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Exploring Maharshtra without Spending Single Money as a Part of My Hitchhiking Trip in India

10 April 2017, Places I explored
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I have started my Hitchhiking trip on 3rd February 2017 and covered 4 states so far. Checkout my entire journey so far by visiting the first part of Hitchhiking trip in India already published here. In this second part of my trip, I will cover my trip across Maharashtra.

Mumbai Diary : Day 1- 30th, March !

I was Lucky enough to reach Mumbai on late evening of 29th March due to 5 Lifts in which 4 were in a Truck, and one in a CAR from Navsari to Mumbai.

Day 1- Mumbai- people call it dream city of India.

As being Nomads traveller, I was thinking to roam around entire Mumbai, but it was bit tough to roam without having single rupees in my pocket. However got several message for hosting in Mumbai due to social connect. Moreover its all happen due to my Relative (Sis- Jiju) who asked to come and enjoy Mumbai.

I took rest for first day and went out for hangout at Juhu beach, wherein I got chance to see - PRATIKSHA, JALSA - House of Amitabh bachchan, Visited local market of Lokhandwala. Had panipuri at Juhu beach food junction. It is one of the most beautiful beach I enjoyed and relaxed there. Finally went out for dinner at Famous Food court named of : Amar Juice and Food Court at Juhu and had my favorite south Indian food - Msala Dosa n Pizzazz. It was around 11:00 PM when we came back and had overnight chat about my travel story across Gujarat and other 3 states.

PS: At the moment I am in Mumbai and planning for staying few day's here to roam around all amazing places to visit in Mumbai. If you or your friends are there let's connect and hangout if you want to hear my traveling stories and amazing experience to explore 4 states so far. “I’m doing Hitch Hiking Adventure as Traveling entire India without single money since 3rd Feb till now to spread the humanity “

Story Time : #Mumbai #Diary : Day 2- 31st March

Although I had planned to visit Sidhivinayak temple on 31st March (today) but on the other side I was in touch with a CS GUY Named of Mr. Sameer Tendolkar on my CS hangout when I opened on first day in Mumbai (30th March). He started interesting conversations at first stage wherein he came to know about my travel and asked for plan out Sidhhivinayak darshan tomorrow.

Hence I woke-up at 9:00 AM and got-up fresh, as decided to meetup around 11:30 AM at Hypercity-Inorbit Mall with Sameer. Finally tasted most popular common food of Mumbai- Vada Paw. :) in breakfast. Although Sameer was just like stranger before our conversation, but he lifted me in his car while having sweet smile on his face, warm welcome as being Guest for him, lovely and caring nature throughout way to his home. I was Lucky that I have been lifted by him at such posh area like - Versova- in Rheja Exotica Madh Island in his apartment from where I can see at-least half of Mumbai City.

As it was lunch time hence he offered me first a glass of Mango juice and cooked himself Rajma-Rice, Fried Curd Rice in lunch which we have finished after having long conversation about my travel story around 3:00 PM. We clicked some snap from his apartment and discussed about my upcoming journey. He offered a cup of tea and requested for hangout at Madh beach at 6:00 PM. Finally we came back at same place where he lifted me in the morning-Hypercity-Inorbit mall and wished me best of luck with smiled while see off.

PS: Humanity is everywhere. There is no stranger in this world if you are ready to accept everyone. People's are so kind if you are really humble. Keep smile if you are searching real happiness and spread happiness from your inner heart while helping to each other.

PS: Humanity is everywhere. There is no stranger in this world if you are ready to accept everyone. People's are so kind if you are really humble. Keep smile if you are searching real happiness and spread happiness from your inner heart while helping to each other.

Story Time: #Mumbai #Diary : Day 3 – 1st April 2017

As it was first time for me to be in Mumbai hence without roaming around at Sidhivinayak, Mumba Devi, Haji Ali, Mhalakshmi temple the trip is incomplete. Hence I started my 1st April to roam all those places as mentioned above. It was the day only when I got chance to feel crowd of Mumbai city when I entered in Local train of Mumbai. Although it was planned to just feel the real Mumbai life which I did. (PS: Ticket was sponsored by my relative).

