23 Best Places to Visit Near Kolkata for One/Two Days Trip with Family

Published By: Jignesh Gohel on February 8, 2024

Kolkata can make us mad, make us live, and make us happy”. If you live in Kolkata you too will understand the stated lines. Life in Kolkata has to do with traffic, pollution, the hustle-bustle of the roads, meeting deadlines, etc. But no matter how stressful your weekdays have been, let your weekend relax you.

After receiving a tremendous response to our recent article about the Ahmedabad weekend getaway, our team studied various related queries for other destinations. Kolkata was the 2nd most popular destination for which we received over 100s of emails asking about:

  • What are the best tourist places to visit in Kolkata?
  • Share popular picnic places to visit near Kolkata.
  • List the best holiday destinations near Kolkata etc.

Our editors from Kolkata did some research on these queries and tried to compile a list of the 23 best places located at 50 KM to 650 KM distances from Kolkata. You can choose the place based on your interest and can plan your best holiday trip with your friends, family, or your better half. Here we go!

23 Best Places to Visit Near Kolkata

Here are the 23 best tourist places to visit near Kolkata that will give you the perfect place to drive, relax, and enjoy jhal muri at your favorite weekend spot.

1. Bakkhali


Located just 147 km away from Kolkata, Bakkhali is a small town with beaches, wind farms, islands, boat rides, spirituals, etc. One of the best places is Henry’s and JampuDwip Islands. A watch-over is there to give you a panoramic view of the island. Besides, there are large shallow lakes – Bheri, to enjoy your holiday with a combination of islands, lakes, and adventure. Crocodile Reservation Park is perfect for kids to have their set of fun. You can also visit Bishalaxshmi Temple will give you peace of mind.

Distance from Kolkata: 147 Km

2. Digha

Image Source: OYO

Digha is also known as a beach town in Bengal which is famous for temples, beaches, research centers, and museums. The Temple of Chanadaneshwar is one of the temples to seek blessings from.

The beaches at Digha will take you by surprise with their water sports activities like water skiing, para-sailing, boating, etc. The Marine Aquarium and Research Center are worth taking your kids to enjoy the magnificent aquariums picturesque. For ladies, handicrafts and seashell jewelry are a must-take souvenirs.

Distance from Kolkata: 180 Km

3. Navadvipa (Nabadwip)

Navadvipa (Nabadwip)
Image Source: WanderWhale

Navadvipa (Nabadwip) known as ‘The land of Krishna Devotion’ is a group of nine islands hence the name.

This place is clustered with forests and orchids. Situated on the banks of the Ganga, this place is blessed with more than 200 temples and has beautiful winding paths leading to the tiny villages to get the essence of peace and tranquility.

This place is a sure shot getaway whether you are a believer of Lord Krishna or not, Navadvipa ought to make you awe. You could take a ferry ride and have a great time.

Distance from Kolkata: 120 Km

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4. Sunderbans


Royal Bengal tigers are best seen in the biggest mangrove forests in the world and are 112 km from Kolkata. Sunderbans is one of the best forest places in India. It is nature at your feet, a perfect ecologically balanced place. It is a splendid sight to see 200 royal Bengal tigers inhabiting this dense forest.

Seeing them swim in the water, and hunt for fish is a sight to watch. The best spots to watch the Bengal Tigers are Sajnekhali, Sudhanyakhali, Netidhopani, and Haldi. Tourists all over the world come to witness the beauty of this sanctuary and how could you miss it? You would also be fascinated to see rhesus monkeys, wild pigs and boars, chital, deers, and much more. There is also a museum to amuse you.

The Herbivore Acclimatization Center in Sajnekhali Sanctuary is a steal. Apart from that you could enjoy a boat ride on the river and find various species of birds. The park charges a nominal fee of Rs. 15/- only.

Distance from Kolkata: 115 Km

5. Mayapur


A mere 132 km from Kolkata, between Hooghly and Jalangi River, is the supreme power-blessed place of Mayapur. It is a calm and quiet place away from regular city life. The ISKCON temple gives you peace of mind and you are energized for sure. Besides, there’s is Ballal Mound and the tomb of Chand Kazi to watch around and to sight-seeing.

Distance from Kolkata: 132 Km

6. Bolpur


You got to be kidding if you haven’t been to Bolpur. It is a destination to get the authenticity of Bengal. With baul songs at the backdrop, the serene atmosphere, the red soil of Birbhum, green forest, and the colorful place with its fragrance of love all over.

7. Shantiniketan

You can explore Tagore’s Ashram, Rabindra Baban Museum Kala Bhavan, china Bhavan, and Sangeet Bhavan. You witness Rabindranath Tagore’s Viswa Bharati University too.

Distance from Kolkata: 160 Km

8. Haldia

Haldia Kolkata

Haldia is located at Approximately 117 km from Kolkata where you can have an exquisite look at Mahishadai Rajbari and Goplajew Temple. Under the rule of Rani Janki Devi, this palace was built with either side temples. Visions treat for sure.

