region of Gujarat, and you can reach it by various modes of transportation, including by air, train, or road.

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