Amer Fort, Rajasthan, India

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About Amer Fort

Amer Fort which is also pronounced as Amber Fort has located 11 Km from Jaipur city. This fort is a prime tourist attraction of Jaipur city and is located high on a hill. The town of Amer was originally built by Meenas but later ruled by Raja Man Singh. Amer Fort is 11 km away from Jaipur and its major attraction to the town. Every year many tourists including foreigners come to Rajasthan especially to visit this place.

The architecture, beauty, and surroundings of this place are absolutely amazing. This fort truly shows the rich culture of our country and especially the Rajasthan state. If you ever planning to visit this place then make sure you have time about 3 to 4 hours to spend here else you won't enjoy much. The most important thing is to try to avoid this place on holidays else you will find heavy rush and it will take 1 hour to enter in the fort only.

The traffic will also be very hectic during holidays as the roads are very narrow and less parking space. Rajasthan summer is at its peak always so try to avoid this place in summer also. If you want to know more about Amer Fort then hire a local guide (Approx 200 Rs.) or an audio guide (Approx 150 Rs.) directly from the fort. You can also hire one guide in 2 to 3 small groups which are affordable.

By Air

Jaipur airport is the nearest airport to Amer fort. The Amer fort is located at a distance of 27 kilometers from the airport, which can be reached with the help of taxis, cabs, etc.

By Train

Jaipur railway station is the nearest railway station to this huge fort can be easily reached with the help of a cab, taxi, or bus.

By Road

Amer Fort is well connected by roads to all major cities of Indian states. The nearest bus stop to Amer Fort. It is just 1 km of distance.


Things to Do in Amer Fort, Jaipur

1. Elephant Ride

If you don't want to walk to the top of the hill, you can take an elephant ride to the top. The elephant ride, which takes 30 minutes to reach the top, is very popular here. The cost of an elephant ride for two people is 1000 rupees.

2. Amer Fort History

The fort provides numerous opportunities to learn about Rajasthan's glorious history. Raja Man Singh constructed this fort in 1592. Lord Rama had a descendant named Raja Man Singh. Raja Man Singh built the Amber Fort in 1592. With the succession of kings, the palace grew in size. The fort was finally completed by King Sawai Jai Singh. This palace was home to King Sawai Jai Singh and his family in the year 1700.

3. Trekking trip to the surrounding hills

Amer fort is located at a hilltop so in order to see the beauty of the place you need to do some trekking as well which is a fun and adventurous activity to do at Amer fort.

4. Shopping 

Here you can also get some opportunity to indulge in some handicraft and art workshops at the stalls and handicraft shops in Amer town which is a pleasant experience.

5. Attend the light shows in the evening

In the evening you can also attend the light show which is a great activity to enjoy in Amer fort. This is also available in English and Hindi as well.

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