21 Best Weekend Getaways from Bangalore in 2023 for a Quick Break

Published By: Mahima Sharma on March 21, 2023

Silicon Valley of India – Bangalore is known for its top minds in the IT Industry. But do you know that it is also known for being nearby to the best weekend getaways from Bangalore? After all, where will the stressed corporate minds find some solace and serenity! But then as my best friend who works in Bangalore says – we hardly get any time to chill out? But then his Instagram feed is full of scenic images in and around Bangalore. So with his help, I decided to bring you some of the best places to visit near Bangalore within 100 km and a little beyond for a weekend trip.

1. Shivagange

Image Source: psrenthrals

Located just 52 km away from the city center of Bangalore, this place is a pilgrimage site as well as an adventure sports center. It derives its name from a Shiva temple and a nearby spring – Ganga. If it is a one-day trip near Bangalore, then Shivgange must not be missed for its scenic beauty with hills that offer ample trekking options.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 52 Km
  • Activities to do: Temple hopping, hiking, adventure sports
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5

2. Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills
Image Source: traveltriangle

Again one of the most popular weekend getaways from Bangalore, Nandi Hills is considered to be erstwhile ruler Tipu Sultan’s loving summer retreat. He even built the beautiful Nandidurga Fort in these scenic hills, which are just 60km away from Bangalore. Tourists now trek up to this fort and have a picnic here. Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace and Fort, his Secret Escape Route from the Britishers and also the Amruth Sarovar Lake are the few star attractions here.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 60 Km
  • Activities to do: Sunrise, Cycling, Trekking
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5

3. Skandagiri Hills

Skandagiri Hills
Image source: thrillophilia

Just like those fairy tales from childhood, if you wish to walk amidst the clouds, then this is your place to be. Once you reach atop the Skandagiri hillock, you will be stunned to be surrounded by lofty mountains and puffy clouds – a cinematic view, a sight to behold! My best friend who lives in Bangalore has often invited me to Skandagiri asserting that this is one of the best places to visit near Bangalore within 100 km and we can relive the golden days here! On the way back, you can also hop across and have fun at the Nandi Hills.  

  • Distance from Bangalore: 60 Km
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5

4. Kanakapura

Image Source: thrillophilia

About an hour and a half drive from Bangalore, the lush green and stunning rugged terrains of Kanakapura. The Arkavati river and waterfalls gushing into it are the star attraction of these serene environs which call for a holiday any day! Impeccable forests surrounding various ancient temples as well as historic sites are great places to explore, especially on foot. Kanakpura is trek and water sports lovers one of the choicest places to visit near Bangalore

  • Distance from Bangalore: 62 Km
  • Activities to do: trekking, water sports

5. Chunchi Falls

Image Source: whatshot

Close to Kanakpura, Chunchi Falls is one of the most scenic places to visit near Bangalore within 100 km, Chunchi falls are an ideal place for nature revelers. A 100 feet multi-tiered fall that forms a sort of swimming pool beneath it – what else would you be looking for after a hectic week? When I was in Bangalore last time, a swim amid the stunning scenery, natural rocks and an overlooking deep gorge, was an experience that I can never forget.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 78
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5/5

6. Mekedatu Falls

Again close to Kanakpura near the Chunchi falls, you can also enjoy Mekedatu Falls. When you land here, just park the vehicle in parking slots and walk towards the stream near the shallow end of the Arkavati river and pick a pleasant concealed region close to the stream, spread the rug and have a decent cookout. Get into the shallow water and appreciate it. But beware, no diving, no more walking inside the river due to shallow sharp rocks inside along with numerous obscure whirlpools in the stream. Just enjoy the silence and gushing waters in the serenity. 

  • Distance from Bangalore: 100 Km
  • Activities to do: Sighting
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5/5

7. Anthargange

One of the most spectacular & nearby places to visit Bangalore, the rarely explored Anthargange is a stunning range of hills that has mystic caves. An amazing sojourn for thrill-seekers who must visit this often for caving, trekking as well as rock climbing. Just 70km away from Bangalore, this place is well known for its enchanting beauty so much so that people from other states also at times explore the caves here.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 70
  • Activities to do: watching caves, rock climbing and trekking
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5/5

8. Kodaikanal

Who is not aware of this one of the most scenic tourist places near Bangalore? At an altitude of 7000 feet, Kodaikanal is a cozy hill station in Tamil Nadu, which is home to abundant pristine surroundings – lush green forests, misty mountains and gushing waterfalls. A quick trip here is a must for those from the Silicon Valley of India, who work under high-stress levels and need a quick break away from the crowd. The seven-hour road trip to this place is also an adventure in itself, which offers you ample birding opportunities. You must spend a day or two here to explore it well. 

