Jalandhar Beach

Jalandhar beach in Diu is one of the most beautiful and untouched beach in Diu located near circuit house.

Jalandhar Beach

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Jalandhar Beach Diu
Jignesh Gohel
Jalandhar Beach Diu
Jignesh Gohel
Jalandhar Beach Diu
Jignesh Gohel

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By Air

Diu Airport is a domestic airport in Diu, India's Union Territory of Daman and Diu. Diu Airport was constructed in 1954 while Diu was still a part of Portuguese India. By road, the distance between Diu Airport (DIU) and Jallandhar Beach Diu is 6 kilometers. You may also take advantage of a variety of local transportation options to get here.

By Train

The nearest train station to Diu is Veraval Railway Station, which is 87 kilometers away.

By Bus

Due to its tiny size, rickshaws and local buses should suffice. You may also rent a scooter or a bike.

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Jalandhar Beach, Diu, Daman and Diu

Jalandhar Beach is a tiny rocky beach located near Diu's South Pole Point. Jalandhar Beach is about one kilometre from the city of Diu. The beach is named after a legendary monster whose temple may be seen on a nearby mound. According to the scriptures, Jalandhar was slain by Lord Vishnu's Sudarshan Chakra. The shore also provides thrilling water activities. Because it is rarely crowded, Jalandhar Beach is ideal for a private photo session. The summer months of March to July are the best times to visit this magnificent beach since it is perfect for outdoor activities such as water sports.

Things to do in Jalandhar Beach Diu

1. Collect Shells

Collecting shells along the Jalandhar-Diu beach is a fun pastime that you can do. You may play games to see how many different colours, sizes, and types of shells you can find.

2. Make Footprints

Making footprints on Jalandhar Beach Diu is another enjoyable and enjoyable sport. Draw the outline of your foot and your child's foot in the sand with your finger or stick, then pick some unique stones and pebbles to adorn the foot form, not forgetting the toes!

3. Relaxing in the sun

Relaxing in the sun is a wonderful and healthy pastime that you may partake in here. You should never skip out on going to the beach and sunbathing.

4. Making Sand Art

Jalandhar Beach Diu is an excellent canvas for displaying your creative dreams and ingenuity, especially because you can build them as large as you want.

5. Water Sports

Diu beach is a perfect place for doing water sports such as parasailing, jet skiing, banana boat excursions, and hot air balloon rides over the Arabian Sea are available here.

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