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Plan a Girnar Parikrama this Season: Check the Best Girnar Hotels and Places to Visit

Published By: TheIndia on July 29, 2021

Mount Girnar is a popular pilgrimage in the Junagadh district in Gujarat. At the peak of the Mount is Dattatreya Temple, which is known as the Datar peak and is the final destination for tourists. This peak is revered by the Hindus as well as the Muslims. The terrain of this region is different from the rest of Gujarat. The mountain is known to be older than the Himalayas. This region also holds many festivals like the Girnar Parikrama Festival and Bhavnath Fair. Other temples near Mount Girnar are the Neminath Temple, Ambika Mata Temple, Samprati Raja Temple, and Chaumukhji Temple. The mountain has a height of 3666 feet. It is also a major destination for trekkers as the place gives an experience of adrenaline rush.

girnar parikrama

Mount Girnar is just 5 km away from the Junagadh district of Gujarat. It is easily accessible from different parts of India. Those who travel by air can reach Junagadh by train or by road from Ahmedabad or from Rajkot airport. If you want to travel by air then the nearest airport is Keshod Airport, 40 km from Girnar. From here, a taxi can be hired towards the mountain. If you are traveling by train, then the nearest railway station is Junagadh. Road travel is the most convenient route to travel to Mount Girnar as many transport options are available. 

Guide to Girnar Parikrama

The most important reason why people visit Mount Girnar is for Girnar Parikrama. Many people from across the country visit the Girnar Parvat for this reason. This Parikrama starts from Bhavnath to the Zina Bawa Ni Madhi, at a distance of 12 km. The next point is Malvela, at a distance of 8 km. The next stop to Bordevi is at about 8 km. The final stop from Bordevi to Bhavnath is located 8 km away. This Parikrama takes place during the month of Kartik in the Hindu calendar. The pilgrims who perform this Parikrama seek blessings at all the temples that fall on the way of the Parikrama.

Guide to Girnar Parikrama

The Girnar Parikrama happens every year on the occasion of Dev Diwali (in the month of November). Many pilgrims from Gujarat take part in this Parvat Yatra. The length of this Parikrama is 38 km. The road of this Parikrama is in the Gir Forest area. The region is opened up only for 5-10 days during this festival.


This region is also popular for its trek. This is the base point of the trek at a distance of 4 km east from Junagadh. It is called Girnar Talati. The trek to Mount Girnar is started early in the morning. Many adventure lovers like to undertake this journey early morning or late in the night during the full moon. The trek has many rest points. The entire trek to the summit of the mount takes about 4 hours. The Dattatreya Temple marks the summit. The morning Aarti at the temple is also popular among the trekkers. The total number of steps to the peak of the mount is 9000 steps. This trek has a steep incline which can make it difficult to reach the top but the view from the top makes this trek worth it.


Mount Girnar and all its temples remain open for tourists throughout the year but the main route among the Gir Forests opens up only during the Dev Diwali festival in November every year.

Guru Dattatreya Temple

The Dattatreya Temple which is an ancient and top most temple on Mount Girnar. The Guru Dattatreya Temple is located at a hill located 10,000 steps on the mount. Guru Dattatreya is the human manifestation of the Hindu Gods, Brahma Vishnu & Mahesh.

Important Spots on Girnar Parikrama Route

Girnar Parikrama Route Map
  • The Girnar Parikrama starts from the Dudheshwar temple at Girnar Taleti and the total distance is 36 Km.
  • From the Dudheshwar Temple, then the next pass is through the dense forests in Ghodi.
  • The next stop is Zina Bava Ni Madhi, 12 km away from Bhavnath. The largest dam Hasnapur dam is located near the Zina Bava
  • The temple Chandra – Mauleshwar is situated on the way of Girnar Parikrama Route Map. Many lions are also sighted here. 
  • From Zina Bava Ni Madhi the pilgrims reach Malvela which is a beautiful temple. 
  • Another option is to reach from Malvela via the Sarkhadiya Hanuman.
  • Pilgrims also visit the Suraj-Kund from Sarkhadiya Hanuman.
  • After this, the pilgrims climb down Nalpani Ghodi.
  • The climb down takes them to Bordevi. 10 Km away from Bhavnath Taleti. It is the last spot of Girnar Parikrama.

Girnar Ropeway: Know the Timings and Booking Details

Girnar ropeway is Asia’s lengthiest ropeway. It was firstly proposed in 1983. It connects Girnar taleti to Ambaji temple inside 10 minutes of ropeway ride. The ropeway is 2,320 metres (7, six hundred ft) long, takes passengers 850 metres (2,800 ft) above the hill to the Amba temple. The ropeway is equipped with all the ultra-modern facilities, comfort to folks who are in any other case not able to climb 5000 steps to attain the summit.

If you want to book a web ticket for the Girnar car, visit its website The ticket prices for Girnar Ropeway are ₹400 for one-way and ₹700 for two-way. For kids between 5 and 10 years of age, the fare is just ₹350.

