Stok Kangri Trek – The Lifetime Experience

Stok Kangri Trek has a wonderful appealing power. It can even pull to the trekkers with no high altitude trek experience before to climb this highest trek-able peak at about 20000+ feet. The paths to Stok Kangri Peak exhibit numerous exciting places of interest counting the haughty mounts in the Himalayas. It is a fantastic destination for all adventurers. It is among the one of the most mesmerizing places in India. Ladakh is the father of this great peak. It became popular of late because of the escapade and wonderful enthusiasm it enforces to every explorer comes here. The desolate surrounds and the trails with ample of edges add a much to make the complete area look remarkable. When it is winter time, Stok Kangri has embracing attractiveness contrasting any other high altitude thinkable can do with the help of dense snowflake cover all around it. From the peak, the complete Zanskar and the Indus Valley are visible noticeably.

Stok Kangri Trek
Stok Kangri Expedition


If you replied a YES! Go ahead and plan for the trek. Scroll down for the Trek itinerary.

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Stok Kangri

Trek Information

  • Duration: 8 Days
  • Grade: Difficult
  • Max.Height: 20,180 ft.
  • Trekking Km: 40
  • Trail Type: Round trail. The trek starts and ends at Stok Village.
Stok Kangri - Himalayan Trek

Handy Information

  • Road: Accessible by Manali-Leh or Srinagar-Leh highway
  • Airport: Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport, Leh
  • Base Camp: Leh
  • Best Season: July to Mid-September
  • Services from: Leh to Leh
  • Food: Meals while on trek (Veg + Egg)
  • Stay: Guesthouse in Leh (No Meals), Camping during Trek (All meals)

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Stok Kangri Trek

Inquire Now!

Day: 1 Arrival Leh

The joy and exhilaration of hiking Stok Kangri a rises when you reach Leh. Check-in to a good hotel/guesthouse/lodge and make yourself comfortable. Note that, because it is crucial for you to get adjustedso as to have a hale and hearty expedition, the first two days will be kept for the same.

You are requested to have the overnight stay in hotel/guesthouse/lodge.

Day: 2 Leh (Acclimatization day)

In the first half, have your breakfast and dash through for an acclimatization trek of 3-4 hours. The second half, you can enjoy unscrambling the renowned hermitages around Leh.

You are requested to have the overnight stay in hotel/guesthouse/lodge.

Day: 3 Leh to Chang Ma via Stok Village

Being the initial days of the trek, this is pretty easy for all the trekkers. The journey from Leh to Chang Ma via Stok Village is comfortable and relaxing. The views will attract you and lures you for the trekking. The overnight halt is planned in tents.

Day: 4 Chang Ma to Mankorma

After two good days expended on acclimatization, on day 3 you are all to start out for Stok Kangri hiking. The complete trek passes over the unfertile hoary land of Ladakh. From Leh to Chang Ma the trek will display the actual attractiveness of Ladhak. It answers why Ladhak is acknowledged as “cold desert”. During the trekking you will come across 2-3 small streams. It is honestly an easy trek accompanied by the river and you would enjoy the overnight halt in tents.

Day: 5 Mankorma to Base camp

A coupleof hours trekking takes you back to the base camp. This outlandish base camp is anenjoyable place. It lies in a green expanse. This area has numerous lakes and brooks. In the day hours, taking a walk on the upper areas of the camp and relishing the sights of the backdrops is recommended. Capture the beauty at Parcha Kangri, Gulap Kangri and many others. You can correspondingly relax in the base camp to ensure that the group is set for the succeeding day’s trek. You should adapt to the weather as well. This is essentialas in the coming days; you would discover a severe change in the weather and might sense shrill air and deficiency of oxygen. The overnight halt, would once more be organized in tents and confirm the availability of sufficient warm clothes for the dropping temperature.

Day: 6 Rest Day and Training Day

It is basically a training day for the approaching treks and to know the potentials and trials that are involved in it. For trekkers, this is going to be a simple day. You are allowed to enjoy the time for taking a walk and making yourself aware with the area around. Your trek trailblazer and guide would let you discern about all the diverse changes in the territory. You require acceptable understanding and knowledge to tag along the mounts. There might be circumstances of dropping snow and you would have to continue the trek. You might also sense your legs tumbling up to your knees. Thus it is important that you know the climate and adjoining situations. You are also suggested to take rest so that you can re-energize for the upcoming jaunt. The overnight stop over would yet again be in tents. By this time, you should be well acquainted to the circumstances prevailing in the day hours and nighttime.

Day: 7 Base camp to Stok Kangri back to Base camp

Taking the rest for a day you are now all set for the big hike. You should wakeup before the sunto start the climbing on time. The way goes over glaciers and then approaches to verticalslants to the peakedge. This is an extended hike; therefore you should be psychologically tough and ready conceptually. In between 9 to 10 hours all average climbers could complete the trek. However, the slow climbers may take extra 2 to 3 hours.

At the twitch of the trek, after a few hours, you should arrive at the peak of the edge. The peak bids you prodigious sights of the range. The wide-ranging and exposed environs give you a regalsense. Headed for the north, get a sight of the Karakoram Range. The Saser Kangri governs the sky in the north accompanied by the Karakoram, and the Zansker ranges in the south. The overnight halt, as you might expect, would be in tents as well.

Day: 8 Base camp to Stok Village and drive to Leh

Last day would be the conclusion of you fanciful trekking. But before the trek concludes you are going to witness loads of snow clad splendor and unforgettable sight of peak ranges. The delight of Ladakh trekking can be revitalized from this place. With the sun’s position of rise and set, you would have to start returning from Base camp to Leh. The return journey could be challenging and you are required to complete it with precaution and accuracy. When you reach Leh on the same day, you would similarly have to obscure to Stok Village on your feet.

Stok village is the closing point of trek. Take a drive from From Stok village to Leh. Bid a goodbye to mountains recalling all the memories of 7 days.



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