Jogini Fall Trek Has a Special Place in Our Heart! Why? Read on...

21 November 2017, Places I explored Manali, Jogini Falls

Manali is cuddled up in the mounts of the Himachal Pradesh, India near the north end of the Kullu Valley, at the height of 6725 feet above sea level. This place is a beauty in itself and attracts tourists for Manikaran Gurudwara, Vashisht Temple, Naggar Castle, Manu Temple and Jogini Waterfalls.

Yes, this piece of writing will take you directly from seat to the Jogini Waterfall for experiencing the nature, water and beauty altogether. Our (I and my partner's) visit to Jogini Waterfall wasn't planned; we discovered it while on our regular visit to Manali for the weekend trip. Jogini falls trek has a special space in our heart because this was our first trek together so far! Yes, it is true. Let me make you drizzle in the jogini waterfall ones again.

About Jogini Waterfall

The Jogini waterfall is shaped by a stream which is fused into Beas River in the way of a stream's current. It is one of the famous spots to visit in Manali and also one among the famed places to explore in Himachal Pradesh. It flows from a height of approx. 150 feet through numerous stages. A small puddle at the base is shaped by the fall where tourists can dive and bath just for fun. The water flow is chock-full in the rainy season, and it is advised not to jump in this period. Jogini Mata Temple is situated at the base of the fall. It is a revered location to the neighboring villages. The residents often perform the tonsure (mundane) ceremony here.

The trekking route to Jogini Waterfalls is very popular and considered as one of the best short treks near Manali. The march through a tapered lane next to Vashisht temple crossing the apple plantations, towering pine trees and small water brooks leads you to your destination. You can also find some eating place and guest houses here. A mild walk for 1 hour will take you to the base of the waterfall. Though, after walking for 15 more minutes; you can reach the top of the jogini waterfall. It would take 3 hours to reach Vashisth Temple from here. Entire trek path is picturesque through beautiful rural communities allied with the vast gorges. Trekking here would give you a chance to explore and learn more about the attractive local beauty and rural life in Himalayan villages.

Where is it located?

Jogini waterfall is located four km from Vashisht Temple and 7.5 km from Manali Bus Stand. Vashisht is the nearest village to Jogni Waterfalls in Himachal Pradesh. As mentioned earlier a short trek from Vashisth Temple will lead you here. They are found on the Northern verge of Vashisht Village marking its border. There are many private agencies organizing hiking trip to Jogini falls at a nominal charges.

How to Reach Jogini Falls?

You can reach Jogini falls by hiring an auto from Manali to Vashisht Temple or take a ride on your two-wheeler. Park your bike near the Temple, you have trek down for waterfalls.During our trip, we took a ride on our two wheeler till Vashisht temple and then we did a trek till Jogini falls. Generally, this is a safe hiking route but still you are not comfortable hiking alone, you can easily join a group from Manali on prior booking.

Explore on the Way

Get ready with your cameras and hold your heart as you are about to discover God's best creation on the way. Yes, during your trek to jogini falls, you can have a beautiful sighting and amazing views to capture.

Apart from this, you can also visit nearby attraction mentioned below:

• Give a bow at the Jogini Mata Temple

• Cross the attractive villages relishing the rural culture and communities.

• Click the striking views of snow concealed Himalayan peaks and Beas river flowing.

What to Do

Enjoy the untouched beauty at its best. Breathe in and out the freshest and purest of the air. Calm down and set yourself in the hands of nature. I really enjoyed the village life of Vashisht where you can experience how people still living with nature.

Points To Be Noted For Jogini Waterfall

• Be punctual enough.

• Don't miss the only eatery shop on your way as you will not be finding any other. So, halt for a while to sip coffee/tea.

• Don't stop after reaching the base of the waterfall as the destination is top of the fall.

• Don't worry about trekking, it is modest, and anyone can walk.

• For the camera lovers, this is going to be a haven. So charge your cameras before leaving and take a set of extra batteries as well.

• Taking a four-wheeler is strictly not recommended. Finding a parking near temple would be difficult.

• Taking drinking water and some ready to eat food is sensible.


You would have many places to explore. But a short trip to waterfalls will keep energizing to the next tour you plan. A Jogini waterfall is a place where for sure you would feel relaxed and refreshed.

Happy weekend and plan now!

Image Credit - CoupleOnBike trek to Jogini Waterfalls

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Jignesh Gohel ( November 21, 2017 )
Enjoyed reading your experience about Jogini fall trek and will definitely give it a try during my next trip to Manali. Yogesh, is there any places to stay around Vashisht village? I mean is it better option as compare to Manali?

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