Jal Mahal, Rajasthan, India

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About Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal is a famous palace located in the middle of Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur city, the capital of the state of Rajasthan, India. The palace and the lake around it were renovated and enlarged in the 18th century by Maharaja Jai Singh II of Amber.

The view from the Jal Mahal palace of the Man Sagar Lake and the Nahargarh hills that surround it is beautiful. The Jal Mahal palace has four hidden floors submerged under the water, and they are really amazing and as beautiful as the visible part of this architectural wonder. A boat ride is the only way to get to the palace because it is submerged in a lake.

The government has declared this place as a protected property, so the only way to reach the boat palace premises is by hiring boat rides. But now the entrance to the place is restricted at present.


How to Reach Jal Mahal

By Air 

Jaipur airport is the nearest airport to reach Jal mahal Jaipur. From Jaipur airport, you can hire a taxi, which will take about 15 minutes. You can also get to Jal Mahal by taking a direct bus from the Sanganer Police Station. By bus, it takes about an hour to get to Jal Mahal.

By Rail

The nearest railway station to Jaipur is Jaipur railway station, from which you can reach Jal mahal. JAIPUR has an integrated rail network that connects it to many neighboring states and major cities via direct trains, including Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Udaipur, and Jodhpur.

By Road

Jal Mahal is also well-connected by road. Because of the well-built highways and scenic beauty along the way, the majority of visitors prefer to travel to Jaipur by road. NH 48, NH 52, NH 21, and NH 248, among others, are some of the city's most well-known expressways.

Things to do at Jal Mahal

1. Photography

Jal mahal provides you with ample of photography opportunities because of the backdrop of the hills and the palace. You can take some amazing photos from the seating areas along the side of the road.

2. Sightseeing

The Water Palace or Jal Mahal is the most beautiful spot in Man Sagar Lake, The place is surrounded by the Nahargarh Hills. You can get an excellent opportunity to appreciate the scenic view of this palace at sunset and sunrise when its beauty is at its peak.

3. A romantic boat ride

Boating on Man Singh Lake is one of the best things to do at Jal Mahal Jaipur. Through boating, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the palace. While boating across the lake, you can also see the Aravali hills, which are home to numerous forts and temples.

4. Street shopping

On the streets of the adjoining Jal Mahal, you will find several hawkers selling traditional Rajasthani jewellery, shoes, and handicraft items which you can’t find anywhere. Through shopping, you can also check your bargaining skills.

5. Bird watching

Watching migratory birds flock in the vicinity of hillsides and the lake will mesmerize you. You can spend a lot of time watching birds and admiring the beauty of the place at sunset.


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