Ropeway Timings – 9:00 AM TO 4:00 PM

Girnar Hotels and Ashrams

Here, we have mention a few Girnar Hotels and Ashrams that you can book at the time of your journey if you wish to stay in over a weekend.

Girnar Hotels and Ashram Stay

Hotel Sapphire

This is a comfortable hotel in Junagarh that offers many services like free Wi-Fi, clean rooms, and a restaurant. It also provides many other services. It is an affordable hotel that offers decent services for all types of travelers.

Address: J.B.COMPLEX, OPP, Bus Stand Rd, Junagadh, Gujarat 362001

Bellevue Sarovar Portico

This hotel is a great option in the city that offers many services like free parking, free high-speed internet, a pool, free breakfast, and many other amenities. It also offers other services like a spa and air conditioning. Many other amenities are also provided at this hotel.

Address: Railway Station Rd, Mullawada, Junagadh, Gujarat 362001

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Prernadham Lal Gebi Ashram Girnar

This is a popular ashram and also a Dharamshala in Junagadh. It is well maintained and located conveniently. It is located near the Girnar Taleti. They also offer transportation facilities for Junagadh sightseeing. The rooms in the ashram rooms are spacious and they also provide a food facility. The Prernadham Lal Gebi Ashram is located 500 meters from Talati. 

Address: Taleti Rd, Bhavnath, Gujarat 362004

Girnar Sadhana Ashram

Address: Bhavanath Taleti Girnar Sadhana Ashram(Punit Ashram, Bhavnath, Gujarat 362004

The ashram was established by Maharishi Shri Punitachariji in the holy Girnar Mountain. It is connected with a motorable road. The surroundings of the ashram are very scenic. The sadhakas who live here carry out chanting, prayers, and meditation. All facilities are provided here including meditation kutirs, Satsang hall, guest house, meditation hall, yagyashala, kitchen, dining hall.

Plan a trip full of adventure and spirituality

November is the prime time when you should visit Girnar Parikrama although you can plan throughout the year. It is advisable to avoid planning during summers. Plan a weekend trip with family and friends if you stay in Ahmedabad or nearby. Or else include this in your itinerary if you are visiting nearby places.

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11 thoughts on “Plan a Girnar Parikrama this Season: Check the Best Girnar Hotels and Places to Visit

  1. Bharati gujar

    July 28, 2023 at 5:11 pm

    nice information .we are planning for girnar parikrama this year, what are the dates when it is opened? in parikrama if we want to take hault where it is to be taken ? is it available as & when we reach over there?

  2. Santha Honnalgere

    February 1, 2023 at 9:26 pm

    Sir, thanks a lot for the valuable information. I want to do the parkrama. In coming November (Karthik Deva Diwali). I’m 70 yrs old and can walk 7-8 km a day. Could I be able to complete the parikarma within 5 days? Appreciate your support n valueable suggestions and advice.

    1. TheIndia

      February 2, 2023 at 11:01 am

      Santha, thank you so much for reading & for your enthusiasm! I’m glad that you found this post informative & helpful.

      It is purely depending upon the actual situation and the traffic in Parikrama. As the terrain is also challenging, we strongly recommend consult physician before you go on Parikrama and plan your distance per day.

  3. Pramod Hirasing Raghuwanshi

    January 30, 2023 at 2:47 pm

    Can you please suggest dharmashala at talethi for two days stay with reasonable cost. On 16 ,17 feb

    1. TheIndia

      January 31, 2023 at 10:45 am

      Thank you for your comment Pramod, it’s nice to reply to your comments. We’ll search for it and can suggest.

  4. Bhavesh

    January 9, 2023 at 3:24 pm

    can you guide me we want to come girnar temple for day from rajkot and back to rajkot by night 8 pm is it possible

    1. TheIndia

      January 10, 2023 at 10:43 am

      Thanks Bhavesh, your comments are noticed and well-appreciated. It’s about 110 km from Rajkot to Girnar temple, you can travel to Girnar temple from Rajkot in one day. It’s advisable to start your journey early morning like 5-6 am, to be back at 7 or 8 pm.

  5. Milind Shende

    December 24, 2022 at 2:44 am

    A devotee can complete the Girnar Parikrama in a day. It hardly takes 10-12 hours to complete the Parikrama. However, if you are planning to stay in the jungle for one night, vendors at the roadside of the jungle may help you for the night halt.

    1. TheIndia

      December 26, 2022 at 11:32 am

      Thank you Milind for the given details, yes; one can definitely complete the parakrama in given time if he / she healthy and physically fit to cover the distance.

  6. Lovanyasen Singh

    October 27, 2022 at 4:29 pm

    Thanks for the valuable information, is the Girnar Parikrama required to be completed in a single day. if not, who helps for the night halt.

  7. Deepakgagwani

    December 6, 2021 at 7:33 pm

    Very good information about old city of India I. e. Junagad. Thanks Deepak Gagwani.


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