21 Smart Travel Planning Tips To Know Before Going on Next Trip

Published By: Jignesh Gohel on April 17, 2022

Are you about to travel? Be it a business trip, holiday tour, traveling with a reason, or pilgrimage; it would require traveling by any one of the modes of transportation among road, rail, and air. You may travel in a group or you may travel alone, all would it require is to bear responsibilities of your own and your co-travelers. That is why you need proper Travel tips to make the trip memorable.

20 Smart Travel Planning Tips To Know Before Going on Next Trip

Best Travel Tips To Enjoy With Your Friends and Family

You need to plan your trip, packing, hotel, and local conveyance bookings, food requirements accordingly. Any loophole in the arrangements would leave you with bad experiences and memories forever. Follow these travel tips to make your journey happy:

1) Planning Your Trip

Planning Your Trip

The time when you sit to plan the trip, have the calendar opened in front of you so that you can check for a local holiday, festival, and any upcoming event there. Also, check the weather forecast on those particular dates. In case the weather isn’t favorable, change the dates.

2) Research Nearby Places From Genuine Websites

There are plethora of options for get the right information about particular places and nearby places to take amazing experience of different types of places. You may also get the distance between near places and adjust your time according your continence. Moreover, you need to do research on things or activities to do at your choices place.

3) Check Covid-19 Cases

Check Covid-19 Cases

In the current scenario, every country is suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic. So for every traveler, It is required to have information about Covid-19 cases and Travel policies of that place after the Corona pandemic. Based on this, Traveler can measure the safety precaution of the place. This is one of the must-follow travel tips for travelers.

4) Research Local Foods

Research Local Foods

when you are traveling you should try new things as much as you can. Food is one of those things. Do research about the famous local food and take an experience of that particular food.

Consider Below thing before things to eat local Foods to avoid side effects.

  • Eat Fresh Food
  • Avoid street food
  • Prefer less spicy food
  • Never eat too much
  • Prefer hygiene hotels or restaurant

5) Travel Insurance

There are many chances to get injured during traveling and it may cause too much expense. Travel insurance providing a cushion in such a situation. You can enjoy your traveling without any fear. So it is advisable to have travel insurance before you leave.

6) Learn Local Language

Yes, it is difficult to learn the local language completely. But learn few local words about the place where you are visiting. It will help you to gain the attention of local people and communicate with them if you get stuck somewhere.

7) Get Hotel Reservations Done from Credible Websites

Get Hotel Reservations Done from Credible Websites

This is one of the Important travel tips. In order to avoid embarrassment and hassles, getting your hotel reservation from credible websites not only saves you from last-minute running but you are mentally at peace that you are in safe hands.

Most of the website hotels have credentials attached and their testimonials are the website guarantee. In case of a discrepancy, the site will take care of it and not you. So you are sorted and kept tension-free.

8) Be Prepared for Mishap

There are chances of happening unwanted things during traveling. You might have ready for all possible problems. However, you might get encounter a problem which you are not prepared for. Especially in long-duration traveling, there are chances of mishaps like injuries, food poisoning, delay in the services of transportation, get scammed, etc.

9) Prefer Shoulder Season to Travel

If you want to avoid crowds and save money then prefer shoulder season. During this time you will able to make the most of that place and will be more affordable than peak time.

10) Bring More Money

Plan your whole itinerary and estimate how much money that you required for the trip. It is advisable to bring more money than your estimation to meet emergencies.

11) Add Limited Destinations in Trip

During the planning trip, avoid too many places to add to the list. Selecting too many places will expense your time in transportation. Choose fewer places & plan your trip to make the most of it.

12) Keeping kids in mind

Keeping kids in mind

Traveling with kids in any mode of transport could get cumbersome if you haven’t planned it properly for kids. It is imperative that they are happy throughout the journey and don’t nag and bother other passengers. Kids need some kind of attention and entertainment.

