Hogenakkal falls

Hogenakkal falls is located on the border of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. This waterfall is located on the Kaveri river and the perfect place to spend a holiday with your family and friends.

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Where Hogenakkal falls located

How To Reach Hogenakkal Falls

By Air

The nearest airport to Hogenakkal Falls is Bangalore International Airport which is around 150 km away.

By Train

The Dharmapuri railway station is the closest to Hogenakkal. It's roughly 47 kilometers distant, and there are countless cabs available to take you there.

By Bus

Regular bus services are available if you desire to travel by road. The two closest Bus Stations are Dharmapuri Bus Stand and Salem Bus Stand.

Hogenakkal falls, Hogenakkal, Tamil Nadu

Hogenakkal fall is a major tourist destination in Tamil Nadu. Tourists can do activities like bathing and boat riding. local people often called this waterfall 'Niagara falls of India'. This tourist place is perfect for adventure and fun lovers. It takes approx 3 to 4 hours to explore this destination. There are Carbonatite rocks found near this waterfall which is the oldest in the world. It is the ideal destination to explore with your friends and family.

Entry fees

-There is a ticket price for boating that lasts between 500 rs to 800 rs.

Best time to visit

-At Hogenakkal falls, the weather in summer stays between 23 to 34 °C and remains 13 to 27 °C in winter. You can visit here after monsoon season to take a glimpse of this place.   

Things to do in Hogenakkal falls

1. Boating

Boating at Hogenakkal falls Tamil Nadu is one of the most enchanting experiences you will ever have. The boats in this area are carefully woven from bamboo frames that are then coated with black plastic. These boats are known as basket boats or coracles, and they are really intriguing. You have most likely never seen anything like them.

2. Swimming

Hogenakkal Falls is one of the greatest spots for swimmers since the water depth is nearly ideal, and the surrounding beauty just adds to the allure! Non-swimmers, don't be discouraged; everyone who wants to swim in the waters will be equipped with life jackets, allowing you to enjoy the easy-going river as well!

3. Trekking

The Hogenakkal falls weather is really amazing Hogenakkal waterfall trip is a visual delight for adventure seekers! The 2km trip across rocky trek is rather fairly easy, so even inexperienced trekkers may enjoy the experience.


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