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Khajuraho Dance Festival is truly an awe-inspiring event that celebrates India’s vibrant culture and legacy. It emphasizes the fusion of classical music, dance, and other performing arts and serves as a reminder to keep Indian culture alive.

Every year, this gorgeous festivity takes place in partnership with Madhya Pradesh Kala Parishad at the grand Khajuraho Temples for seven days during February. An array of artists from across India come together to present exquisite performances mesmerizing both domestic and international tourists alike.

49th Khajuraho Dance Festival 2023 Overview:

The captivating 49th Khajuraho dance festival 2023 envelops everyone witnessing it in its charm and beauty – boasting an itinerary filled with enthusiasm and entertainment that never fails to impress!

History of Khajuraho Dance Festival:

Khajuraho Dance Festival 2023

Despite Khajuraho’s long-standing, the exact history of this particular location remains a mystery, as many records and references are lacking. Although its past remains unknown, Khajuraho’s attraction lies in the beautiful artworks displayed on its walls and pillars; featuring intricate carvings of gods, goddesses, and legendary creatures.

The Khajuraho Nritya Samaroh started in 1975. Every year tourists from around the globe gather to witness this one-week festival of classical dance extravaganza inspired by the divine Hindu mythology. Dance, an art form and spiritual practice often seen as a form of prayer or an offering to gods and goddesses, carries an incomparable significance in these ancient stories. Khajuraho has a rich tradition of folk dance and music.

Along with numerous traditional Indian forms like Kathak, Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi, other international styles are also often featured in performances throughout the festival. It’s a spellbinding week of artistic expression and brings together music, dance, and prayer – a truly magical experience not to be missed!

Major Attractions at Khajuraho Dance Festival 2023:

Dances at Khajuraho Dance Festival
Performances by artists

During the course of the festival, a diverse range of Indian classical dance forms is showcased – from Bharatnatyam originating in Tamil Nadu to Kathak derived from storytelling. These performances are spectacular expressions of culture and art. Through intricate hand gestures and postures, the dancers narrate fascinating stories while spectators enjoy every moment with rapt attention.

Here you will also be able to enjoy Kuchipudi, a traditional dance form emanating from the village of Kuchipudi in Andhra Pradesh, whose steps and expressions are based on the Hindu Sanskrit text Natya Shastra. A contrast to it is Manipuri, or Jagoi, a dance-drama performance native to the region of Manipur in northeast India.

Khajuraho Dance Festival Dance Performance

If these beautiful styles are not enough, the festival also showcases the musical performances of India’s classical music artists. It is truly a sight to behold as they move their hands gracefully over Mridangam and Tabla beaters, creating a harmonious dialogue with the skilled dancers.

So if you’re looking for an outstanding cultural experience, make sure you put this incredible festival on your list!

Things to Do at Khajuraho Dance Festival 2023:

Khajuraho Dance Festival Nrutya

It’s an incredible week to be a part of – from traditional performances from some of the best classical Indian dancers to talks on the history and culture given by some renowned scholars, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy in the coming 49th Khajuraho dance festival 2023.

The surroundings of the temples play a harmonious backdrop to truly celebrate the heritage and art that this fine land has been home to for centuries. Exploring the grounds and soaking up its raw energy are just a few things you can explore during your time at the festival – with delicious local cuisine right in front of you, you can also get a taste of earthy India while you’re here.

Celebration of Different Art Forms at Khajuraho Dance Festival:

Dance performance at Khajuraho Dance Festival

Here is what you can witness while on your trip to attend Khajuraho Dance Festival:

  • Kathak dance
  • Art exhibitions
  • Discussion between artists from different parts of the country and art lovers
  • Film screening
  • Art award ceremony

How to Reach Khajuraho Dance Festival:

The nearest airport is Khajuraho, which is just 2.9 km away from the Khajuraho temple. This connects the rest of India with Khajuraho.

The nearest railway station is Khajuraho railway station, which is 5.9 km away from Khajuraho temple.

Khajuraho is also well connected by bus service from various cities across India. The condition of the road is quite good and the driving experience would be enjoyable. 

