14 October 2016, Places I explored Mumbai

So first of all, this post is not about famous points in Panchgani, but strictly about Mapro Fruit Market, because I really enjoyed my time there. In this entire Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar trip, I enjoyed this market the most and then Mahabaleshwar market which I will talk about in my next post.

To wrap up things faster, about points, Panchgani has only one worth visiting point and that is Table land. While driving towards this point you will find this hill flat from the top and grow an interest to reach there. Monsoon is the ideal time to visit any hill station but my trip was unplanned. I just grabbed my traveling bag and made my kiddo, husband, and cousins ready to see this place.

In my last visit, I did not get the chance to roam entire Mapro market, this time, it was all about Mapro. When I reached there I saw some school kids were having really great time tasting all kind of fruit squashes and other products. It was a school trip-I reckoned

Here is what you can do in Mapro Fruit Market:

  1. Left hand side there is an ATM, if you are running out of cash.
  2. From there turn right and you will see Chocolate factory, though you cannot go inside but watch how the chocolate is processed.
  3. Move ahead, and you will find mini store, where you can taste fresh fruit products and purchase favorite. Taste every product and they will serve you nonstop.
  4. You can also shop Mazaama Chocolate products. Almond, raising, cashew nuts and Pan Flavor are some famous products you are going to see. I personally did not enjoy Pan Flavor but other products were really tasty and I finished them before reaching Mahabaleshwar. Get chocolate spread for your toddlers.
  5. Move a little ahead and you will see a garden with small artificial waterfall to entertain visitors. Click pictures and make your day memorable.
  6. Right hand side a few steps beneath the garden, you will find there are toilets and fresh rooms. You can go there and freshen up. The bathrooms were really clean. In India clean public toilets are hardly seen.
  7. Come up and enjoy a small walk to bread station. I actually saw people baking bread and it was a nice treat to watch.
  8. The restaurant was full and we could not find place to sit and eat the food. The food must be really delicious. Here goes another wish in my diary.

I spent entire 2 hours there and really enjoyed the stay. My fridge is full of all the Mapro products. Just outside the market there are some local vendors who offer fresh carrots, and sweet corns. Behind them there is again a small market, you can purchase raincoats, shoes, clothes and other things as per your need.

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