  • Distance from Bangalore: 460 km
  • Activities to do: Bird watching, Sighting

9. Yelagiri Hills 

The cloudy, mystic hill station of Yelagiri is a famous vacationer location in Tamil Nadu. Situated some six hours away from Bangalore, in the midst of four mountains, Yelagiri is known for its lovely environment that remains captivating all around the year-round due to its zero-commotion environmental elements. No wonder it is among the top places to visit near Bangalore. The drive to this location takes you through 14 hairpin bends, which are an adventure trip in itself. The most mainstream site here is the Punganoor lake, which is halfway round and offers boating as an idyllic sport while languidly looking at the encompassing serene environs. 

  • Distance from Bangalore: 160 km
  • Activities to do: Boating, Paragliding, Trekking, Shopping
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5/5

10. Kabbala Durga

Some 80km away from Bangalore, Kabbala Durga is settled among the dazzling stone flung slants of the Kanakapura mountain ranges. 2090 feet above sea level, Kabbaladurga is ideal for a one day trip near Bangalore. The slope got its name from Goddess Kabbalamma who has an abode at the hilltop inside the ruins of the then KabbalaDurga fortress. Now just the ruins remain as an intriguing exploration site for revellers.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 80 Km
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5

11. Horsley Hills

One of those perfect weekend getaways from Bangalore – Horsley Hills is the top name. A tiny hamlet some 150 km away from Bangalore might sound a little far to you, but when you sit on the drive, the lush greens that surround you on both sides, rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, even before you land at Horsley. Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, the Mallamma Temple, an environment park near it, the Gangotri Lake and Galiband View Point are some of the scenic places to enjoy at Horsley Hills. 

  • Distance from Bangalore: 150 km
  • Activities to do: Cycling, trekking, Sightseeing, romantic walks
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5

12. Ramanagara or Ramanagaram

The Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra starred Sholay suddenly made this silent, quaint little hamlet to the top of places to visit near Bangalore within 100 km. Having rocky terrain and solitude, Ramanagaram is an ideal place for adventure sports lovers as well – rappelling, caving and even camping are among the top favorites of the revellers who come here looking for the thrill beyond the movie shoot spot-sitting.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 47 Km
  • Activities to do: Trekking, Rock Climbing, Sightseeing

13. Jakkur

Located just 15 km from Bangalore, Jakkur is famous for Microlight Flying. Who would not love a rush of adrenaline at the height of 40,000 ft above the ground and a gush of fresh air into the nostrils?! Now that’s Jakkur for you, thrill lovers, so what are you waiting for, pack up some snacks and dash to fly! You can even do an online booking for the same well in advance. 

  • Distance from Bangalore: 15 km
  • Activities to do:

14. Hogenakkal Falls

Hogenakkal Falls also touted as the Niagara of the East is located some 181km from Bangalore and takes 3 to 4 hours of a drive. A small village in Tamil Nadu, Hogenakkal is situated at a junction where the Cauvery river splits into several streams due to the rocky terrain. And these create multiple gushing waterfalls, just like at Niagara. Several famous movies like the Abhishek Bachchan-Aishwarya Rai starrer Raavan have been shot here. Nearby Melagiri hills just add stunning beauty to this otherwise quaint spot where the only sounds you can usually hear are the gushing water and chirping birds. 

  • Distance from Bangalore: 120 km
  • Activities to do: Coracle boat rides, Trekking, Medicinal baths
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 3/5

15. Gokarna

Image source: namasteretreatsindia

Deriving its name from its landscape that resembles Gau- meaning cow and Karna meaning ear, this temple town is known to offer something to every kind of reveler. And the reason is its pristine beaches that often lend Gokarna the name of the more chilled-out version of Goa. Due to its temples, the beaches are also a sought place for peace and have developed into international Yoga zones. If you are looking for a weekend getaway in solitude, and wish to do some birding too, then Gokarna is your place.  

