Dwarka, Gujarat, India

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About Dwarka

Sited at the western tip of the Saurashtra headland, Dwarka relishes amazing significance in Hindu wisdom. It is the only place deliberated both one of the four major holy places (Char Dham), as well as one of the seven antique towns (SaptaPuris) to stopover. This is why, lots of travellers and antique scholars have come here over the periods. Visit the enormously attractive Jagat mandir temple which is bounded on one side by the ocean shoreline and on the rear by the town of Dwarka. It is also visited by great numbers of visitors for its connotation with the great bhakti saint MeeraBai.

Also visit the Shree Dwarkadhish Mandir when you are here along with several notable temples, like Rukmini Devi Temple, GomtiGhat, and Bet Dwarka. There is also a lighthouse at the land end point of Dwarka where sunset and sunrise looks so good. Taking pictures is prohibited in many temples of Dwarka and you are not supposed to visit the temples in impure state. Temples are opened throughout the year for darshan. State Highway with Jamnagar and Okha also connects to Dwarka. Nearest airport is Jamnagar.

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