Haldia Dock and Port is a must-go. Marine Drive is lined with palm trees, you could take the boat near the shore too. Balughara riverside sunset point gives you a picture-perfect scene. Maynagarh a perfect example of unity in diversity as this is a place where it has a Hindu temple, Mosque, and a Buddhist temple at a hand’s distance.

The Ramjew temple of course depicting 90 feet tall idols of Sri Ram, Sita, and Laxman is a pleasurable sight to look at.

Distance from Kolkata: 117 Km

9. Bardhaman


Two and a half hours drive and you enter the land of planetariums and science centers. The red brick church, Christ church is a place to feel solace at.  Visiting 108 ShivMandir is imperative. Meghana Saha Planetarium, Science Center, and Deer Park are a perfect getaway for kids too. You could also get a rowing experience at Krishnasayar Park.

Kolkata to Bardhaman distance: 100 Km

10. Shankarpur


160 km away from Kolkata resides the beaches of Shankarpur. Located in Medinipur district of West Bengal, the secluded place will keep you speechless.  The Shankarpur beach with unblemished water and old country charm will keep you spellbound.

Distance from Kolkata: 160 Km

11. Tajpur

Crab Beach kolkata

If you are looking for an adventure, you ought to be at the Crab Beach with fir trees surrounding it which is 180 km from Kolkata, the Tajpur. It is famous for its water sports like parasailing, zorbing, and riding coastal bikes. You can also visit the other side of the shore, Mandarmoni for a day picnic. You also mustn’t miss the river Mohona and the fisherman village to get the old country feel. Go to the Casuarinas’ Groves and Keya flower shrubs; you ought to feel one with nature.

Distance from Kolkata: 180 Km

12. Bishnupur

lalji temple bishnupur

Bishnupur is a land famous for terracotta temples, balucheri sarees, and Bishnupuriya Shree Krishna Raslila. Bishnupur alleviates as the oldest brick temple, Rasmancha. Jorebangla temple is a must-see architecture. Lalji temple will surprise you with its ornamental stucco decorations on low-relief carvings. There are many landscapes to give you picturesque sights.

Distance from Kolkata: 140 Km

13. Hooghly

hooghly river kolkata

Hooghly is known as little Europe due to the influence of Portuguese, Denmark, and France. This is why this place has a variety of sights to see. From Bandel Church to Imambara, the beautiful Tarakeshwar Temple to the humble Hangseswari temple, or be it the Pandua Bari Mosque or Anthpur Math, the architecture and serenity will keep you spellbound. For children, Deer Park is the attraction where you will find in the lush greenery deer having their good time.

Distance from Kolkata: 60 Km

14. Jhargram


Jhargram is another place to visit near Kolkata which is approximately 175 km from Kolkata. This traditional and cultural city has numerous ancient temples, forests, and royal places. This lesser-known place is also a nice place to visit by tourists from various places.

Distance from Kolkata: 175 Km

Tourist Places to Visit Over 200KM from Kolkata:

15. Mukutmanipur


In the Bankura district of Kolkata, 213 km away from the capital of West Bengal, stands Mukutmanipur with its head high. If you are someone who loves greenery, this one is just for you. Surrounded by evergreen forests, absolutely clean blue water, and hills, is going to keep you motivated. The Mukutmanipur dam, the second largest dam in India is a must-go. The Parasanath Hills, a famous pilgrimage center for Jains, is the most 2000 year’s old sorted hills to get yourself deliverance.

For your kids, you can take them to the Bankupuria Deer Park. The ride to the other side of the dam by boat is quite a thrill. For photographers, it is a bonus as you might spot eagles and different species of birds to get them clicked. Should you have some more time, Kangsabati Dam is another huge dam you should not miss. Do not forget to view the sunset from there, it is simply mesmerizing.

Distance from Kolkata: 213 Km

16. Darjeeling


Darjeeling is a place known for its tea plantations, but you will be amazed to see the things around it. Tiger Hill is a good option if you love trekking and exploring nature around. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and Zoo is quite a thrill for kids. The Bhutia Busty Gompa will amuse you with its charm. Mirik is a fantastic place to relax, boating, and go canoeing. The Mahakal temple is a place of solace. Besides, the monasteries are going to take you for a period of time. Do not forget to take the toy train ride in Darjeeling.

Distance from Kolkata: 613KM

17. Murshidabad

hazarduari murshidabad

Hazarduari Palace, Nizmat Imambara, and Wasif Manzil… yes we are talking about Murshidabad, a heritage of Mughals par excellence. Moti Jheel will take you to the serenity of life. Murshidabad district museum has quite a store for kids to learn. Ladies will be delighted to grab some ivory and wooden handicrafts, Do not forget to shop for some Murshidabad sarees. 207 km from Kolkata and you are headed for a perfect getaway.