Carry their favorite books, puzzles, games, carry a goody bag, and today’s tab is quite a savior (although not advisable in bus journeys for it may affect their eyes). However, you know your kids well, and can thereby make arrangements for the same.

A very good way is to give them cameras and ask them to capture outside views, or jot down names of the stations the train or the bus has stopped(by roadways and railways). Such things should help.

13) Carry Comfortable Clothes

Carry those clothes which you are using regularly. Avoid new clothes or those clothes which you have never tried before. Yes, It will definitely make you bored to have photographs in the same clothes. But it will comfortable to enjoy the journey.

14) Bring Essential Medicines

To overcome the diseases on an immediate basis, carry basic medicines with you. make sure that you carry those medicines which you are habited for a long or it is taken by the guidance of the doctor.

15) Tickets Booking

Now, when you have got a plan in-hand; check for the availability of the tickets and book them as soon as possible. In case, you are traveling by air, note that the early you book air tickets, the cheaper they are. Rail tickets’ booking is similarly accessible four months prior to a date.

For a road journey, all you need is just to set yourself in a driving seat. If you are somebody traveling by bus, get hold of the most comfortable seats you can. Avoid last-row seats and the seats above the wheels, they prone to give you roller-coaster rides on uneven roads.

16) Pack only what is Important to You

Remember you are going for a vacation; unnecessary luggage would irritate you while making check-ins and check-outs from one place to another. Make a list, of things and stuff most important and useful to you.

Check on the weather and the climate and carry clothing accordingly. It would be recommended to roll the clothes instead of folding and packing them. In this way, you will get ample place and limited luggage to carry too.

17) Stay healthy

Throughout your journey please make sure you keep yourself hydrated. Drink a lot of water (packaged water or carry your own water). Try not indulging in outside food unless from authenticated restaurants.

It is preferred to carry nuts and cookies with you. This stays long, is not messy and stomach filling as well. Carry magazines, books, your favorite music playlist, etc., to keep yourself busy and entertained.

18) Vanity kit, First aid and Sanitation Handy

Vanity kit, First aid and Sanitation Handy

You never know when you could be in need of these things. Keep them handy; carry a small travel sewing kit with at least white and black threads with a sewing needle of course (sewing needle not permissible in airways though). 

Carry bandages, hydrocortisone cream, pain relievers, decongestant, anti-diarrheal, anti-nausea medicines, tweezers, etc, in your first aid travel kit. Also, keep a sanitizer with you along with your essential sanitation and toiletry needs.

19) International Travel Documentation

Make copies of your passports, visa copies (in case of overseas travel), national ID, recent passport size photographs, etc. it is advisable to scan and send copies to your mail from where you can retrieve them easily.  

As a backup, leave a copy of your passport with your trusted friend. In fact, take a picture of all the documents on your phone camera and store it for future references.

20) Mandatory things for International Vacation

Get your money conversions right and know them well. Carry local cash of the place as not every place may accept credit cards. The same thing applies to credit cards too. See if they provide international acceptance or not. Call your credit card company before you leave and put a travel alert on your card. While you are at it, jot down their international customer service number.

Check-in with your country doctor about your proper vaccinations and health issues; get revised date prescriptions from your doctor. Also double-check with your health insurance company if the policy applies overseas or not, and if not, you take that extra coverage for God forbid, if you fall sick overseas, shedding a lump sum amount from your pocket can be painful.

21) Stay Away from Tourist Traps

There will be guides who will be willing to take you to places at exorbitant prices and you will have to move as per their whims and fancies. Instead, get guidebooks. They include maps, keywords, phrases, and details pertaining to places to visit.

Take internet activation on your mobile and download the app for maps. It will help you getting guided throughout. You could roam around the places with the local bus services, trams, trains, local, or even cabs.

They say, ‘you can’t be happy at the destination if you can’t be happy on the journey. Thus, keep such travel tips in mind and you are set to travel carefree and a happy one. You can also share other travel tips based on your travel experience

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