20 Best Places to Visit in Kanyakumari while Exploring the Southernmost Point of India

Published By: Jignesh Gohel on April 12, 2022

Ever visited Southernmost Point of India? Well, here it is – KANYAKUMARI

Kanyakumari aka “Evergreen town of India” or “God’s own district” state of Tamil Nadu stands as the popular tourist destination amongst Indians as well as foreigners. Blessed with best of the beaches and coastal climate, kanyakumari has lots of amazing places to show. The city witnesses the sangam of three large water bodies i.e. Indian Ocean, Arabian sea and the bay of Bengal. It is regarded as the only place in the entire world where one can witness both the rising and setting of the sun simultaneously. Here we are enumerating the reasons why should you plan your next trip to this beautiful place.

Before providing the best places information here, we would like to tell you that Kanyakumari is the southernmost point of India and one of the most popular tourist destination of India. Many popular south Indian movies also shot at Kanyakumari and you may have also listened this place name in popular song of Shah Rukh Khan from Chennai Express – “Kashmir Tu, Main Kanyakumari”. So, here is the list of best tourist destinations of Kanyakumari which you should and must visit on your next tour to south India.

Best Kanyakumari Tourist Places

1. The Vivekananda Rock Memorial:

The Vivekananda Rock Memorial (Image Source)

Amidst the Laccadive Sea stands the mighty Vivekanand rock. This is the must visit place when you are at kanyakumari. It can be reached easily by taking a ferry from the mainland to this small island. The Vivekananda rock is famous for its unique mandapams, the footprint of the goddess kanyakumari and its picturesque location. You can experience the melodious sound of the waves hitting the rock and that swift of air entangling your hairs.

The rock memorial consists of the ‘Shripada Mandapam‘, ‘Dhyana Mandapam‘ and the ‘Vivekananda Mandapam‘. It is believed that swami Vivekananda meditated here and attained enlightenment, thus the rock got its name. There is also a huge meditation hall inside, which is really a paradise for the once seeking inner peace. Also you can explore a library to appreciate the Swami’s work. To add to the beauty of the rock is an engraved astrological map on the rock. Kerala is near by state and Kanyakumari is not so far from it so, tourists who visits Kerala for honeymoon or with family do add this place in their itinerary list.

  • Timings of Vivekananda Rock Memorial : 8AM to 4PM on all days
  • Distance from the state corporation bus stand kanyakumari- 900 meters

2. Thiruvalluvar Statue:

Thiruvalluvar Statue (Image Source)

The Thiruvalluvar statue in the standing position is clearly visible from the rock memorial and situated just a few meters from it. The statue stands 40 meters tall and is a tribute to the renowned regional philosopher and the poet. The weight of the structure is estimated to be about 7000 tons. The spot is not always opened for the tourists, but you may be lucky enough to get an opportunity to visit the premises by ferry, if the tides allow.

  • Timings: 8AM to 4PM on all days
  • Distance from the state corporation bus stand kanyakumari- 900 meter

3. Mahatma Gandhi Memorial:

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (Image Source)

The Mahatma Gandhi memorial is located near the sea-shore and is mainly a hall housing the rock where ashes of the father of the nation for the last time before immersion. It is believed that after his demise, the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were kept in 12 different urns all over the country so that the countrymen can pay homage to the great leader. Out of these 12 urns, one urn was kept at this memorial before immersing it to the might sea.

The memorial holds quite a sentimental value to the followers of the great leader and is treated no different than a temple, so its no surprise that footwears are not allowed inside. The hall walls are all decorated with teachings of the mahatma and numerous photographs of mahatma depicting various important events during his lifetime. One can find immense peace going there.

