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By Air

Diu Airport connects the city to other major cities in the country by plane.

By Train

Veraval is the nearest Railway Station near Diu which is easily connected with various modes of transportation.

By Bus

Regular buses services are available from Diu or to the other major cities in the country.

About Diu

Diu is a popular tourist spot in Gujarat known for its fishing industry which captivates with its natural beaches. Diu is also famous for its rich history, ancient architecture, and culture. It was a famous Portuguese colony known for its important post from the Portuguese during the colonial period. Diu tourist places offer their visitors a fascinating view of the sunset from here.

Historical Significance:

Though Diu has a long and rich history, its time under Portuguese domination is the most well-known. The Portuguese ruled Diu from 1535 to 1961, and their influence may still be seen in the island's customs, food, and architecture. The largest historical site is the Diu Fort, a huge 16th-century building with a view of the Arabian Sea.

Places to Visit in Diu:

1. Naida Caves:

Naida Caves are the most inspiring rock constructions in Diu. The caves are decorated with an elaborate community of tunnels and large step-like systems that make for a captivating climb. The caves additionally offer true possibilities to photographers because the daylight streaming through numerous cracks makes the scene pretty photogenic. It is a famous diu tourist place.

2. Jalandhar Beach:

Jalandhar Beach is considered the most scenic beach in Diu. The beach has a very peaceful & beautiful climate.  In this beach, diverse water sports activities centers are available. It is absolutely secure for swimming. They are well-known places to visit in the diu.

3. Pani Kotha (Alfiston Jail):

The locals are known as it Pani Kottha. Panikotha is a fort inside the center of the sea. It became the principle jail complicated at the time while the Portuguese dominated Diu. It creates an outstanding scene at night time with colorful lighting fixtures on it. One can revel in this visible from the principle bridge of the Diu Island.

4. INS Khukri Memorial:

The INS Khukri Memorial Diu was established by the Indian Navy in honor of the INS Khukri, an Indian naval ship that sank around 40 nautical miles off the coast of Diu during the India-Pakistan war of 1971.

5. Nagoa Beach:

Nagoa Beach is one of Diu's most beautiful and famous beaches, located approximately 13 kilometers from the city. Nagoa Beach is a horseshoe-shaped beach known for its unique atmosphere and natural beauty.

6. Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple:

The Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple is among the most amazing spots in Diu. found close to the INS Khukri Memorial. The Shiv temple is often referred to as the Seashore temple of Diu due to its unusual location within a seaside cave.

7. Diu Fort:

One of the top tourist attractions in Diu is the stunning traditional Diu Fort. Constructed in 1535 and gained popularity in 1546, the Diu fort occupies 56736 sq km.

Activities and Adventures:

For adventure seekers, Diu offers various activities such as parasailing, jet skiing, and windsurfing at Nagoa Beach. Nature lovers can explore the Diu Wildlife Sanctuary, home to a variety of bird species & wildlife. Cycling around the beach is another great way to explore its natural beauty.

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