Madhavpur Beach, Gujarat, India

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About Madhavpur Beach

Madhavpur Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Gujarat located at just 58KM from Porbandar. Famous for its long coastal route, Madhavpur gives great view while you are driving from Porbandar to Somnath. One of the most serene and peaceful places to see near Junagadh is Madhavpur Beach. It is extremely peaceful and is worth a family vacation. The beach is lined by coconut trees and pleasant vegetation. It has calm waters that make it worth a visit with the family.

Madhavpur Beach is genuinely one of the most lovely sandy seashores in Gujarat. Madhavpur Beach is an excellent seashore on the Arabian Sea coast in Gujarat. Madhavpur takes its name from the extraordinary ruler Madhav Rao. As indicated by the people's story of this area, Lord Krishna wedded Rukmini in the town of Madhavpur. The seashore is fixed with coconut palms and the water is clear. Situated on Porbandar Veraval Street, this is probably the best seashore in Gujarat and perhaps the best seashore in Gujarat from the best places close to Porbandar.

How to reach Madhavpur beach from Ahmedabad

Madhavpur is well connected by car, train, or plane from Ahmedabad. The distance between Ahmedabad and Madhavpur is 398 km or 247.3 miles. The route via NH47 is considered to be the shortest route to reach Madhavpur beach.

By Train

The nearest railway station near to this seaside is Veraval. The Veraval Railway Station is also well linked with other most important towns like as Trivandrum, Rajkot, Jabalpur, Somnath etc.

By Air

The Porbandar has its own home airport which has great connectivity to other important towns in India.

Things to do at Madhavpur Beach 

Although the Madhavpur Beach is not suitable for swimming thus here you can try some activities like as beach skateboarding, speed boats, parasailing, camel riding, Dolfin Safari, Desert Bike, Banana Boat, Bumper Boat, Jet Ski ride and horse riding.

Best Hotel near, Madhavpur Beach

Madhavpur is well surrounded with lots of high and mid- range hotels and resort to make your visit more memorable and exciting. But if you ask about one good place then the answer is- The Fern Leo Beach Resort, Madhavpur.

Excellent ambience, well maintained and clean rooms equipped with all the modern amenities The resort also has facilities of sea view from balcony and room, which gives you amazing and exciting feeling. The staff are very humble. The hotel serves awesome food quality. Here you will find 10 sea-facing cottages with an open balcony providing the best view possible right at the beach. The beach is surrounded with abundant food court and a live multi-cuisine restaurant. 

Note: The rates and activities mentioned above may vary. So Kindly confirm before booking or going there.

Places to visit near Madhapur Beach

1. Osho Ashram

Madhavpur also has one of the best meditation centers in Osho, where the eminent Oshosanyasi Swami BrahmVedant resides and teaches daily. And it doesn't matter if someone doesn't have the money. You are free to do any work in the ashram and most people get up early to do their work. There is a hall of the Buddha, Ma Ramila Ma Annapurna Annxetra, Gokul, Govardhan and many constructions are in progress. Although the ashram is located in a remote part of Gujarat, it is one of the most beautiful and largest ashrams in Osho in India.

2. Madhavpur Beach Fair

The Madhavour fair is a colorful fair and the best place to learn about the lifestyle and culture of the Mer tribes. The artists of this community recreate their marriages with their life partners to celebrate those of Lord Krishna and Rukmini. According to ancient folklore, Lord Krishna married Rukmini, the daughter of King Bhishmaka here. Madhavpur is on the coast near Porbandar. This event is celebrated with a cultural fair that takes place every year from Ram Navami. The idol of Lord Krishna circles the village and the celebrations generally last five days.

3. Madhavraiji Haveli Temple

Madhavraiji Mandir, located in a small village in Madhavpur Ghed, close to the coastline is a historical place of Gujarat and it's believed that Lord Shri Krishna married to god Rukmani here. In memory of this event, the original temple of Madhavraiji was in-built 12 or 13 century in Rajputana architecture style. The original temple was attacked and destroyed by a Muslim intruders however still some ruined are found here near the recently built temple. This place and temple is currently one among the protected website of Gujarat. The name of the temple is given when one of the names of Lord Krishna, Madhavrai.

4. Krishna Rukmini Temple

Krishna Rukmini Temple is located in Dwarka, just 2 km from the main Dwarka temple. This temple is dedicated to Rukmini Devi, the wife of Krishna. This temple was built around 2500 years ago. This temple is carved and decorated with sculptures of gods. The temple is said to date from the 12th century.




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