Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India

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About Places to Visit in Mount Abu

Mount Abu the only hill station of Rajasthan is also known as the Oasis in the Desert. Guru Shikhar in Mount Abu is highest peak of Aravali range situated on an isolated plateau of  hills about 4000ft above sea level. Earlier this beautiful Hill Station was the Summer Administration center for the rajwadas of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

If you are planning to visit Mount Abu, don't forget to explore these best tourist place to make your visit worth are the beautiful Nakki Lake surrounded by the mountains, the market on the lake is a little expensive but fascinating due to the variety of products which can surely make a memory for a shopaholic. Mount Abu have a bundle of amazing rock formations one of them is Toad Rock as the name suggest it looks like a toad watching the beautiful lake have a natural attraction from the tourist, these formations surely expands our intellectual capabilities. Guru Shikhar is the highest peak of Aravali Range and standing on top of the mountain peak of the oldest mountain range is a lifetime experience. The InfraRed Observatory and the surrounding landscape is a gem to watch from Guru Shikhar. The last sightseeing point is Sunset Point, the view of the Sun setting slowly from the holy mountains release our tiredness and set us for a walk in the market which is not far from the point.  The Mountain pass to reach Mount Abu is one of a kind, it’s a spellbound journey.

Best time to visit Mount Abu is a our own choice because every season of the year have its own beauty in the holy landscape. The winter is very cold, summer is pleasant and the monsoon is just not worth describing its like walking in the clouds.