Here is my click from Sidhhivinayak temple located in Mumbai where I got a chance to worship lord Ganesha. It is such a divine experience worshiping the god and feel energetic.

I was lucky enough to visit Haji Ali Dargah located at very beautiful place in Mumbai.

If you will ask about Mumbai life from me, I would say:

1: Mumbai is a Place – Where Nobody sleep without Food.

2: This is the only one city in India wherein we can find people more than land area.

3: King of night-life.

4: A place where no body run without time.

5: A place where dream never die.

6: Busy life-style, tight day schedule.

7: Mumbaikar- A well warm welcome if you are soft, humble, and positive approachable towards them.

8: Financial Hub, Banking Hub, HOD’s, HO’s, Corporate HUB, Trading HUB.

9: Entertainment, Bollywood, Media, Arts, Theater.

10: Don’t forget to mention life line of Mumbai – CST- Local Train, Local Food- Vda Pao-Somosa Pao, Alloo Bhujiya, and local Chowl.

PS: Much more to say, write, share will keep doing as per time schedule. Enjoying Mumbai life since 7 day’s and feeling like now I’m a Mumbaikar. (Will share day by day story by today only- stay tune).

Story Time: #Mumbai #Diary : Day 5 – 3rd April 2017

#Mumbaikar- They are really soft, well behave if you are in manner, too busy but easy to manage their time for you if you are comfortable, love to host you if you have no excuse, will hangout if you are punctuate and available on time, more emotional if you will feel them, respecting you if you are not arrogant. This is all what I felt while meeting this Guy- Mr. Anand from Vile Parle who took initiative to meet me while sending me message on my official Facebook account after knowing about my travel story.

As I was staying with my Friend near Wadala on 2nd April, hence he decided to pick me up from there only on 3rd April at 9:00 AM. We meet at same time, same point as decided and started our day with a warm hug while interacting at first time. He was so curious about me, my traveling experience, my nomad life, nomad story.

How can I disappoint him-Hence started sharing all those moments of this travel which will never forget in my life, those people who love me like they are, and those family who never wan let me go from their house. AHHHHH feeling again emotional I wish I could love them as they want. I got chance to see south Mumbai through his gesture, roamed around Few known spot like: Mani Bhavan, Banganga Kund, hanging garden, Mumba Devi, Javeri Bazar, had declisous food at famous restaurant named of Shree Thakar Bhojnalay, watched Nam Shabana Movie.

Best part of him: He is free from tension. Free Birds for his own choice. Never regret what he has not done yet. Happy for small things. Never waste his time for crying in his sad mood.

Finally he dropped me till my destination with lots of memories.

Dedicating few lines of a song for him: “ AA Lag ja Tu Gle, Rahe Na koi Kasar- Mai Bhi kuch Sawar Jaunga jo Hoga tera Asar. “

Fall in Love with #Mumbaikar.

Story Time: #Mumbai #Diary : Day 6 – 4th April 2017

Will you always believe on luck? Or Effort? If you will ask personally from me, I would love to say both while giving priority to effort with respect to luck. As it happened while meeting this personality (Mr. Abhishek from #Borivali – Mumbai) on 4th April at #Goregaon west Railway station. We were trying to meet since long as he came to know about me, my travel. I was not able to be sure for meeting him as per his desire dates due to others meetup from lovely #Mumbaikar.

Finally a day came when we got chance to meetup with unlimited talk, questions, and travel story. As usual I have to go to Goregaon west station as it was now familiar and easy access to me wherein he can lift me. We went Ghatkopar by metro while deep conversation about motive of travel. We watched inspirational movie Poorna which is on basis of Everest. We had Ice cream at Famous outlet Naturals with Abhishek choice – Coconut flavor.

