Goa Beyond Just Tourism – Understand Current Situation of Goa from Local Goenkar

Published By: TheIndia on September 5, 2017

We all knows that Goa is one of the best tourist destination of India and millions of tourist visits Goa every year.  Recently we came across one serious discussion on Facebook group started after someone published post about Portuguese Passport and Goa local. Here we don’t want to enter in to political or personal debate but after reading this post written by Mr. Anish Albuquerque a local Goenkar, we thought to share his feeling with our readers. Please go through the entire post and be responsible traveler.

Here is the entire post in his own words.

responsible traveller goa

My Dear Mangesh Bab,

I am Indian Passport Holder, Working in Goa from the Age of 21 (Now 33 years old). It’s been a while that I am in the highest Tax Bracket not out of my inheritance but because of the long hours and days I have put at work. (I pay my Govt. what is my due)
Since you have suddenly woken up about migration and read your demeaning comments please read my experience of Indian Passport holder born and working in Goa –

#1. I have two cars but need to Travel by Bike because there is no proper parking in my City Panjim. (since my job entails me to meet people). If I am going out of the City I am forced to take my car as my Govt. (past and present) can’t tackle the Taxi mafia.

#2. My Office in Panjim has a well from which we used to draw water and the same has been contaminated by Sewage. We now have tanker water. The PWD pipes too seem to be very close to sewage lines which makes me worry about the Quality of water I drink.

#3. I now live in Caranzalem which is bordering a Nullah (Sewage Water) which used to be a Beautiful creek of Fresh flowing water. No Govt. (past and present) could solve this issue.
My Building in Caranzalem gets PWD water in trickles and thus we only survive on Tanker water which is burdening our Society Funds. I am also unsure what is the source of the Tanker water and worry of the repercussions on our health.

#4. The Flat currently which I live in has been purchased by my father for me. With my current and future remuneration it will be very difficult for me to purchase a home for myself let alone for my children. Housing is unaffordable today for an average Goan and I wonder if I will be able to do the same things my father has done for me. I usually refrain from taking loans.

#5. The Campal ground in heart of the City which we used to have my NCC March Past has become and garbage dump. Central Library stench unbearable when I used to visit. Roads, by lanes, Beaches and even fields being littered with garbage. Garbage is strewn everywhere. No Govt. (past and present) could solve this issue.

#6. Today I fear for my safety and of my family as Crime rates have surged. I see Migrants and single men from other states sitting in groups. They ogle at women or are busy on their phones surfing porn (thanks to Reliance JIO). I am not against them but there is no record of them, houses are illegal shanties (patronized by Politicians) and sexually frustrated as their family is at their native place. With this huge influx I fear for the safety of my family. Sharpshooters, Drug gangs further add to the woes.

7. I never visit the beaches I love (Calangute, Baga, Candolim) as I have seen what the area was before and what it is now. Haphazard and ugly buildings, shops, drugs, parties, traffic chaos. Terrible so called Goan food in restaurants. There is nothing ‘Goan’ in Goa anymore. Isn’t that what people want to see when they come?? Goa! Sadly, Goa Tourism is going to die a slow death and its sad No one can see it.

#8. Today most of my close friends in the Business community behind closed doors complain how rotten the system has become. Files don’t move without money changing hands. Unless you have Political Patronage or money you can’t do a legitimate business. Panchayats, Govt. Depts., and even NGOs, have become a hub of corruption. No one speaks out as they fear their business will get hit or vendetta politics.

#9. I never visit the Govt. Hospital and would have to go to Mumbai if ever I suffer a serious ailment.
The Govt provides my family a support of upto Rs. 2,00,000/- under DDS which would not suffice a day’s treatment if my condition was bad. I thus need to provide for my own Healthcare. I have to work harder to have a medical contingency fund for my old age too when insurance becomes expensive.

#10. Coming to the Portuguese which seems clear you dislike and you ought to as they oppressed and colonized Goa, However the Infrastructure, Bridges, Sewerage system and Buildings they made are still standing strong. They never took shortcuts. My Govt. today constructs Roads, Bridges and Buildings in Goa with no proper planning and quality control. Pains to see wastage of Public money in the shoddy works executed which may not even last a decade. (I pay my Govt. what is my due and what do we get in return).

Coming to Washing of Toilets, I too have to wash the toilet before use here if God Forbid I have to use a public restroom in Goa or anywhere in India.

The Point I am trying to Drive Mangesh Bab is that whoever has moved out of Goa has done the same for a ‘Better quality of Life’ for them and their future generations. Is it wrong for them to do it ? No.

Quality of Life (Quality of life (QOL) is the general well-being of individuals and societies, outlining negative and positive features of life. It observes life satisfaction, including everything from physical health, family, education, employment, wealth, religious beliefs, finance and the environment.) – If our Government is true to improving our Quality of life NO GOAN WILL EVER LEAVE GOA!

No Congress No BJP No Hindhu No Catholic. No Fake Profile No Real Profile
I’m a Goan.

Next time whenever you visit Goa, keep in mind that you will live this please in couple of days but there are native who stays here. Be responsible traveler, love Goa, explore Goa and Respect Goa.

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3 thoughts on “Goa Beyond Just Tourism – Understand Current Situation of Goa from Local Goenkar

  1. Milton

    July 20, 2021 at 6:24 pm

    Well written Amish. I too am a Goan, and have very fond memories of Goa, when I used to visit my grandma, in Aldona. From the time we landed in Goa, we could literally take in a deep breath and all you got, was a clean whiff of air And you could see fields, as far as the eye could see. Last time 2007. Horrible visit!. Soot from the diesel trucks in Mapuca and filth strewn, all over the beaches. I would so much, like to visit Goa again, but I suspect, it will leave me with tainted memories and I do not want to spoil the untouched images of Goa. I wish you all the luck, in fighting for your cause.

  2. Anish Albuquerque

    June 6, 2018 at 9:57 pm

    Thank you for publishing my views.. Please do take the same as constructive criticism.
    Please do visit Goa for what Goa is and not for a cheap Holiday.

    1. TheIndia

      June 9, 2018 at 3:59 pm

      Thank you very much for sharing your views Anish ji and we as a responsible travel community portal clearly understand your constructive criticism and this is the reason we published this article.

      Hope people will value the nature / beauty / beaches and the amazing people of Goa.


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