Malabar River Festival 2019 – Asia’s biggest Kayaking festival in India

Malabar river festival is considered as Asia’s biggest Kayaking festival which attracts over 150 participants across the world to showcase their Kayaking skill. Malabar river festival 2019 is organized on behalf of Kerala Adventure tourism promotion society by Kerala Kayak Academy and Madras Fun Tools.

Brief about Malabar river festival

This year, the Malabar river festival will be held across the rapids of the rivers Kuttiyadi, Chalipuzha, and Iruvanjhipuza in Malabar. The Kayaking competition will be held in 2 different categories mentioned below:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate Kayakers
  • Best paddlers from Indian sub-continents

Tickets categories are divided into below two sections:

1. Professional Category  

  • BoaterCross, Downriver time-trial, Slalom & Freestyle
  • Lunch on all days of the festival
  • Festival T-shirt and Race-Bib

2. Intermediate Category 

  • Downriver time-trial, Slalom & Boatercross
  • Lunch on all days of the festival
  • Festival T-shirt and Race-Bib

* Tickets can be purchased at the festival venue. Online ticketing coming soon

Joe Rea Dickins kayaking

The registration for the event has already been started and here is the brief about important links, venue and dates for this river festival of 2019:

What are you waiting for? Just check official website and experience this Asia’s biggest Kayaking festival 2019.

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