Pushkar Fair 2019 – World’s Largest Camel Fair (Mela)

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If you love exploring the culture and heritage of India, you should not miss Pushkar mela this year 2019. Let me tell you why?

Pushkar Camel Fair Evening
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You must have heard about the fairs organized on the occasion of certain festivals. These fairs have various stalls of accessories, food, utilities and entertainment. But have you come across a fair for camels and other livestock? It is equally colorful, fascinating, and spirited. Yes, Camel Fair aka Pushkar Camel Fair aka Pushkar Mela or even The Pushkar Festival is for you. Pushkar city of Rajasthan state organizes world’s largest camel fair annually between the month of October to November every year. The Pushkar camel mela has enough of exhibitions, competitions and events to attract visitors across national and international boundaries. It is organized for eight days this year and holds the crown for world’s most extensive cattle fairs.

This year it is to be held from Monday 4th November 2019 to Tuesday 12th November 2019.

Local people also attach some religious stories behind this Pushkar fair. It is one among Rajasthan Tourism’s prized possession.

What does History say about Pushkar Mela?

In line with folklore, 33 Million Hindu Gods and Goddesses gathered at Pushkar Lake on every Purnima to sanctify the lake. This is why the lake is supposed to be as holy. Thus, a large number of tourists visit the Pushkar Lake for a sacred soak to sweep away their sins. They also visit the one of its kind in the country; the Lord Brahma Mandir. It is said that the waters of this lake possess medicinal properties.

Festival Celebrations: When and Where?

In the Ajmer district of Rajasthan, this fair is held at Pushkar village. The fair begins from October and November on the occurrence of the holy Kartik Purnima, the auspicious day of full moon in Kartik month. This year, the Pushkar fair 2019 is going to start on 4th Nov 2019 till 12th Nov 2019.

Tourist Attractions of Pushkar Mela 2019

Pushkar Lake
Photo by Niraj Bariya

Besides the exhibition of camels and livestock; there are many other events organized throughout the fair to keep the visitors entertained. These activities enrich the complete involvement in the fair. Being a part of these events and happenings in the fair is itself a memorable experience for the lifetime.

Spectators get seated at the specially designed gallery

The elevated sitting arrangement made for the spectators is worth a wait. The opening ceremony of this fair can be well witnessed from this area. The colourful and vibrant costumes on the camels and horses keep the onlookers to wait for more. The riders all dressed in the traditional Rajasthani garbs flaunting their respective partner do pose for photographs.

The Camping Action

Pushkar keeps its fans full of energy and adventure. For all the enthusiasts, there is an option for camps which have the modern facilities from air-conditioned rooms to luxury mattresses. The Sky Waltz Camp is a rich camping experience to have here. Apart from the usual fair and hustle bustle, the camping expedition brings in prominent personalities and musicians to keep the fair fever on.

Watch the Ground Activities from Hot Air Balloons

Puskar cannot get better than this. Experience the hot air ballooning with all the safety precautions taken. It is an hour ride, but the breathtaking view of Pushkar will keep you mesmerized. The assortment of civilization and contemporary cultures can be felt with the sky-high countryside view. Apart from hot air ballooning, paramotors, quad biking, horse riding are good options too to make this holiday a memorable one.

The Cattle Carnival

The mela is an authentic place to trade for livestock. The cattle owners bring their bovine animals dressed at their best, mostly the Rajasthani attire, to be sold or bought. This is unique cattle carnival and the biggest attraction of Pushkar mela and this is the reason, Pushar fair is also known as camel fair too.

A Spot for Seeking Solace

Pushkar is more importantly known for its religious gatherings too. There are temples where some religious activities are conducted. In fact, it is the Pushkar Lake that is regarded as a sacred lake for Hindus. So much is its significance that the lake is described as Tirtha-Raj (meaning king of pilgrimages’ sites) and hence a temple is built in the name of the creator God Brahma. Tourists make it a point to visit this place during their stay at the Pushkar fair.

A Souvenir Is a Must

You cannot resist yourself from the art crafts that the PushkarMela offers. There are various stalls set up to display the handicrafts. It is the most desired part of the show within the women population. Whether it is the silver ornaments or printed couture, or the footwear, it has all for everybody.  The baba bags, coconut earrings, wooden earrings, bells, puppets, ethnic anklets, herbal products, you name it, and you can get it here.

The Harmony Half Marathon

One of the most awaited is the Harmony Half Marathon. It is open for everyone, including foreign nationals. Prior registration is a must to participate in the marathon. There are few fitness clauses that one has to abide with.  It starts from Dargah Ajmer Sharif and ends at the Pushkar Stadium Ground.

Places to Stay at Pushkar Mela 2019

There are many options available for accommodation at Pushkar. However, to get a complete feel of the place, it is better to reside in the countryside tents offered by Sky Waltz at the Pushkar camp. They are available with air-conditioned as well as non- air-conditioned tents. We will keep updating this article with more options to stay upon receiving better review and confirmation from our readers.

Reaching Pushkar

Let us segregate in 3 modes of transport for obvious reasons-

  • Airways- The Sanganer airport in Jaipur is closest to Pushkar. It is about 146 km from where you can take a private vehicle to reach your destination.
  • Railways– Earlier Pushkar Terminus Railway station hadn’t started until 2012. It has become easy for the commuters to get connected via Ajmer railway station to reach Pushkar.
  • Roadways– There are regular buses at intervals which take you to Pushkar and its adjoining areas.

A trip to Pushkar fair 2019 is a must. If you haven’t planned yet, it is the perfect time to go. Bag packs and you are ready!

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