  • Timings: 7AM to 7PM on all days
  • Distance from the state corporation bus stand kanyakumari- 950 meter

4. Kanyakumari Temple:

Kanyakumari Temple (Image Source)

This mesmerizing temple stands just behind the three oceans meet- the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal, and the Arabian Sea. Inside the temple sits the beautigul Goddess Bhagavathy Amman, who is believed to be the goddess in the form of an adolescent girl child. Hindi version of the goddess name is Kanyakumari; in which, Kanya meaning a girl and kumari meaning adolescent. This is probably the only temple in India worshipping the diety of this age.

  • Timings: 4:30Am to 12:30PM; 4PM to 8PM on all days
  • Distance from the state corporation bus stand kanyakumari- 1km

5. Kanyakumari Beach

Kanyakumari Beach

It is one of the important beaches of the southern India, witnessing the meeting of three large water bodies, i.e. Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. The beach gives a perfect location for enjoying the natural phenomenon like sunset and sunrise and also views the beautiful surroundings. Tamil Nadu state is famous for it’s hill stations like Kodaikanal, Yercaud and Valparai but tourists also prefer to visit Beach over here and Kanyakumari beach is one of the finest and cleanest beach of South India.

You can visit Kanyakumari temple, Gandhi Mandapam, the Vivekananda Memorial Rock and Thiruvalluvar Statue located nearby.

  • Timings: 9AM to 6PM on all days
  • Distance from the state corporation bus stand kanyakumari- 1.9km

6. View Tower

The most exciting place to satisfy your hunger for capturing the beauty of coastal region is the view tower. One can have a magnificent view of the soothing blue waves playing with the sky at infinity and the sun smiling at them from a distance. The calmness of the sand-glittering beach stretching kilometers long and the beautiful hue of the dusk and dawn all can be well appreciated from here.

One can have an enclosed view of Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Thiruvalluvar Statue and Kumari Amman Temple from here. You must visit this place to get the true beauty of the nature once you are at kanyakumari.

  • Distance from the state corporation bus stand kanyakumari – 1km

7. The Local Market:

The Local Market (Image Source)

The local market of the city is just a few strides away from the tender and you can get anything and everything here if you are patient enough at through away prices. Do visit the local market to see the regional artworks and the traditional dresses of the place.

  • Distance from the state corporation bus stand kanyakumari – 500meter

8. Sunset Point aka The Hidden Twin Beach:

The true beauty of sunset can be admired when you are standing amidst the meeting point of the three huge water bodies, i.e. the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean, and the Arabian Sea. This place is a heaven for the celestial body lovers. It attracts thousands of tourists every year because of the mesmerizing scene it offers.

The beach has crystal clear sand with some rocks covered with algae and beautiful small shells of the water molasses. You may find vendors selling different types of shells in the vicinity at throw-away prices.

  • Distance from the state corporation bus stand kanyakumari – 1.7km

9. Mayapuri Wonder Wax Museum:

Situated in Kanyakumari region in the city of Baywatch, the Wax Museum is definitely the one that will please the people of all the age groups. The museum has wax figurine of the famous people of the past and present. The wax figures are so beautifully and accurately carved that it gives the illusion of being real.

The second section of the wax museum contains a 3D painted room to take you to the virtual tour of the jungle world. The artwork here is fantastic and worth paying a visit. Apart from the wax museum and 3D gallery, there is also a fantastic 9D show to through oneself into some real fun.

  • Distance from the state corporation bus stand kanyakumari – 1.4km

10. Our Lady of Ransom Church:

Our Lady of Ransom Church (Image Source)

It’s a beautiful Catholic Church built as a dedication to Mother Mary. The church is believed to be built during the 15th century and has a breathtaking Gothic architecture to admire. The design of the church and its location near the shore makes the view even more pleasing. The church is blessed to have the statue of Virgin Mary at the altar, gracefully draped up in the sari and showering her blessings on the people.

  • Distance from the state corporation bus stand kanyakumari – 1.6km

11. Vattakottai Fort:

Vattakottai Fort (Image Source)

Being declared to be a protected site under the Indian Archaeological department, the Vattakottai Fort is believed to be built in the 18th century during the reign of the Travancore Dynasty. The fort is made beautifully and Spreads over an area of 3.5 acres. The neighboring vicinity of the huge water body, the bay of Bengal, adds to the beauty of the fort.