Distance from Kolkata: 207 Km

18. Ravangla

Ravangla kolkata
Image Source: Flickr

A minor town sited on the edge at an altitude of 7000ft amongst the Meanam and Tendong hills. Ravangla or Rabongla has evolved into a natural tourist resort for its enchanted snowstorm sight and peacefulness. Ravangla is a newly exposed unconventional tourist terminus in South Sikkim that serves as an impeccable retreat from Kolkata. It is well linked by state highway to NJP (125 km). Visit Rayong Sunrise View-point at 8 kms, Ralang Monasteries at 13 kms, and Borong Hot Spring at 7 kms.

Distance from Kolkata: 670 Km

19. Alipurduar

alipurduar kolkata
Image Source: Flickr/

Jaldapara National Park and you know you are heading for Alipurduar. Buxa Reserve and picture perfect view awaits for you here. Real safari can be experienced at this place. Buxa fort is also interesting to roam and explore. There are about 8 trains to help you reach to Alipurduar from Kolkata and it is a splendid experience to travel through the greens. Rasik Beel where  a recognized bird sanctuary has surprised many visitors with whistling teal, cotton teal, dabchick, bronze winged jacana, bareheaded goose and more. A watchtower has been constructed to get the perfect sight.

Kolkata to Alipurduar distance: 683 Km

20. Cooch Behar

Cooch Behar

Iconic Cooch Behar Raj Bari (Cooch Behar palace) is situated in this place. The architecture is a visual treat as it is built on the design of Buckingham Palace. The Cooch Behar palace also hosts a light and sound show which you cannot miss. Sagardighi is an interesting strolling site to be at. The famous Shivalinga 10 feet below the plinth level, Baneshwar Siva temple is a place to find peace of mind. It may be 680 km away from Kolkata, but with railways nothing is impossible. Your nearest station is Jalpaiguri and you are set to enter Cooch Behar.

Distance from Kolkata: 680 Km

21. Konark


The Sun Temple is an essential part of any trip to Konark. Trip from Kolkata to this place are ideal. This location is about 500 km from Kolkata and the most mesmerizing event is the annual dance festival. To reach the place buses, taxis, and trains are the mediums to travel. October to March is the best time to visit the place.

Distance from Kolkata: 500 Km

22. Kalimpong

kalimpongtown kolkata

Kalimpong is a place renowned for its monasteries with old rare scriptures. You get to see Tibetan architecture all over. Get breathtaking views of Kanchenjunga snow peaks from viewpoints. This place is beyond beautiful with parks, and flower nurseries all over. On the way to Deolo hills, resides Grahams Missionary School, which deserves a sneak peek for sure. Besides you cannot go further without getting yourself clicked with the magnificent Buddha statue. You could rest at Durga Mandir, seek blessings and move on to the stairs to pay your prayers at the Hanuman Mandir. Thongsa Gompa, a Bhutan monastery is a place of alleviation indeed. Whether roadways or airways, you got to come 645 km away from Kolkata to witness this.

Distance from Kolkata: 645KM

23. Jaldapara National Park

Jaldarpur National Park

Jaldapara National Park is in northern West Bengal, India. It is located at the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas and is on the banks of the Torsa River. The park is known for its Indian one-horned rhino, which is the second largest population in India after Kaziranga National Park in Assam. Other animals in the park include the Indian leopard, Indian elephant, sambar, barking deer, chital, deer, and wild bear. Visitors can go on elephant and jeep safaris and should visit the park’s watchtowers for amazing views.

Distance from Kolkata: 684 Km

Now have no worries about doing what on a weekend, you are set to look forward to the next plans. Did we miss any places near Kolkata best suited for a trip? write them here by comment and we would love to edit this article with your input.


We have tried our best to compile the list by doing research and by studying the information provided on official resources. Still, we do not claim the authenticity of information and it may change periodically. Please note that all listed places to visit in Kolkata in this article are shared for your reference only. Kindly do your research before you plan a trip as the information is provided “as is”, and without warranties.


1. Which is the best time to visit Kolkata?

Winter is the best season to visit Kolkata and nearby places like Konark, Ravangla, Darjeeling, and many more.

2. What are the beaches near Kolkata within 300 km?

There are many beaches near Kolkata within 300 km. Sagar Beach, Kiran Sea Beach, Talasari Beach, Chandipur Beach and Digha Beach.

3. What are the places to visit near Kolkata within 50 km of locals?

Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary, Kolkata Snake Park, Barrackpore, Chandraketugarh, and Babur Haat are the most popular places near Kolkata within 50 km where locals can visit any time.

4. Is there any resort near Kolkata where I can spend the weekend?

Yes, there are several resorts near Kolkata to spend weekends like Vedic Village Spa Resort, Breathing Earth, Palm Resort, and many more.

5. Which item is famous in Kolkata?

Kolkata is known for its best items like Shell Bangles, Saris, Terracotta items, Dokra Craft, Darjeeling Tea, Kalighat Paintings, etc.

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