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09 September 2017, Places I explored Howrah Bridge

Dear fellow travelers, my name is Pritam Pandit and I am on a hitchhiking trip to entire north east India with my beloved friend Ansh. Here in this travelogue, I will be sharing how I started my journey, explored amazing places around north east and will share how my journey is leading with lot of love and blessing of local people. My main motive to start this hitchhiking trip to 7 sisters is to make people aware about all amazing places around. I want you to know about the people and culture of these states. I want you to come here without any fear or misconception as the people are very loving and respect tourist. You will see all this from my trip. Here we go!

Day1: -

Me and his travel partner Ansh started this unplanned journey for NorthEast, and it will be hitchhiking trip without money entire 7 Sister State of India. We started traveling from Howrah (Kolkata) to Guwahati (Assam). Here is the photograph we tool at Kolkata station before we left for Guwahati. We were very excited by thinking about the adventure and the love we are going to receive from the amazing people from North east India. Here we go!

Day 2: -

In 2nd Day, we reached Kamakhya railway station around 10:00 AM. We were instantly welcomed by the rain and moved towards the main road and got the first hitch in a Carrying Goods Auto which dropped us till the Kamakya temple Gate. After we got a second hitch in a Car for the uphill till the Temple from the gate. I had a bath there in the pool located inside the temple and trust me, it was biggest re-leaver of the pain through the entire journey. It was too much rush that day that’s the reason we can't be able to do the darshan hence we prayed from the outside & then went straight to the Bhojan Ghar for Bhojan (Free). Then Udit Das came to pick up both. He hosted us today in Guwahati. Udit Das is a travel adventure and we really appreciate his efforts on picking us from the temple and provide us shelter for the day in strange but friendly city of Guwahati. It was tiring day and we went into deep sleep after reaching his home and started dreaming for the upcoming days. Here is our selfie from auto rickshaw who provided lift till the temple gate and it was great trip must day. The drive was very friendly and an amazing person must say. We are very thankful to him for providing this help. This prove that people from all around the world are friendly if we respect them.

Day 4:-

On 4th Day, we met Dennis who hosted us for the 4th whole day. Dennis took us in his car to the home for collecting information regarding Mizoram, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, etc. He is such a lovely guy who not only helped us to plan the rest of the trip but also provided lot of information about the culture and people of this amazing state. It was great meeting him.

Day 5: -

My travel partner Ansh is not feeling well on the 5th day. His body is not supporting him more to hitch on the road so the doctor suggested him on phone to take a good rest as he is hitchhiking penniless in India for the last 165 days (Since 3'feb'17) until recovery. Hence we mutually decided that I will continue this entire NE trip as planned but not totally without money. On the 5th day, I bought House of Quechua. Quechua is waterproof, light weight tent, and it’s easy to carry.

Day 6 : -

Heading for Shillong (Meghalaya) from Guwahati (Assam). On the 6th day, I started to hitchhike on road from morning 8:00 AM. My 1st hitch today in a bike from Airport road till Garchuk main Highway, 2nd hitch also from a bike. I heartily thank to Smith who is a musician & loves old motorcycles. Smith dropped me at Jalugbari from Dighalipokhri (Airport road) total 190 KM. My 3rd hitch is also from a biker who dropped me till Khanapara. I am now going to the highway road (GS highway) for looking my 4th hitch till Shillong (Meghalaya) 70kms more.

Stay tuned.....

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