You can enjoy walking over the large area of the fort with the central large pond. One can often find couples having prewedding photoshoots there. The perfect blend of the heritage from the past and the glam of the surrounding natural heritage makes this destination popular amongst the tourists.

  • Timings: 8AM to 5PM, on all days.
  • Distance from the state corporation bus stand kanyakumari – 7.3km

12. Chothavilai Beach:

Chothavilai Beach (Image Source)

Stretching over 4kilometers, this beach is famous for its calm clear water and glistering white sand. It is one of the longest natural beaches of the state and is an ideal place for swimming, enjoying making sand castles and spending time frolicking.

  • Distance from the state corporation bus stand kanyakumari – 10.9 km

13. Thanumalayan Temple (Sthanumalayan Kovil):

Thanumalayan Temple (Image Source)

Located at Nagercoil, this mighty temple is at the center of many mythological stories. This temple is dedicated to the three great gods; Bhamha, Vishnu and Mahesh and possesses archeological as well as architectural importance.  Two tall structures; the statue of Lord Hanuman (22 Feet) and the statue of Nandi (13 Feet in height and 21 feet in length) welcome the visitors at the entrance. The statue of Nandi is stunningly giant and is surrounded by bars. It’s uncommon to find a sculpture of Nandi so huge anywhere else.

The hallway has huge black pillars carved out of stone on either side of the passage and total number of those pillars are said to be 1035! Various Gods has dedicated sections across the temple having sitting areas of different proportions and excellence of the stone workmanship is appreciable throughout the temple. Four musical pillars are one of the major attractions of the temple.

  • Opening hours: 4:30Am to 11:30AM; 5PM to 8:30PM on all days
  • Distance from the state corporation bus stand kanyakumari – 13.6km

14. Sanguthurai Beach

Sanguthurai Beach (Image Source)

You cant miss this beach once you are at kanyakumari. Being one of the cleanest beach of the Indian ocean, its also a restful place of the region.  The beautiful white sand beach with the mesmerizing view of the Vivekananda rock at some distance makes the place worth visiting.

  • Distance from the state corporation bus stand kanyakumari – 15.9 km

15. St Xavier Church

St Xavier Church (Image Source)

Dates back to1600s, the St. Xavier Church is a very famous religious centre in Kottar of Nagercoil. Having historical and religious importance, this place is famous for its miraculous powers as well. The Roman Catholic, Latin Rite shrine was built by St Francis Xavier asa dedicationto mother Mary. Apart from the major religious site for the Christians, this place is popular amongst Hindus too. That’s the reason why this place is visited by the thousands of devotees of all castes and creeds from all over the country.

  • Distance from the state corporation bus stand kanyakumari – 20.7 km

16. Padmanabhapuram Palace:

Padmanabhapuram Palace (Image Source)

It’s a four – kilometer long fortress having numerous sections having its own historical importance. The fort is believed to be built in 16th century in the capital city of the erstwhile Travancore Empire.

The beauty of the palace lies in its antiques and artefacts. There are many things of daily life used by the kings, kept safely inside the fort to be seen by the local people. The palace is made all of wood. It contains wooded furniture and dark pillars. One can see separate bed room for the king and the queen. The bed of the king is said to be made from several medicinal plants to enhance his life and keep him healthy. In contrast, the queen’s bed had various artworks from different regions and Queen’s bedroom also has a large dressing room. There is also a large kitchen with various storage pods and a weapon room too. It is truly a charming place to visit and one must visit here to witness the rich and diverse cultural heritage of India. Photography is not permitted inside.