  • Distance from Bangalore: 490 km
  • Activities to do: Swimming, Beach Hopping, Dolphin Sightseeing, Yoga Classes
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5

16. Belur & Halebidu

Image source: tripadvisor

These are the twin ancient marvels of the Dravidian dynasty and stunning remnants of the Hoysala architecture – each city and its majestic temples complete and complement each other in magnificence and beauty. Chennakeshava temple, Hoysaleshwara temple are the top favorites among those who have a knack for history and culture. Some 200 km from Bangalore, this weekend getaway is a trip down the memory lane of Indian pride.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 200 km
  • Activities to do:
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5

17. Shivanasamudra Falls

Image source: tripadvisor

Shivanasamudra Falls may not be one of those places to visit near Bangalore within 100 km, that you might be looking for. But just drive some 25km more and you will reach these stunning two multi-tiered waterfalls at the Kaveri river, the  Gaganachukki and the Bharachukki. The lush green around these forms an ideal picnic and adventure sports spot, especially during the early monsoons. You can also stay here at various resorts for a day or two, but try to avoid the late monsoons.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 100 km
  • Activities to do:
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5

18. Kunti Betta

Image Source: oneshorttrip

Legend has it that Pandas and their mother Kunti took abode at this scenic locale which has ancientness oozing out from every nook and corner of this stunning locale in the hills. A serene lake overlooking the lush green hills is the perfect place for Kayaking, swimming and rock climbing beyond the usual trekking and birding adventure at Kunti Betta which is 125km away from Bangalore.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 125 km
  • Activities to do: Relaxing at the lake, Trekking
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5

19. Lepakshi

Image source: pratapj

Known to be poetry carved in stone and one of the best tourist places near Bangalore about 120km away. Lepakshi is a humble village renowned for its temples dating back to the Vijayanagara rulers. It is a rambling sanctuary and known for the biggest stone monument of the Nandi and furthermore the Nagalinga. The models in the sanctuary and artworks on the roofs add to the magnificence of this flawless sanctuary carved in stone – especially the monoliths.

  • Distance from Bangalore: 120 km
  • Activities to do: Photography
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5

20. BR Hills

Image source: chamrajnagar

One of the most picturesque & nearby places to visit Bangalore – the Biligiriranga hills or the BR Hills is situated between the Eastern and the Western Ghats. No wonder nature has blessed it with rich flora and fauna in abundance. And thus the region has mostly been marked as the  BRT wildlife sanctuary which is rich in some thousand-plus species of birds, animals and even insects and amphibians, due to the proximity of the oceans. When you visit the place don’t miss the Dodda Sampide Mara – a thousand-year-old Champak Tree! And if you really wish to thoroughly enjoy the place 185km away from Bangalore, then you must plan to stay here for two days. 

  • Distance from Bangalore: 185 km
  • Activities to do: Wildlife safari, Trekking, Bird Watching
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5

21. Avalabetta Hilltop

This place is actually an abode to the Avalabetta Fort at a hilltop 90 km away from Bangalore. But the star attraction here is an impressive cliff, where the adventure seeker loves to perch and feed their Instagram with adrenaline-rushing videos and images. For the mythology lovers, there is a small temple as well, inside the remains of the fort. 

  • Distance from Bangalore: 90 km
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5

For your ease, I have elaborated on the 21 top places that form an ideal one-day trip near Bangalore. So that the next time you feel like throwing away that laptop to the wall, you actually don’t! Instead, just pick up the car keys and dash to these serene and cozy weekend getaways from the Silicon Valley of India.

Frequently Asked Questions about Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

Where should I go for a weekend trip from Bangalore?

• Shivagange
• Nandi Hills
• Skandagiri Hills
• Chunchi Falls
• Anthargange

Is there any waterfall from Bangalore?

Yes there are 40 waterfalls near Bangalore Here are some of them
• Thottikallu Falls
• Muthyala Maduvu Falls
• Chunchi Falls
• Mekedatu Falls
• Hogenakkal Falls

Is there any place to visit from Bangalore within 200 km?

• Kodaikanal
• Nandi Hills
• Anthargange
• Mekedatu Falls
• Savandurga Hills
• Sivanasamudra Falls.
• Yelagiri Hills

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