It was just beginning of our friendship, our relation, love for a solo traveler, care for a nomad, faith on humanity, trust on stranger, and smile on beautiful faces. He booked a taxi and asked for Juhu Beach as his plan was to roam around till late evening there & enjoy sunset and breathe without tension. We walked almost 2-3 KM without shoes and had one Corn as light taste while walking throughout sea side.

He was eager to show me a play in Famous Prithvi Cafe, Juhu at Juhu hence we decided to move there. AHHH- I was feeling like am I really Nomad? Am I really stranger for him? Am I really away from my home? Seems he knew me what I’m. What I love. Where I love to go. What I love to eat. We spent almost 2 hrs there with food, talk, his travel book, his 5 month travel experiences, his story, his crazy love for Indian train.

Finally dropped by him till my destination while asking for staying in his home with his beloved family & requested to stay more days in Mumbai if can. About Abhishek: A professional banker, #Mumbaikar, Kind heart by nature, Believe in karma, ready to help, love to share without expectation, nature lover, fall in love with Indian train, more friendly to strangers, photogenic by natural, traveler by inspiration.

His best statement or Quote of life: "Always in search of my Next Best".

Story Time: #Mumbai #Diary : Day 7 – 5th April 2017

Mumbai – Meri Jan – Paiso ki Nagri- Sapno Ka sahar- Raftar ki queen.

A city having title of Finance Hub. Where people run first before thinking. Where few sleep after few woke up. Where Local trains are getting tired but not crowd. Even after knowing all this- living all this, facing all this, I’m still amazed to say that yeah I’m enjoying #Mumbai & all #Mumbaikar love without having single rupees in my pocket since 10 days.

Let’s Meet, connect, and hear out story of this crazy sweet heart.

Name: Mr. Satish Poul

We meet because of Couchsurfing hangout platform. We were trying to meet since long but was unable due to lack of time management. Finally we decided to break our all comfort zone and took initiative to meetup at late evening at 9:00 PM. Wherein he took pain to come out till Hypercity-Inorbit Mall near Malad as a meetup point. I reached there before 1 hrs to make sure that I’m not late with respect to Satish. He was excited, I was melting, He was smiling, I was laughing, He was funniest, I was emotional.

This is all happened. We hugged each other with lots of emotion even as being stranger. I know what I mean this, he know what I was for him. This is how we stored as memory. We did hangout, chit chat, shared each other, punched each other, felt like with own blood relation. After having all crazy talk, dinner, we got emotional again while sea off.

I wish I could be as him. Love you Bro for your this kindness towards this Nomad (Ansh Mishra).

Story Time: #Mumbai #Diary : Day 8 – 6th April 2017

We always have doubt, question, concern, If, But, How- Whenever we talk about Female gender especially in India. Let’s read out story about Ms. Heta Patel.

It was lazy day for me on 6th April as was already tired and woke up around 10 AM. We got connected on 5th April at late evening around 9:00 PM when a message popped on my cellphone from a social platform wherein I had posted for hangout near to #Malad – #Inorbit Mall as I was waiting for meetup with Satish Paul who was supposed to come at same place on 5th April. After having full rest on day schedule, we decided for meetup at #Malad –#Inorbit Mall around 8:30 PM after finishing her office work.

As being Stranger to each other, there was no tough call to call are we Friends? Are we known to each other earlier? Did we meetup ever? (This is all questions which are always come in our mind while meeting someone as being opposite sex). Finally we meet on mentioned time at same place with few meter walk. We started our conversation and went in depth about my travel moto, story, and moments whichever I have been collected during these 65 days without single money.

We had light dinner as my evergreen fav Dish so called "Dosa". Don’t know why but people love to offer me. It was almost 11:15 PM when we decided to sea off each other with lots of respect, goodness for female point of view, a faithful friendship which will cheers for lifetime.

About Heta: A well-educated Professional, Corporate Lawyer, Banker, #Mumbaikar but #Gujrati Heart, Solo Traveler, Straight Forward personality, Foody, Positive thinker, beautiful by heart & most of all an Independent girl in India which make us Proud for all Indian.

Wishing you lots of success in your upcoming life.

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