  • Timings: 9AM to 1PM; 2PM to 4:30PM. Closed on Mondays.
  • Entry fee: INR 25/adult
  • Distance from the state corporation bus stand kanyakumari – 39.4km

17. Mathur Aqueduct:

Mathur Aqueduct (Image Source)

In the Kalkulam taluk of Kanyakumari District lies the hanging trough. Built over the Pahrali River, it is believed to be the longest and highest aqueduct of South Asia. Mathoor Hanging Trough aka Mathoor Aqueduct is a kilometer long trough that joins the two mighty hills. It was built back in the year 1966 to facilitate the agricultural development of the area as the name aqueduct carries water from one end of the bridge to the other. One can see 28 strong pillars supporting the entire weight of this gigantic trough. The trough hangs 115 feet high and strong enough to hold the weight of hundred of tourists visiting daily.

Besides being functionally important, this hanging trough is of touristic importance too. Providing a picturesque location of the hill and the water flowing underneath, it gives a unique experience of being in the center of such an awe-inspiring surrounding. You must include this place in your itinerary as the mere thought of hanging between the hills is mesmerizing.

  • Timings: 7AM to 7PM on all days
  • Distance from the state corporation bus stand kanyakumari – 51.7km

18. Thirparappu Falls:

Thirparappu Falls (Image Source)

This beautiful waterfall is made by the Kodayar River. It is the man made waterfall and also one of the safest waterfalls in Kerala to enjoy bathing. You can experience bathing from this mesmerizing fall falling from the height of 50 feet and can also opt for boating in the river. The irresistible fall of the river and the thick dense flora and fauna of the region is awe-inspiring indeed.

Also there is a Shiva temple in the premises and a bridge to climb over. You may also be surprised to see elephants bathing and enjoying in the river there. Don’t forget to taste the various home made chips from the local vendors there.

  • Distance from the state corporation bus stand kanyakumari – 59.1 km

19. Olakaruvi Falls

Olakaruvi Falls
Image Source: Make my Trip

Nagercoil has its own road that you must take to reach the waterfalls. The distance is walkable, and traversing it is almost like trekking. It’s a delight to traverse since it’s mostly flat. As you walk through lush green fields and picturesque landscapes to the waterfalls, the experience is unforgettable.

  • Distance from the state corporation bus stand kanyakumari – 35 km

20. Courtallam Falls

Courtallam Falls (Image Source)

Taking the water from the various major rivers of the region, this falls mighty falls stands 160meters talls and gives major holiday goals to the nature enthusiastic.  If you are planning to soak yourself in the beautiful waterbody with mesmerizing surroundings, then this is the place for you. It is located in Panchayat town in the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu.

The locals call the dip in this fall as a natural spa, as they believe that the water from the fall possesses some medicinal properties that can core many diseases. It is also a popular site for shooting the regional films. The cleanliness, amenities, beauty of the place, its curative property and its popularity all produce a tranquil effect and gives enough reasons to call the tourists here.

  • Distance from the state corporation bus stand kanyakumari – 131 km

Best Season/Time to Visit Kanyakumari – Winter

I would recommend visiting here in the winter season, i.e. December, January, February. As it is a coastal area, there is always humidity here. Winters are season that don’t sea temperature beyond 30 degree Celsius here, thus providing optimum weather for enjoyment.

Best Things to buy in Kanyakumari:

You should explore the local market where you can get various antiques and also the wooden artworks. The markets near the beaches sell numerous kinds of sea shells that you can take back home as a souvenir. The place is also famous for the cheap electronic goods and the sun-glasses that you can get in throw away prices. The goods have renowned branding (but are made in China) and no warranty.

Best Food Dishes to try in Kanyakumari:

You can lick your fingers with the typical south Indian food here. There are lots of street food shop that provide you veg and non-veg dishes. You shouldn’t miss coconut water and the full umbrella of banana once you are here. Keep on filling your stomach with these mouth watering dishes all the way.

We are sure you must be convinced enough to plan a trip quickly to this southern beauty. Do share your experience with us to let us know more about the place.

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