Cant forget that day in my life!!

10 February 2018, Places I explored Dhankar Lake

I wake up around 05:00am at Dhankar Monastery (Gompa)  Spiti (HP), where I stayed last night. Snow fall happened last night (little bit) and it was very cold outside. If you have ever seen or used Spiti Bathroom then I just used it😉...and I was ready for JUST ONLY 4kms trek (one way) towards Dhankar Lake which is situated at 13570 feet.

It seems like an easy trek but it became one of my nightmare.

I started trekking alone & almost after 1.5hrs I reached no where... where is the lake?? Is it really here?? Is it dried up?? So many ques was hitting me at that time. I tried uplifting myself to a mountain & succeed but I saw nothing except the Dhankar Chopper Ground & Spiti River.

My senses stopped working as i cant be able to get down from this mountain & and i lost it completely.. It was 8am & i shouted at my best "KOI HAIN" "BACHAO" like this for 15mins & i felt thirsty. And like everytime i hvn't carried water bottle.. i wonder how i can live here without food,water & shelter if i cant get any help. I started opening my wind cheater,gloves & socks as i not felling cold any more (At 4-5degree temp).

As i always wear sleepers & not shoe i weared it in both of my hand and started coming down using my hand, and i used more energy in getting down at last...but where is that trail which is follwed while coming this way... Oh man!! Again shouted "KOI HAI" "BACHAO" and i end up sitting some where in nowhere. I have no energy left in me & thirsty like any thing.

I'm no more in a positive mind but tried to find out my old trail but all looks like the same...

Now its tym to call my Shiva & I started chanting Shiv Ji's name & believe me guys within 2-4 mins i saw a lady coming my way with her cattles & i asked for water...drank... & she told me that i came on a wrong trail.. I have taken a wrong turn as i went straight ignoring a small board which writes Dhankar Lake 2kms. She told i have to go back straight from this trail & take a right turn for Lake as i came far away.

Actually one have to take a left turn for Lake while coming Dhankar Gompa after 2kms.

I thanked her as she appeared to me like an avatar of Shiv Ji. Finally i came to see that board & took right turn & reached Dhankar Lake.

Watch the video log I made after reaching Dhankar Lake without quitting or taking break.

Jai Bhole Ki!! Har Har Mahadev!!

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