For visitors to the Khajuraho Dance Festival, Madhya Pradesh Tourism has set up a free bus service that will take them to the Maharaja Chhatrasal Museum (also known as the Dhubela Museum) and back to Khajuraho.

What types of dance performances are featured at the festival?

Below are the most performed dance performances in Khajuraho Dance Festival that you may enjoy this year as well.

  • Kathak
  • Bharatnatyam
  • Kuchipudi
  • Manipuri

Come, attend this 7 days long festival, and witness Indian classical dance performances by artists across the country.

Khajuraho Dance Festival 2023 Schedule:

20 FebruaryJanaki RangarajanBharatnatyam
20 FebruaryDhirendra Tiwari and Aprajeeta SharmaKathak-Bharatnatyam (Duet)
20 FebruaryPrachi ShahKathak
21 FebruarySree Lakshmy GowardhanKuchipudi
21 FebruaryMaithil Devika, Dhanup P.K. and Arjun KulthingalMohiniattam (Trio)
21 FebruaryVaibhav Aarekar and GroupBharat Natyam (Group)
22 FebruaryPrateesha SureshSatriya
22 FebruaryHimansi Atargadda and Arathi NairKuchipudi – Bharatnatyam (Duet)
22 FebruaryKadamb Center for DanceKathak (Group)
23 FebruaryRamli Ibrahim & GroupOddisi (Group)
23 FebruarySanjukta SinhaKathak
23 FebruaryTejaswani Sathe and GroupKathak (Group)
24 FebruaryAkash Malik and Rudra Prasad RoyKathakali and Contemporary (Duet)
24 FebruaryShaswati Garai GhoshOdissi
24 FebruaryBala Vishvanathan and Prafull Singh GehlotBharatnatyam + Kathak (Group)
25 FebruaryJanani MuraliBharatnatyam
25 FebruaryVaijanti Kashi and GroupKuchipudi Group
25 FebruaryNivedita Pandya and Somy BoseKathak – Oddissi (Duet)
25 FebruaryGajendra Kumar Panda – TridharaOddissi (Group)
26 FebruaryGopika VermaMohiniattam
26 FebruaryArupa Lahiri and GroupBharatnatyam + Oddissi + Kathak + Mohiniattam (Group)
26 FebruaryPushpita Mishra and GroupOddissi (Group)

Additional Details on 49th Khajuraho Dance Festival 2023 (Dates, Tickets Price, Schedule, Contact Number):

Image Source: The Times of India
Khajuraho Dance Festival 2023 DatesFebruary 20, 2023, to February 26, 2023
Khajuraho Dance Festival 2023 Time5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Khajuraho Dance Festival 2023 Tickets PriceFree
Khajuraho Dance Festival 2023 VenueWestern Group Of Temples
Khajuraho, Chhatarpur (M.P.)

Are you ready to be a part of this delightful extravaganza?

Step into the fascinating world of Khajuraho and discover its gems one by one. The city is a paradise for art, culture, and architecture lovers offering an unparalleled spectacle that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. You can explore dozens of shrines, temples, sculptures, and inscriptions crafted with sheer brilliance that will take your breath away. There are endless opportunities to delve deep into India’s vibrant culture and traditions amidst spectacular surroundings, so don’t miss out on this unique experience! So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and plan your trip right away – you won’t regret it!

FAQs on Khajuraho Dance Festival:

What is Khajuraho Dance Festival 2023 schedule?

The festival will start on February 20, 2023, Monday and last till 26th February, Sunday.

Khajuraho dance festival Started in which year?

The Khajuraho dance festival started in 1975.

How can I reach Khajuraho for the festival?

The nearest airport is Khajuraho Airport. The nearest railway station is Khajuraho Railway Station, which is well-connected to major cities in India.

How can I book tickets for the festival?

There is no need to make a booking because the festival is free and open to everyone.

How long does the festival last?

The festival typically lasts for seven days.

Is there any accommodation available for visitors during the festival?

Yes, there are several hotels and guesthouses in Khajuraho that offer accommodation for visitors during the festival.

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